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Starbucks $25 Gift Card

Starbucks $25 Gift Card
Starbucks $25 Gift Card
Starbucks $25 Gift Card
Regular Price: 2,500
12% off $25: 2,200 SB

Get a 12% discount on your first $25 gift card redemption each month. Excludes PayPal.

Snag This!

The Starbucks Card offers you the convenience to treat yourself - or someone else - to your favorite things at Starbucks stores. It's the perfect gift for any occasion, and can be used at over 9,000 locations all over the US, Canada, UK and Australia*.

Plus, you can turn your visits into rewards with My Starbucks Rewards. Register at www.starbucks.com/rewards and you'll get a free birthday drink. Then every time you pay with your Card, you'll earn Stars toward more rewards.

Starbucks, the Starbucks logo and the Starbucks Card design are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Starbucks U.S. Brands, LLC. Starbucks is not a participating partner or sponsor in this offer.

*In US only: Additionally, The value of this Gift Card can be loaded on to pre-existing Gift Cards.

Your gift code will be posted on your account profile, under "My Gift Cards" within 10 business days of verifying your purchase.

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on 04/03/15
Does anyone know how long the discount will last? Because it might take me like 4 days to reach that amount.
on 06/12/15
TheEpitomeOfLazy liked this  
The 12% discount is for your first $25 gift card each month. If you redeem another $25 gift card this month before redeeming this starbucks one, then you will not receive the 12% discount on the starbucks gift card. I am not sure how long they will continue to do the discount on your first $25 gift card each month, but as far as I know, this is how it works.
on 07/03/15
on 04/27/15
I want to change the amount of stars I put. This is definitely a five star!
on 03/31/15
PiratePanda liked this  
Love when they put the Starbucks card on 12% discount! What a great way to earn gift cards.
on 02/27/15
Swagbucks gives me the opportunity me to earn gift cards to be able to take my grandkids out to eat in nice places.
on 02/14/15
I would want to purchase this, but i'm extremely worried that since im in Canada it says it does not transfer to your other cards and it would just be an extra waste of time for me
on 01/23/15
I'm from Canada and just bought this card. I read through the comments saying it could be transferred no problem before I purchased it. However, when I try to transfer the balance to my existing Canadian card I get: "We're sorry, we cannot transfer balances between cards from different markets." and shows the card balance I purchased in USD ...help please?
on 06/22/13
I'm in Canada and I want to send this e-gift card to a friend in Chicago. Is it possible?
on 05/06/14
If you put in the address as your friends address, it should work :)
on 12/07/13
I have a canadian starbucks card, they said can be used in the US, can i get the sbucks giftcard and apply to my canadian card?
on 11/19/13
Arrived in 5 days, thanks :)
on 04/22/13
I'm still waiting for a good deal on an Amazon card or a Best Buy card. I keep checking everyday, but it seems this Starbucks gift card as been on sale for a while.
on 04/19/13
TYESSAYAN liked this  
I get these all the time :D
on 04/29/12
AhhMehThat and 7 others liked this  
They should add Starbucks gift cards for Canada, UK and Australia.
on 03/26/13
dward0735 liked this  
Totally off topic but are you a fan of The Doctor at all Matt Smith 1234?
on 03/10/13
Starbucks automatically converts between currencies. If you add the value on an American Dollars Starbucks Card to a British Starbucks Card, the value in Dollars will be converted into pounds. I know that this works with Starbucks Cards between India and the US.
on 08/20/12
spongealligator liked this  
If the gift card you buy with SB is redeemable in Canada, why can you only get the Starbucks gift card if you're in the US?
on 03/10/13
Starbucks automatically converts between currencies. The card's default currency is based on the country that the card was initially purchased in. If money is added to the card in another currency, it will automatically convert to your card's default currency. If you purchase something at a Starbucks in a foreign country, the equivalent value will be deducted from your card in your native currency.
on 08/30/12
If you take it in to starbucks in Canada can you have it transfered on to your Gold Rewards Card?
on 03/10/13
Yes. The balance can be transferred to any card.
on 03/08/13
If it had expedited shipping, then yeah. Otherwise, the 50 SB saved for the BB isn't much good, is it.
on 02/10/12
How do I get this gift card? If I print it out can I take it to the Starbucks and
they can make it a gift card, or can I just print it out and use everywhere?
on 04/14/12
Cabincrazy04730 liked this  
I have a registered starbucks card that I transfer the gift cards balance to.
on 05/16/12
very good idea thank you for the helpful hint
on 03/08/12
you print out the card they will give you special link with a code onces you go there you will be able to print the card out with the barcode then you can go to Starbucks and use it or if you have ipod touch you can download the Starbucks app and reg the card from there and pay with ipod touch or iphone :). I hope this helps.
on 05/10/12
Can you guys put on as gift cards?
on 05/10/12
on 03/31/12
love starbucks <3
on 04/07/12
Ya..me 2!!:)
I love their choc. frappuccino's ...:)... i think that's how you spell it...??haha
on 03/09/12
I love Starbucks <3 thanks swag bucks!!
on 12/08/11
Has anyone tried taking the printout in and buying a gift card?
on 03/08/12
I reg the card on my ipod touch and went to starbucks and the card worked :) Got Me Free Large Hot Mocha
on 03/08/12
I wish we had a starbucks here!
on 01/27/12
how do i use this??
on 03/08/12
I have bought 4 of these e-cards. I just printed them out and took to Starbucks. The e-card has all info. needed to be used right on it.
on 03/07/12
EverlastingWish and 1 others liked this  
Enjoying your eGift is easy. Just print it out and bring it into any participating Starbucks store. Or transfer the amount onto your registered Starbucks Card to spend later. Register your Starbucks Card eGift and start earning rewards. Registering your Starbucks Card eGift signs you up for My Starbucks Rewards, where you can earn free drinks and other rewards every time you visit us.

Using your Starbucks Card eGift is a cinch:

1. Print out your eGift

2. Find a store

3. Present your eGift printout to a Barista

4. Celebrate with your favorite Starbucks treat


Transfer eGift

Sign into your Starbucks.com account, then transfer your eGift onto one of your registered Starbucks Cards. Earn Stars and enjoy your free drinks and other yummy rewards.
on 03/07/12
my understanding is that you must have an existing starbucks card (an actual card that you can pick up at the store for as little as $5) and then register that card on www.starbucks.com/rewards. Once you get the code from the e-card you can combine the balances. It's a little complicated, but if you're like me and a starbucks addict you already have a physical giftcard so it works out great!
on 12/11/11
RainbowCat and 1 others liked this  
Easier to buy 5 amazon 5$ gift cards and buy it from them it also saves you 400 sb.
on 03/07/12
PiratePanda and 1 others liked this  
Amazon does not let you purchase any gift cards fro mthem with the amazon gift cards I tried and it clearly states that for the requirments under the purchase in big bold letters. SUCKS I KNOW
on 01/16/12
But then you'll have to pay $1.99 surcharge for shipping. =/
on 03/07/12
Awesome deal!
on 03/07/12
Grr... even if it's 300SB cheaper. I still don't have enough :( Good deal though!
on 03/07/12
5u6z3r0 liked this  
Like to have the card but saving for AGC to buy my TV.
on 12/14/11
PrincessNika85 liked this  
Im saving up all my swagbucks for this. Ill have at least $35 on my starbucks card by Jan. Hoping for even more maybe!!
on 12/05/11
jusgorlol liked this  
I swear one day I'll have enough SB's to get one! :) This will DEF feed my Caramel Brulee latte addiction!
on 11/21/11
jusgorlol and 1 others liked this  
what bout ppl who dont live in the us or canada???
on 11/18/11
How do you use the 'e-card' at a store? Am I missing something?
on 11/18/11
PiratePanda liked this  
Just print it out and take it with you.
on 11/18/11
Starbucks is my most favorite place to buy coffee! They make the very best ever!
on 11/07/11
SODAPOP6 liked this  
Great! Starbucks gift cards are on sale and this one cost the least swagbucks. Too bad, I don't have enough to get it. I am going to tell my friends. Maybe they will give me a treat. hahaha. But I am still happy to be able to get other gift cards with swagbucks. I like swagbucks!!!

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