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Starbucks $10 Gift Card

Starbucks $10 Gift Card
Starbucks $10 Gift Card
Starbucks $10 Gift Card
Price: 1,000
Snag This!

The Starbucks Card offers you the convenience to treat yourself - or someone else - to your favorite things at Starbucks stores. It's the perfect gift for any occasion, and can be used at over 9,000 locations all over the US, Canada, UK and Australia*.

Plus, you can turn your visits into rewards with My Starbucks Rewards. Register at www.starbucks.com/rewards and you'll get a free birthday drink. Then every time you pay with your Card, you'll earn Stars toward more rewards.

Starbucks, the Starbucks logo and the Starbucks Card design are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Starbucks U.S. Brands, LLC. Starbucks is not a participating partner or sponsor in this offer.

*In US only: Additionally, The value of this Gift Card can be loaded on to pre-existing Gift Cards.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 08/28/15
Fast to get, my favorite to use. As a crazy Starbucks lover, I go there everyday, Swagbucks has helped me to never have to pay for another starbucks again! Thanks!
on 08/28/15
Fast to get, my favorite to use. As a crazy Starbucks lover, I go there everyday, Swagbucks has helped me to never have to pay for another starbucks again! Thanks!
on 07/30/15
why do i have to put my address? do they keep sending spam sutff to my home?
on 03/18/15
im new why haven't I been sent a verifying code yet
on 01/05/15
How do you transfer it to your starbucks card?
on 01/22/15
You will receive an email w/ a link to your gift card code and then will be given the choice to print out the code or transfer it to your starbucks card.
on 12/27/14
I love my Starbucks rewards. I can enjoy my favorite coffee and treats with absolutely no money coming out of my pocket. I have not experienced what &JamesyBoyz claims, but I don't answer my phone unless I recognize the number of the person calling.
on 10/14/14
Extremely fast service! Ordered yesterday and got it today. Thank you Swagbucks
on 10/06/14
alaurienzo1 and 1 others liked this  
This is the first card I receive from Swagbucks. I was very skeptical and worried about the site and whether they indeed credit the egift cards. However, I indeed received it today four days after the verification. Just follow the instructions, copy the code that you are given (and also make sure to write it down in a paper) and then press the blue button(I do not remember what it is written on that). This will transfer you to a page where you can paste the code (mine did not work, so I am glad that I also wrote this code on a piece of paper as well). Then you will be transferred to your Starbucks egift card number ! I called Starbucks and transferred the amount onto my registered card! And that was it! I now have 10 USD transferred onto my card. :) very happy!!!
on 12/17/13
Charyne and 2 others liked this  
Swagbucks can you please hurry up with my egift cards. I need my Starbucks.
on 08/20/14
Krystalfayeo and 1 others liked this  
on 06/20/14
kening22 and 1 others liked this  
Can this be transferred to my Starbucks account?
on 08/10/14
ranop and 2 others liked this  
You can add the code you receive from Swagbucks into your Starbucks account either as a new card or added on to an existing registered card. I always keep a balance on my Starbucks registered gift card, and 100% comes from Swagbucks. Hope that helps.
on 07/08/14
Justpania liked this  
Wow, I placed this awhile ago, and waited...now I'm thinking this is all a scam.
on 08/03/14
swsparrow liked this  
I hope not.. Hate dam scams.. Though every thing is a scam these days ..
on 08/05/14
NeeonLiights and 1 others liked this  
its not a scam...it takes a long time to get
on 04/28/14
ESAlittlelocz liked this  
Can this be used in Ireland?
on 04/28/14
ESAlittlelocz liked this  
Cant his be used in Ireland?
on 01/27/14
sophieandantonio liked this  
A postcard with a special PIN has been sent to the address you provided. Please enter your PIN below.
But I never received the postcard for 3 month!!How can I redeem my rewards?!
on 04/10/14
tinaeminem liked this  
that is account verification, it's standard to prove that you are (1) human in (2) a SB supported country (USA, UK/Ireland, Canada, Australia, India).

AV is done via text or snail mail. If the phone isn't compatible, it makes you do snail mail. If you haven't gotten the postcard by now, you need to email compliance@swagbucks.com and get them to mail you another.
on 02/26/14
What do I do with my gift card code, how can I redeem it?
on 01/18/14
Can it be used in canada
on 02/17/14
Yes, i put it on my mobile app. It can be used from there or you can have the store clerk transfer your balance to a card.
on 12/20/13
How long does this card usually take to arrive?
on 12/18/13
Thank you Swag Bucks for shipping my rewards. Now I see everything is on the up and up with Swag Bucks.
Thank you once again Team Reward.
on 12/17/13
I guess me doing surveys for Swag bucks is done until, I get my rewards. There is no excuse why I shouldn't have my rewards by now.
on 06/01/13
If I use this in Canada will the card be in Canadian dollars?
on 12/06/13
The card can be used in US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Starbucks can convert your balance from US dollars to your home currency.
on 06/20/13
i dont think so..i used mine in Canda and it was 10 dollars
on 08/31/13
KyKyKramer and 9 others liked this  
Sigh...to clear up all your misunderstandings of this gift card:

1) It is not a scam [I have ordered it 10 times already]
2) The Card will arrive via EMAIL, not physical mail within 3-10 days of verification if living in the US. If living outside the US, then give 10-15 days. [I wouldn't trust 10 days]
3) No this does not expire
4) The Card can be used in the U.S, Canada, UK, and Australia
5) You can cash in your verified E-cards for a physical card at a Starbucks Store
6) Any questions/Concerns please ask.
on 07/30/15
when they ask for the address do they send anything to your home? like spam mail or advertisments ?
on 07/17/14
Sorry and new to this also but how do we do this? 5) You can cash in your verified E-cards for a physical card at a Starbucks Store
on 04/28/14
How much is this worth in GBP :) And do you have to have a Starbucks Loyalty Card or can you just spend the voucher? Thanks
on 12/18/13
How much do you get in GBP?
on 09/22/13
I wanna get a physical card so i just print it once its verified take it to a store & get my card ?
on 12/06/13
Yes you can.
on 11/03/13
tlee7914 liked this  
I am ordering 2 cards and when I get them i am just going to print them out and put them in xmas stockings....
on 01/16/12
tlee7914 liked this  
Just got mine today and transferred to my gold card. :)
on 10/28/13
my email forgot password and not working
on 08/17/13
can i use a 5 and 10 dollar starbucks e gift card to purchase a 15 dollar regular starbucks card
on 10/09/13
Yes you can! It will just be transferring from one gift card to another.
on 09/24/13
LynnDeLove liked this  
I got a 10 dollar starbucks gift card. But when I tried to use it, it was denied! And I checked the balance, it has no amount at all! Could anyone please tell me why?
on 06/20/13
does this expire?
on 08/31/13
It does not
on 04/09/13
I think it's a scam lol someone help please
on 06/20/13
Cherise316 liked this  
Are you asking about this gift card? I've ordered it a few times and received it..so pretty sure its not a scam lol...

What problem are you having with it?
on 08/19/13
how long did it take to arrive?
on 08/31/13
Mine took a week [5 whole days] Friday at 6:00 p.m
on 06/27/13
BennyKernow and 1 others liked this  
I've used several of these gift cards in the UK as well as the US and they work brilliantly. I add the gift cards to my UK starbucks app and they are worth roughly £6 (obviously depending on the exchange rate). I've never had any problems with using them in store. You can also print out the gift card and they will scan that in store if you don't have the app.
on 02/27/12
I just bought this on sale and am super excited! However, I am still unclear on how to redeem it. Where do I find the code to add it to my Starbucks card?
on 06/20/13
In "My Gift Cards"
on 11/09/12
knitsticks liked this  
I'm confused! If I buy this, can it be used in Cananda? I just read it can only be loaded in US only
on 06/20/13
Nope im in Canada and I used it!
Team Rewards Store
on 02/11/13
Wellerhaley6 and 2 others liked this  
You can use this outside the US but you will not have the ability to be load on to a pre-existing Gift Card. You will need to print out the e-Gift Card and bring it to your local Starbucks to use it.
on 11/29/12
I believe it means that the card is in US Dollars only. Hope this helps!
on 11/24/12
I would like to know this also!!
on 06/07/13
How long does it usually take to receive the gift cards? I've ordered two and I'm still waiting.... Thanks!
on 06/14/13
It says within 10 business days on here. sometimes it will say within 14 business days in the order status but most times it will come before then!
on 04/08/13
Thought it said 10 days after verification? It's been 12 and Swagbucks guy is still telling me, nothing there...yet.
Team Rewards Store
on 04/08/13
Swaglover555 and 1 others liked this  
It sates above that it can take 10 business days, which doesn't include weekends.
on 04/17/13
tlee7914 and 1 others liked this  
you spelled states wrong
on 04/08/13
amandablair liked this  
Wish y'all had the Starbucks cards with ES. Why doesn't it (or Walmart) qualify for ES?
on 04/09/13
I've been sending ver emails like crazy for myths now no response I don't get it I have all these points and can't do anything with them .
on 02/28/13
So excited to use my gift card. But the redemption instructions weren't clear to me, so I'm commenting to help clarify. Once I received the eGift the instructions on "How to redeem?" give 4 steps to print and redeem and say OR transfer to a current gift card. You still need to do step one of the previous instructions to transfer.
on 04/08/13
SWEETCELI and 1 others liked this  
You can have them transfer the paper to a plastic one. They can also scan its barcode.
on 02/11/13
tiggercatmy liked this  
Just ordered one! I know it can take awhile I just hope it's in time for my trip to OK!
on 11/19/12
knitsticks liked this  
So is this card only used in US? I can do the printout but I can't seem to get it into my SB account.
Team Rewards Store
on 02/11/13
BIGbarb70 liked this  
You can use this outside the US but you will not have the ability to be load on to a pre-existing Gift Card. You will need to print out the e-Gift Card and bring it to your local Starbucks to use it.
on 02/11/13
It has to be printed and taken in to Starbucks to use outside of the US.
on 12/20/12
I tried transferring the e-gift card to a physical gift card but it won't let me. It keeps saying it can't transfer from 'different markets' why?!
Team Rewards Store
on 02/11/13
mariahmass liked this  
Per the description above: *The value of this Gift Card can be loaded on to pre-existing Gift Cards in US only.
on 01/10/13
Not sure why that's happening for you but I've always transferred these. At least 4 or 5 times now and everything's went through fine. Maybe try to contact customer service? Or maybe register the swagbucks egift card first and then do the transfer?
on 11/23/12
JJGotSwagger liked this  
Is this ever going to be available to load onto Canadian gift Cards?
on 11/13/12
swaguser78961652 and 2 others liked this  
Only 99 more Swagbucks till I get my $10 card...oohhhhhh I can't wait! I have a grande WCM non fat calling my name....Mmmmm.... :D Surveys, here I come!!!
on 07/19/12
how does this work? do you just get the gift card in the mail? why does it say e-gift card?
on 10/29/12
omgits123 liked this  
they send you the gift card virtually and it will show up under "my gift cards" ...you can print out and bring it to the store to redeem it (the barcode will show) or you can transfer the money from this gift card to a physical gift card at starbucks,com
on 10/29/12
enough sb's but should i buy it? hm
on 10/29/12
XuzI and 2 others liked this  
I have even taken my print out to Starbucks and they transferred onto a gift card.
on 10/10/12
how does it work?
on 10/23/12
Annabelle3390 liked this  
When you collect enough swagbucks, click on "Snag This!". You'll have to verify your order, either by email or by SMS. After verification, all you have to do is wait for the e-giftcard to be "delievered" - this will usually take up to 10 business days (but I received mine in 3). Once you receive it, you will see a link under "My Giftcards" that tells you how to add the balance to your own Starbucks card.
on 10/10/12
KyleKSwagg and 2 others liked this  
Got mine in 3 business days. Thanks swagbucks!
on 05/30/12
KyoA2Rebirth and 8 others liked this  
Thanks for the sale! I donate to a couple of homeless shelters for teens, and these are the perfect little treats for stocking stuffers!
on 08/21/12
Great idea!
on 08/21/12
Just in curiosity how do the homeless kids use e-gift cards? I think it's great you support them btw!
on 08/21/12
Annabelle3390 liked this  
Just the same as any other kid. You can add the money to any existing Starbucks plastic gift card, or print out the certificate to give for them to use in any Starbucks location.
on 08/21/12
dc5523 and 2 others liked this  
Dang even homeless people have those, what the heck am I then?
on 08/22/12
SextonLady and 1 others liked this  
LOL...poor...like everyone else!
on 02/27/12
goldfish123 and 1 others liked this  
I wish I can get this one...just don't have enough SB to redeem it. Can you give me a discount please...
on 05/31/12
dc5523 and 6 others liked this  
it's already a discount. the money didn't come out of your pocket.
on 08/20/12
^what she said
on 05/30/12
Justin920 and 2 others liked this  
LOL @ give me a discount!
on 08/16/12
I want this, have the SB, but I want an actual card, not an e-card. How do I go about getting an actual gift card?
on 08/18/12
You have to have a preexisting card or pay $5 to activate a new card to put the online balance on. :-/
on 07/09/12
When I have enough SB for this, I'm going to snag this! :D
on 05/31/12
I love to grab this one:-)
on 05/30/12
I love it when these go on sale! I was saving up for the hundred dollar gift card but this is cheaper, wish I could get ten of them :p hopefully the sale will last a while or they will go on sale again soon ;) Thanks Swagbucks!

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