Cryptocurrency mining is an energy-intensive process using computers (mining hardware) and bitcoin mining software to solve mathematical puzzles and earn Bitcoin and other crypto tokens. You can even earn Bitcoin on rewards sites and apps like Swagbucks.

Technically, it could take well under an hour to mine 1 Bitcoin. However, that is with the perfect mining software and mining equipment, including multiple high-power computers. For the average person with an average cryptocurrency mining setup, it would take at least 30 days.

We’ll talk more about Bitcoin mining in this post, including free Bitcoin mining software (and other crypto mining software), cloud mining, Bitcoin miners, mining farms, and mining pools.

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable?

Mining Bitcoin is profitable and has contributed to the global graphics card shortage. GPU mining is a more affordable option than ASIC mining. The average individual will feel that procuring ASIC miners for mining equipment will be far out of budget due to the insane cost. Therefore, the GPU mining route is the most common mining setup because the majority of people own a computer. If your PC is a dedicated gaming machine then you’ll most likely source a high-end GPU to handle the most demanding of games. Bitcoin mining with a current-gen GPU can easily cover the expense of the GPU within a couple of months depending on your model’s hash power.

How Do I Start Mining Bitcoins?

You can start a Bitcoin mining operation once you have a miner device such as a computer. You can choose to either mine solo or join an online crypto mining pool.

What are the 10 Best Bitcoin Miner Software?

  1. NiceHash Miner
  2. Cudo Miner
  3. Awesome Miner
  4. Kryptex Miner
  5. BFGMiner
  6. CG Miner (Open source mining software)
  7. EasyMiner
  8. MultiMiner
  9. BeMine

What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

Bitcoin cloud mining operations are mining farms that allow you to lease computing power from remote data centers to utilize as a cryptocurrency mining platform.

Cloud Mining Providers

  • ECOS (New users receive 1 month of free cloud mining contract after registration)
  • BeMine
  • Genesis Mining

Free Bitcoin/Crypto Mining Software

  1. NiceHash Miner
  2. BTCMiner
  3. Cudo Miner
  4. DiabloMiner
  5. CG Miner

Do You Need the Internet for Mining Bitcoins?

You will need internet access for crypto mining to verify transactions on the blockchain. You don’t need to get high-speed internet speed since a dial-up connection is all you need to compute transaction data. No more worrying about gaming lag or interrupted streaming when you concurrently mine crypto.

Why is Mining Bitcoin Bad for the Environment?

Mining Bitcoin, cryptocurrency in general, is bad for the environment because the process uses a tremendous amount of electricity especially since many power plants supplying that power run on fossil fuels which is linked to climate change. Bitcoin uses more electricity than many countries. The Bitcoin networks possess the computing power of over 3.7 million supercomputers. Each Bitcoin transaction consumes nearly 1,200-kilowatt hours of electricity which can power a typical household for six weeks. Imagine the electricity costs each month and now moving toward green energy is a big win.

Is Mining Bitcoin Safe?

Mining Bitcoin is safe if you practice good security habits. Be cautious of cryptocurrency scams and frauds. The mining software uses malware to access your computer uses its resources to mine crypto. It is not advised to use your main working computer to mine in case of the event of hacking. Also, keep in mind that cryptocurrency has extreme volatility and it wouldn’t hurt to occasionally take profits.

How Long Does It Take to Mine 1 Bitcoin?

It takes about 10 minutes to mine 1 BTC when a new block is created.

How Much Bitcoin Can You Mine in One Day?

Currently, 144 blocks are mined each day since each block takes 10 minutes to mine. Therefore, 900 BTC is available to earn in block rewards each day. The amount of Bitcoin you can mine in one day is dependent on the computational power of your mining rig. Dedicated crypto mining facilities take millions upfront to startup and run efficiently. Therefore, the average crypto miners’ best bet to earn consistent block rewards is to join mining pools. Simply put, it takes a lot of time and computer energy to mine Bitcoins.

Can You Use a Smartphone to Mine Bitcoin?

You can mine Bitcoin on anything that is a computer, especially a smartphone. However, mining reward payouts to the first crypto miner to solve complex mathematical equations to process transactions. A smartphone has less computing power and won’t be able to compete with other crypto miners with more computational power to earn reward payouts. The profitability of using your smartphone for Bitcoin mining is very low due to high mining difficulty and is not worth the effort.

How Do You Join a Mining Pool?

Joining mining pools is usually the first step in the mining process. Mining pools allow individual miners to combine their mining rig’s hash rate (computing power) with other miners as a community to consistently lead to more frequent mining reward payouts.

Steps to Join Mining Pools:

  1. Choose a mining pool that you wish to join. (Each mining pool offers different payout percentages.)
  2. Input the address of the pool into your mining software. You can also switch mining pools by simply replacing the mining pool address in your mining software.
  3. Connect a wallet to receive the pool payouts for solving complex mathematical equations.
  4. Configure your mining rig(s) to optimize performance to the chosen pool.
  5. Start mining and earn free Bitcoin.

How Do You Cash Out Mined Bitcoin?

To cash out your mined Bitcoin, you will need to transfer your BTC to an external Bitcoin wallet of a crypto exchange. Once the Bitcoin transactions are verified and securely moved to the crypto exchange, then you can convert the BTC into FIAT currency like USD. The final step is to then withdraw the funds into your bank account. Keep in mind that there will be a transaction fee for every cryptocurrency transaction to support blockchain technology. (Note: Depositing BTC to an incorrect BTC address of a wallet will result in the loss of funds forever.)

Final Thoughts on Mining Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin is a great way to earn a passive income because it’s a profitable coin to mine. There are several options you can choose to mine Bitcoin like using your PC, build mining rigs from multiple GPUs or ASICs, or obtain cloud mining contracts . Please consult with a professional financial consultant for investment advice and don’t forget about taxes associated with cryptocurrency mining.

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