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CVS $50 Gift Card

CVS $50 Gift Card
CVS $50 Gift Card
CVS $50 Gift Card
Price: 5,000
Snag This!

As America's largest retail pharmacy, CVS/pharmacy® has the prescription medications, health care products, and other remedies you need "for all the ways you care.

Customers appreciate the wide assortment of popular beauty, health, and personal care brands, as well as, the high quality CVS/pharmacy store brand products recognized by value-conscious consumers.

Beauty is one of the core categories, and CVS/pharmacy was named Mass Beauty Retailer of the Year at the 2007 Women's Wear Daily Beauty Biz Awards.

What's more, CVS/pharmacy treats its customers with ExtraCare® - giving them 2% back on all purchases* plus $1 for every 2 prescriptions** purchased.

What better way to gift, reward or provide incentive than with the CVS/pharmacy Gift Card? It can be used at over 7,000 locations nationwide and can even be used toward prescription purchases**.
Order yours today!

+This e-Gift card can only be used in stores and cannot be redeemed at CVS.com.

*Excludes alcohol, gift cards, lottery, money orders, prescriptions, postage stamps, pre-paid cards and tobacco products.

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on 12/14/13
BlackDamage liked this  
You can use these to get RP in League of Legends. http://www.openbucks.com/
In League of Legends, if you go to Purchase RP, there are payment options on the left side. The one at the bottom is OpenBucks. If you use OpenBucks, you can put in the code and pin number from the CVS giftcard and use it to buy RP, all within the client. It's an incredibly good system, and the entire reason why I use swagbucks. Free RP OP.
on 09/24/13
I love to order the CVS gift cards with my swagbucks but is has become such a problem because the barcode on the gift card does not scan at the register which I believe is the cashier not understanding how to properly use the gift card. I have been to several different CVS stores to use my gift cards and 99% of the cashiers (even managers) do not know how to use these gift cards. Has anyone else had this issue?
on 10/16/12
tiffmanz liked this  
Wow I wish I knew Swagbucks also offer these GCs! Now I can maximize savings with coupons + free CVS GC! wooot!
on 08/03/12
I hope I get enough sb to get this by sunday!!!
on 05/19/11
Could someone clarify on this please? The description of the CVS gift card seems to contradict itself. It says it can even be used towards prescriptions, but then it also says prescriptions are excluded.
on 08/03/12
ShanaJ liked this  
You can use it on prescriptions. That makes this a really great buy!
on 08/03/12
The prescription exclusion mentioned under the card only means that you can't earn 2% back on prescription purchases if you belong to CVS ExtraCare. However, this e-gift card CAN be used to buy prescriptions. I recently used three $5 cards together to buy prescriptions. The cashier scanned the bar code on the paper and the amount came off the total owed. You can finish paying the balance with a credit card, cash, etc. The e-card can only be used in the B&M stores and not online at CVS.com. I think this is a great use of swagbucks if you are a CVS customer. No hassle, easy to use, good value and doesn't expire. The only caveat is that I believe you have to use the entire amount at once because I don't think there is a way to carryover an unused amount.
on 08/03/12
I just checked CVS online here - https://www.giftcardorder.net/cvs/mini.asp. You CAN carry a balance, according to them, so keep the paper if you don't use it all at once.
on 08/11/11
ShanaJ liked this  
I have used it on prescriptions with no problems. It works just like a regular gift card.
on 08/03/12
Now, that's a good sale price!
on 08/03/12
az121158 and 3 others liked this  
For those of you trying to figure out how these work. The e-giftcard prints out on a piece of paper with a unique barcode on it. It has the instructions for the cashier right on it as well. Hand it to the cashier to scan and make sure they give it back if you have a balance. (can be use more than once) Hope that helps.
on 04/22/12
luvshilohshep liked this  
I'd like to order this too but no one who's received this gift card (code) is answering the important question the rest of us are asking...HOW DO YOU USE THIS THING? They don't mail you a card, so if you get a code, do you print it out and take it to the store much like a Groupon or something? I've only ordered Amazon gift cards here so if someone has ACTUALLY ordered this card could you PLEASE explain HOW YOU USED IT AT CVS? Don't just say it works like a giftcard, we all get that. Tell us HOW you used it with details please!
on 05/17/12
i purchased the $10 CVS Gift card. You can print it out and take it in the store. I've used it and it's good :) Got tons of stuff at CVS free simple because I combined my $10 with coupons :)
on 04/13/12
yeah i dont get it..do you give them the code???
on 11/15/11
that's a few prescriptions!!!
on 11/02/11
can u use this in store and how?
on 09/20/11
Comment Under Review
on 10/15/11
What do you mean?
on 09/27/11
Cvs is awesome. without stores like these, where would you get your medicines?
on 08/16/11
Feliciaa and 1 others liked this  
How exactly does this e-Gift card work? Do you have to input the code onto the CVS member card so that the member card has the money pre-loaded in? Hopefully that makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
on 06/11/11
MsRogue and 1 others liked this  
can you use it along with coupons?
on 08/11/11
Yes, it can be used just like a regular gift card.
on 05/24/11
TruBeauty and 3 others liked this  
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There are more ways these are just some!

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