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Barnes & Noble $50 Gift Card

Barnes & Noble $50 Gift Card
Barnes & Noble $50 Gift Card
Barnes & Noble $50 Gift Card
Price: 5,000
Snag This!

This Barnes & Noble eGift Card can be redeemed for NOOK Books and lots more at any Barnes & Noble store* and online at BN.com.

*You must have ability to print certificate from your computer to use this eGift Card at a Barnes & Noble Store. Barnes & Noble eGift Cards can be redeemed at any Barnes & Noble store and online at BN.com (www.bn.com). Barnes & Noble eGift Cards may be used to purchase annual memberships in the Barnes & Noble Membership program (continuous billing memberships requires a valid credit card). Dormancy fees do not apply to balances on Barnes & Noble eGift Cards. The Barnes & Noble eGift Card will not be exchangeable for cash, except where required by law. BN.com will not be responsible for lost or stolen Barnes & Noble eGift Cards.

**Only 3 codes may be entered online per order. If you have more than 3 codes then call 1-800-THE-BOOK and a Customer Service Rep can enter the remaining codes if a balance still needs to be paid.***

To view a sample e-Gift Card and a complete list of the Terms & Conditions click here.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 07/21/14
Can you use for adding to kindles?
on 07/27/12
I want to give this Barnes & Noble giftcard to my sister who loves to read books about American Culture. I'ts what she got her degree in at her Grad University. She's so curious about American Culture and wants to do things to make a positive difference through that study.
on 07/27/12
dhead1818 liked this  
Comment Under Review
on 07/29/12
tlee7914 and 1 others liked this  
Don't be so rude. I have seen you on several posts being sarcastic and it's not necessary. If you don't like what someone has to say don't say anything at all.
on 07/29/12
BIGbarb70 and 1 others liked this  
Yeah you rock. books are better than the internet. what if there is a power outage? the book is not going to go away.
on 07/29/12
boom you go girl!
on 06/30/12
tweetybird1026 and 1 others liked this  
I wonder why they make small cheap gift cards for a lot of swagbucks if you can get them at stores?
on 07/29/12
CleverCat and 2 others liked this  
because here you don't have to spend actual money unlike the stores..
on 07/27/12
emgurl12 liked this  
Please, Please, Please braggable bargains...I need you to discount the $50 legal seafood gift card as well as the $25 chillis gift card, and the $50 Old Navy gift card. Pretty please with lots of whip cream and sugar on top! I will even add fruits if you like :) Please....
on 05/02/12
SnowBallx and 2 others liked this  
I do wish the gift card was at least 150 swagbucks cheaper. If it were I would be more willing to purchase it :)
on 01/17/12
Just checked my Barnes and Noble wishlist. $162 :( Too bad I'll never be able to afford this gift card to help with the expense of new books.
on 12/18/11
How long does it last the gift card is redeemed? Does it last forever?
on 12/27/11
on 08/04/11
jujuade and 2 others liked this  
Saving up for this for my child's bookfair in October! What an awesome way to save money and help out the school!
on 08/10/11
Comment Under Review
on 10/09/11
xpianokeys::2013-02-23 09:46:28 liked this  
Or maybe she actually wants a book fare. Dont jump to superstitions little girl.
on 08/03/11
elizabethhersom5 liked this  
great can buy a textbook with this when i save enough swagbucks
on 07/21/11
OMG this is so awesome I totally love Barnes & Noble and this is so much better than the $10 one. I only need 1721 more swagbucks to get the $ 50 and that will only take another few months. Thank You Swagbucks for adding more awesome gift cards, You guys ROCK.

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