How Can I Make Money Online Instantly?

There are countless ways to make money online, whether you have your own online business on your own website or choose any other options. In most cases, making money online may require nothing more than a reliable internet connection.

Surveys and Sweepstakes

The easiest ways to earn money online include taking online surveys and entering sweepstakes. With survey sites how much money you can make is limited only by how much time you want to spend.

If you are afraid that you will get bored just doing surveys, look for a site that has other options for making money. Other things you can do in your spare time from the same website include watching videos, playing games, and doing other simple tasks.

Here are some suggestions for websites that let you make extra money with easy tasks during your free time:

Sweepstakes can be fun and if you win, it is easy money but the problem is that there are no guarantees at all. If you do win, there are also no guarantees that you would get the money immediately either. Still, it can be fun to enter and the more that you enter, the more chances you have of winning some pretty good money.

There are plenty of sweepstakes you can enter individually, or you can go to websites that give you a variety of games and contests to enter in one convenient place.

  • Prize Grab Sweepstakes.
  • Sweepstakes Advantage.
  • Sweepstakes Fanatic.

Pros and Cons of Surveys and Sweepstakes Sites


  • Work your own hours from anywhere.
  • No investment of any kind.
  • No need for special skills or training.


  • Not a great way to make money unless you have a lot of time to spend
  • Sweepstakes have zero guarantees at all.

Ways to Make Money with Your Own Website

If you have a website or are willing to take the steps to get one, there are several ways that you can use it to make money online. Once you have the site up and running you can choose from options such as:

  • Opening an online store selling t-shirts or other clothes.
  • Adding an affiliate link and making passive income.
  • Teaching online courses or providing online tutoring.
  • Selling digital products.

The advantage of digital items or a dropshipping store versus selling clothes online is that you will not have to have a space for inventory.

Pros and Cons


  • You could have your dream store.
  • Selling online is usually super simple and you could easily become one of the success stories.
  • You guide your personal brand.


  • For every positive story, there are a dozen people who had great business ideas but could not find their niche in any of the online platforms.
  • Shipping costs and other expenses can draw all of your spare cash into the business.
  • Trying to keep up with demands can become a full-time job without a paycheck.

Investing and Saving

Plenty of people have made very good money in the financial world. Most of those people were also born into wealthy families so they had a leg up. But, the world of finance is changing and changing fast. Online banking is becoming the norm rather than a weird concept and people with very little money to spare are discovering that they like investing and that they can actually afford it.

Investment websites have discovered a great way to increase brand awareness by helping the average person get into things like making stock trades. They do this usually by providing a free stock when you sign up for an account. They also increase the chances of getting people to actually commit by letting them fund an account with very minimal investments.

Here are some sites that let you learn about stocks and investing while also letting you grow your account from $5. Can you get more money just from a fiver? You can if you play your free stocks correctly.

  • Stash. Start with $5 and Stash will give you $10 to invest.
  • Robinhood. Start with $5 and get free stocks.
  • Acorn. Can start with just $1. Round up when making purchases online and the money will be added to your account as savings.
  • WeBull. Fund an account with $5 and get free stocks.

Pros and Cons


  • Small investments can add up quickly under the right conditions.
  • Some investment sites like Acorn can also be used for other banking such as a savings account.
  • Most provide information including digital courses, Youtube videos, and blog posts to help you understand investing better.


  • The financial world, especially the stock market is highly volatile and can be impacted by things like the weather, an election in another country, and other factors.
  • There are no guarantees that the stocks you are given will ever grow in value.

Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs can be anything from writing an article online to creating blog posts and other content, you could even create viral videos for someone’s Youtube channel to generate ad revenue. Nearly any job can be done on a freelance basis. To move beyond just the idea of freelance writing, here are some other jobs you can do on your own time and as your own boss.

  • Become a virtual assistant. Set appointments, answer correspondence, and do other tasks.
  • Provide customer service for businesses. (Note: some companies actually have set schedules and shifts for their work from home customer service reps).
  • Graphic design.
  • Review websites. It is a simple job where you test websites for ease of use and other features.
  • Data entry and transcription. You will need the right skills for these jobs and most clients would like for you to have the proper equipment as well.


  • You work when and where you want, no commute, no need to put on business attire or even shoes.
  • You can set the pay scale and fees once you are established and get clients on a regular basis.


  • Freelance work can be sink or swim at times. There is a lot of competition, especially in the world of freelance writing.
  • Waiting for clients to pay you can be frustrating. If there is not a set payday, it can be even more of a hassle.

How Can I Make $1000 Online Fast?

When you need extra cash for an emergency repair or unexpected bill, you may turn to some shady money-making ideas. Before you fall victim to a scam or worse, turn to a life of crime, find the ways that you can make money online and combine them to make even more in far less time.

If you have something big that you can sell, you could make $1k in an hour or so. But, if you don’t have a clunker car to unload or a game system that is collecting dust, you can try other ways to make money like:

  • Renting out a space. Did you know that people will even rent out just a section of your driveway? If you can spare it, advertise on Facebook ads or groups and you will have your pick of renters in no time.
  • Pick up a side hustle like working for Instacart or driving for Lyft.
  • Provide laundry service to college students. If you live near a college town, you can take in laundry or do other tasks for the students who rarely have the time to do these things on their own.

How Can I Make Real Income Online?

Let’s face it. Most of us would love to fire our boss and just work from home. The reality is that working from home is becoming increasingly popular and as many companies have discovered, it leads to a happier, more productive workforce. But, when you “work from home” you are still working for someone. What if you could earn full-time pay without having an employer to answer to?

If you want to set up an eCommerce website, or you want to become a member of the online community by using search engine optimization, Google Adsense, or other digital marketing concepts, you can start with a training program from Affiliate marketers like Wealthy Affiliate. There you can learn the basics of an affiliate program, setting up a website, and other skills.

What’s the Easiest Way to Earn Money?

Of all of the jobs and ideas listed above, the easiest is probably taking surveys. It is free to join a site like Swagbucks. Some tasks, like the daily poll question, take less than 60 seconds to complete. You can install the Swagbutton and get alerted to new surveys, be reminded of discounts when you shop online, and find Swag codes. You enter these codes where directed and get bonus points so that your balance increases even faster.

Which Site is Best for Earning Money?

If you want to start making money online and eventually be able to leave your job, Fiverr might be the key. Here, you can find freelance gigs from writing to graphic design, building websites, and more. You compete for jobs and you set your pay levels.

Is Starry for Cash Legit?

Starry for Cash is a game app that claims that you can make money with minimal effort. There are tons of red flags here. First, the claim that you can make thousands of dollars in just an hour or less is bogus at best. They forget to tell you that you have to watch hundreds of videos to earn your rewards. At one minute apiece (best guess) that would still be far and away over an hour of time.

Second, every review of the app is identical. These are all online reviews with none found on Google Play. The game is listed as “Early Access” so there are no reviews posted in the Play Store.

Third, and this one is a big one: people are asking about a class-action lawsuit because they thought they were going to make money but no one seems to be getting paid.

Finally, there are other issues including crashes, major bugs, and defects. There are other apps that are far better and much safer. Stick to those.

What Are the Best Ways to Make Money Online?

The best way to do anything including making money fast is to choose something you are going to enjoy or at the very least, something you will be able to stick with. If you always wanted to be a designer, create your own clothing line to sell online from your own online store.

If you don’t mind your current job but wish you had a bit more money for the fun things in life, join a survey site and earn spare cash. Bonus! Did you know that Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars can also help you save money? You can shop at thousands of merchants with discount codes and cash-back offers. You can also upload receipts and earn points for normal purchases.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Make Money Online

Since there are so many ways of making money, it is hard to say which one would be best for everybody. Do your research before diving in whole hog. Review the business model of companies and consider their overall online presence.

Remember that you will not be getting rich overnight with virtually any job, website, or app and any that make that promise are probably scams. Allow yourself to have some fun while chasing the fast cash, steer clear of the con artists, and you should be fine.

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