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PayPal - $100

PayPal - $100
PayPal - $100
PayPal - $100
Price: 10,000
Snag This!

Want to turn your Swag Bucks into CASH? This is your chance! When you snag this prize, $100 (U.S dollars) will be deposited into your PayPal account. Use the money for anything - your gas bill, car bill, gifts - absolutely anything!

The money will be sent directly to the PayPal account that is associated with the same email as your Swagbucks.com account. Your first and last name needs to be an exact match to your PayPal account information and your PayPal account needs to be verified. Under no circumstances will a payment ever be sent to a PayPal account with another email address, a different first and last name than what appears on your Swagbucks.com account, and an account that has not been verified with PayPal. For more information on PayPal account verification click here.

How do I verify my order and where do I see the status?

Please allow 10-14 business days for payment to be transferred.

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on 11/16/14
Hello, I'm Holly, 29. I'm a certified life coach, and a natural born empath. If you have a question, I do card readings online. If you have a love question, I have decks for that. I have a life purpose deck if you want to know your life purpose. I have a music deck if you want to know what song, song lyrics to use as affirmations and many, many more. Readings are $5 for a 1 card reading, $10 for a 3 card reading, $15 for a six card reading for a limited time, till Thanksgiving. Readings come with photo, pay by paypal. I would also greatly appreciate donations, it will allow me to do the work that is my purpose,and passion to help people. Contact me for a reading.
on 11/17/14
esaro1820 liked this  
This is not the place for advertising. There is no solid evidence that anyone has any supernatural abilities. The people of Swagbucks were trusting enough to believe that they could make money on the internet by doing what they already do. Please don't take advantage of their trust like this.
on 11/16/14
Do any of you know why I have to have them send me a post card through the mail to redeem this? I don't do text messaging and i am afraid it will get lost in the mail. The first one I did not have to do this to redeem. Has anyone else had to do this?
on 11/17/14
I do not know of any post cards that must be sent to you in order for you to receive your money. Have you actually tried redeeming this prize? It sounds like you haven't. Your address is only for verification purposes. Nobody is sending you a anything through snail mail. There will not be any code that needs to be entered because the money will be going directly to your PayPal account after you successfully redeem this reward. Be sure to read the conditions carefully right below the "Snag This" button before you spend your swagbucks. It will save you a lot of trouble.
on 10/15/14
It is so easy to get $100 paypal now I can snag at least 2-4 of these in one month with all of the ways I can earn points. Its a great way to boost my side income.
on 11/03/14
How??? Pm me please

email- D3ATHCRY@live.com
SMS- 305-725-2784
Skype- KidxFrost
SnapChat- YodaSwag
kik- XavierTheGreat300
on 11/05/14
It's likely that pointz is lying about how many swagbucks he or she is making. Who brags about that kind of thing and doesn't tell anybody how they do it. Even just two of these $100 dollar gift cards would take an average of about 666 swagbucks a day. To get those kinds of swagbucks would either take an unhealthy amount of time devoted to this website, some kind of bot, or perhaps pointz spammed a whole bunch of people to join Swagbucks so that he or she could reap the benefits. Trust me, you don't want to do any of this.
on 11/05/14
I make over 9000 swagbucks a week.* Prove me wrong. You can't. Will I tell you how I do this? No. Do I think this is funny? Yes. Should you believe everything you read in a comments section? No.

*It should be made crystal clear that I have never, in my almost five years on Swagbucks, earned anywhere near 9000 swagbucks in the span of a week. It's actually a shame that I have to type this out.
on 10/25/14
Yacoomba liked this  
on 10/29/14
on 10/24/14
Could be quicker but not complaining since I received :)
on 10/01/14
Kring liked this  
Just redeemed my fourth!!
on 05/14/14
b4ller and 3 others liked this  
I'm getting 34,000 SB next month can't wait :)
on 07/06/14
on 06/05/14
Reddiii liked this  
Yes, how are you doing that? Possibly thru shop & earn???
on 05/17/14
on 06/01/14
Swagbucks accelerator maybe
on 09/03/14
Reddiii liked this  
The $5 plan only double 700 SB. The $10 plan only doubles 1400 SB. He probably used Shop & Earn and/or the Swagbucks Credit Card.
on 09/13/14
What is shop and earn?
on 08/12/14
I have a question I just redeemed this gift card... everything went great. But, I'm confused as to when I get it, are the 100 dollars just going to drop into my account on PayPal? because Im not sure but I dont think there is a gift card code redemption box on paypal like there is for amazon.. and also if the money is dropped into my paypal account... does that mean I can transfer it to the bank acct I have linked on paypal? or will i only be able to use this giftcard through paypal? if anyone can help i'd really appreciate... i'm a noob to paypal and to this paypal giftcard i've only gotten amazon ones up til now. Thanks in advanced! --will also be posting this on 25$ giftcard forum---
on 09/08/14
It will show up in your paypal. You will get an email from swagbucks when it goes through and also from paypal. You can do with it as you please once it's in your paypal account.
on 09/08/14
I have got two $100 PayPal gift card 1st took 4 days to receive and 2nd one took 7 day to receive order them on different days thank you for the gift card swagbucks
on 09/05/14
Ayaapyon and 1 others liked this  
Yes Sir!! Just redeemed my third one!!
on 09/04/14
Reddiii and 4 others liked this  
Placed two orders for this $100 paypal.. All is verified placed one on 8/25 and the other on 8/26....received both today!! Decided to start cashing out instead of banking them.. Gonna order 2 more n keep working toward my next $100 christmas shopping is gonna b easier this year glad i found swagbucks 5 months ago!
on 03/24/14
i am new with the paypal account, iset it up with my given name and my swagbucks is set up with the name i used everday, given name is cynthia name i use ever day is cindy, can i change this on swagbucks because i am using a credit card and cynthia is on it, please help
on 03/27/14
LaLinda1 liked this  
I ran into the same problem (sort of) because I registered for Swagbucks with my married last name (since it's the one I actually go by) but my bank account is actually still in my maiden name (for a variety of complicated reasons) I had no trouble switching my name on Swagbucks I just went to my profile tab under the myswagbucks thing and updated my profile, I think I had to click through a confirmation E-mail to set it but it wasn't too big a hassle :-)
on 08/24/14
adriennel liked this  
I had the same problem, so this was very helpful. It only took me a minute to change it, then I verified it with my security question. Now I will be able to use my Airline rewards Credit Card to rack up flight points, then I can pay my CC Bill from my bank account with my PayPal rewards : )
on 08/15/14
swaggiliciousyay and 1 others liked this  
---UPDATE----Wow, I literally ordered this PayPal gift card 3 days ago, and the money was already directly deposited into my PayPal account today, associated with the email I have on here. I was expecting that it would've taken at least a week but i'm really pleasantly surprised because I've gotten amazon gift cards before and those really did take about a week in half or even 2 weeks sometimes. But anyways I'm really happy ! All I have to do now is transfer it to my bank account but anyways thank you so much swagbucks, going to start saving my swagbucks for another one of these soon hopefully.
on 07/31/14
It says this only works with an account with similar email address, but I'm actually signed up to swagbucks using my facebook. In this case, how would this work?
on 08/05/14
MsAsante76 liked this  
I believe that the e-mail address you sign in with your face book is the e-mail address they have stored for you Swagbucks account. If you need to double check click on the upper right hand side where your name is and click on 'My Settings'. Enter your password to access 'Account Details', your e-mail should be listed there.
on 08/08/14
Thanks! :)
on 07/29/14
MsAsante76 liked this  
Snagged this on Saturday night and I got my 100$ put into PayPal today! That was quick! Only 2 days for me. I made sure all my info was up to date and matching to get a smooth transaction.
on 07/31/14
never got paypal from swagbucks before I just did my first one yesterday.. question thou.. does paypal charge you any fees to receive the money? I see on their site 2.9% and $.30 per transaction I just wondered if this applied to swagbucks deposits thanks
on 07/03/14
I kept trying to get paypal my first one was refunded and the second one said failed to process
on 07/03/14
I have my debit card as my card. I was reading comments on here to add my bank account, was going to and it said that feature isn't offered
on 06/19/14
NanAugie and 4 others liked this  
this is AWESOME and REAL! I just got it in my paypal and was as skeptical as everyone and my phone is back on! I just paid thank you thank you thank you swagbucks! My husband was in a car accident a lil over a month ago and got fired for it so this I cannot even tell you how huge this is to have a phone again so he can be employed again for our family! :D I am telling ALL my friends THANK YOU!
on 04/28/14
MsAsante76 and 8 others liked this  
Snagged this a week or two ago. Swagbucks was deposited into my Paypal account last Friday, into my bank this morning, into the power company tomorrow morning. Nice! Now if I can do this 1x a month that is one less bill I need worry about.
on 04/29/14
How do you make $100.00 a month, what is your secret?
on 05/20/14
AshAMGoldleafR and 2 others liked this  
do at least 100 or more of the encrave videos and each one is 4 points so if you do that much or more you can make up to 400 on just that and i also do the swagbucks tv app on my iphone and the other one you get 100 for each of the apps and you can do that watch tab on here and get 100 or more its really easy to get swagbucks i hope that helped you
on 06/08/14
100 per app. It's only 25 for the SBTV app. And the EntertaiNow App is no where near 100 either.
on 06/05/14
MsAsante76 and 1 others liked this  
I've been lucky enough to be getting 400-500 SB daily so hopefully I'll be able to get this soon (plus more lol) I wanna start buying my winter gear soon so I'm prepared for this year lol
on 06/05/14
How do you do that? I need to build up my swagbucks, & not doing that very well.
on 06/06/14
MsAsante76 liked this  
Find the right surveys. Download the Swagbucks extension (if you're using Chrome). If you shop online do it through here. Even if you don't earn a lot daily, do your best to AT LEAST meet your daily goals each day so you can get the bonus. Once you get the hang of it, it's get easier :)
on 05/17/14
MsAsante76 and 1 others liked this  
Snagged 2 of these on the 10th and 1 of the $25 ones on the 11th. Waiting for them to all credit still.
on 05/16/14
Just received the $100 PayPal reward. Thank you all so much! It is greatly appreciated.
on 05/09/14
OMG! I contact Swagbucks so many times to verified my Swagbucks's account to get the $100 Paypal points because SB keeps giving me an error message to verified my PayPal account, which it's been verified for a long time! What's going on here!
on 04/23/14
nickkiT liked this  
No longer have the Bank Account that's on my Paypal account. Any know how long it takes if requesting a check from Paypal?
on 03/28/14
Is this only for US? I live in Canada, so I can only get bank account in canada. So do I need United States bank account? Please help...
on 04/01/14
kimmyd76 liked this  
Nope, its for Canada too the money is converting into Canadian money as soon as you get it and transfer for it to your bank account.
on 03/23/14
I'm gonna snag this! However, I hope that I can get it without hastle...
on 03/12/14
Guillermo95 liked this  
How do I link my paypal account?
on 11/04/13
simplyiris liked this  
I know it says it takes from 10-14 days to get to the account, what has been your experience with this?
on 03/11/14
any paypal card I get, it takes 7-8 days, it's never been more than 8 for me, but i've read at most it takes up to 10.

remember that's also business days.
on 11/17/13
exactly 7 days
on 03/06/14
Can anyone help me? Im trying to cash out for a $100 paypal deposit, and it keeps telling me paypal account cant be verified and to check with paypal customer service, I know my Paypal account is verified and I checked again and it still is yet I still get this message when trying to redeem my swagbucks. Anyone,...PLEASE HELP, TY fellow Swaggernauts
on 03/11/14
Make sure both names are the exact same thing.

If not, unverify and re-verify your paypal account and try again.
on 12/25/13
HARLIED liked this  
I have almost enough to get 5 :).
on 01/03/14
how do you get so many points? just curious. if you can respond with anything helpful, that would be cool!
on 02/01/14
Get the swagbucks tool bar and play videos on the SBTV extension. Then surf on the net and other videos in another tab.
on 01/21/14
Surveys is the easiest way to get a lot of points quickly. Try to get at least 1 a day.
on 03/03/14
HARLIED and 1 others liked this  
Yes, surveys can be frustrating at times (DQed ten min. in annoying!) but totally worth it! And some are even kind of fun, who doesn't want to talk about their kids or what kind of candy you like lol.
on 02/13/14
adriennel liked this  
i cant wait until i get up to 10,000 points i really want to get this one i usually only get the $25 but i have got a lot of those so and 1 of the 50 so cant wait :)
on 02/03/14
i accidentally put in the wrong phone number and didnt get the text, now everytime i try to rebuy anything, it says i need account verification which is the pin from the sms text, is there some way i can change payment methods again or redo my real number, because its been stuck for like this for a week. thanks for help
on 02/09/14
hi try to send an email or leave a message in the Help Center.My first snags before took so long coz i chose to make them mail me the verification PIN to my address and I have been waiting for a month so I left a message to the Help Center and they reset my account for me to verify it again.So maybe you can ask them to reset your account so you could re-verify it and put the correct mobile number this time ; ) .
on 01/31/14
Online121 liked this  
People, if you havnt received ur 100$ paypal money yet, make sure ur paypal email is activated and verified from paypal, then wait 7-21 days, mine took 16 days
on 12/07/13
how do i varifed my PayPal account i tired everything
on 01/30/14
You have to enter your Online ID, as well as your passcode; Then your account will be verified.
on 12/20/13
Add your bank account. PayPal will make two deposits (and withdrawals) and you tell PayPal the amounts. This is the process in the US, but I'm not sure what is involved in other countries.
on 01/05/14
I ordered on Christmas Day, still haven't arrive.
on 01/28/14
Has it come yet?
on 01/28/14
How long did it take you guys to get this? Most of you said a week, but I'm waiting on it still - after ten days. I know it says 7 - 21 days, but that's quite a bit!
on 01/08/14
Does anyone know if You have put the paypal money on Your account or Does it just show up there? i Never had a paypal account before but i'm thinking about getting one because i need to pay some bills Please reply
on 01/10/14
You have to have your swagbuck account linked to your paypal and it goes in there.
on 01/21/14
how do u link the accts together?
on 01/21/14
You just need to have the same email address on file.
on 06/16/13
Hi Can I redeem my swagbucks points for paypal when I reach 10 dollars or 5? and how many points do I need to get that?
on 01/21/14
The only paypal options available right now are $25, $50 and $100 as far as I know.
on 12/27/13
hi are this one its ok to use different paypal coz now i dont have one i hoping im using my husband paypal account...
on 01/03/14
Then did you change your SwagBucks email to your husband's PayPal email?
on 12/26/13
every time u cash out ur swag bucks credits is there something u need to pay or its free thanks
on 12/26/13
MAnn1234 liked this  
It's free. You just need a paypal account that they can deposit the money into, and I recommend having a bank account linked to your paypal so it can transfer right into a checking or savings account. I've done it 8 or 9 times now and haven't had any problems!
on 12/26/13
awsome thanks for the response
on 12/23/13
Anyone know if these paypal rewards ever go "on sale?"
on 12/26/13
GeminiWitch83 and 1 others liked this  
Nope, they used to "cost" more swagbucks and would go on sale once in a blue moon, but since they lowered the price of them about a year ago, they haven't gone on sale at all. To me, a penny per swagbuck is a pretty good deal!
on 12/26/13
Online121 liked this  
Ooh Okay :) Thanks for the reply! I'm new to swagbucks; I can't wait to cash this out!
on 12/09/13
tokyo331 liked this  
How do some swagbucks memebers able to get like 100 or more points a day. I usually get between 45-55 a day. Help please lol!
on 12/26/13
Online121 liked this  
What I do to earn at least 300 to 500 sb a day is maxing out jun (the laptop guy), maxing out activities, and sb if it's working right. Also remember you get 10 sb just for playing games for free on swagbucks. I leave the surveys for desperate days haha. H
on 01/25/14
What is jun (the laptop guy)? Could you explain a little more?
on 03/03/14
Online121 liked this  
The laptop guy is a swaggers best friend! He shows up on the home page and is a dark haired guy looking at a lap top the card says something like "watch this video and earn 2 swag bucks" click him follow the directions, click "watch another video" once it credits and repeat as long as he lets you (I've noticed lately that he shows up offering only one sb but still pretty worthwhile overall)
on 12/11/13
Try to complete you daily goal as much as possible.I used to ignore it but now that I actually am completing 200 to 300 day it really is paying off.To be honest though most surveys are impossible to complete witthout being instantly disqualified,so your best option is to watch videos,and to complete the activities.It takes some patience but if you have the time then do so because they pay out more than surveys.lol Hope this helped and good luck (:
on 12/11/13
lol *your*
on 12/09/13
b4ller and 1 others liked this  
Searching, playing games, watching videos, surveys, and doing the activities!
on 10/05/13
Reanimation and 1 others liked this  
I'm usually only able to get 200-250 a day o3o so it will be a little while before I can get this D:
on 12/09/13
Is it through surveys? Let me know please lol. I want to be able to get a lot of stuff off of swagbucks
on 11/27/13
simplyiris liked this  
What is your secret???
on 10/11/13
Ypu will get it soon enuff c:
on 10/22/13
adriennel and 6 others liked this  
438 points till i get this >w<
on 11/19/13
simplyiris liked this  
wow good job
on 10/20/13
apolani liked this  
I've got a question about this item, How many of these can i get a month? I got one $25.00 one awhile back and that's all i tried. Loved when i got it tho.
on 11/01/13
Mikeyw8187 liked this  
As many as you can manage. There's no limit (outside of the 2 per day) for any gift card outside of the $5 Amazon gift card. That is limited to 5 per month.
on 11/01/13
adriennel liked this  
Snagging this again :) SUPER HAPPY
on 10/28/13
dailas liked this  
How do you get the cash out of paypal? First time user thanks
on 10/30/13
Transfer to your bank account that's linked to your paypal
on 10/24/13
Online121 and 2 others liked this  
on 10/20/13
I have a Paypal account, but the account registration is in Brazil, there is a problem?
Tx :)
on 10/16/13
I'm having trouble verifying my paypal account :(
on 10/13/13
How does the paypal account work

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