By: Lezanne Winshaw | December 16, 2020

Get Paid: House Sitting Jobs

Are you looking for a flexible side hustle that you can start with right away? One that doesn’t require many skills? Offering house sitting services might be just the thing for you! When people are away from their homes for out-of-town work or vacations, they might prefer if someone is staying in their house to keep things safe and in order. As a house sitter, you will live rent-free (and potentially earn) in exchange for taking care of someone’s home. Homeowners might ask you to perform a few basic tasks too. For example, looking after pets, watering house plants, and taking out the trash.

Caretaker Versus House Sitter

Payment for house sitting jobs is often in the form of free accommodation. However, if there are several pets to take care of or other tasks to complete around the property, the homeowners could offer a stipend or salary.

How To Get House Sitter Jobs

There are so many house sitting sites out there. However, many of them require you to pay a membership fee. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to try them all out. To make it a little easier for you to choose which house sitting website to sign up with, we have created this shortlist.


This online house sitting website has been live since 2010. They advertise house sitting gigs right across the world. A membership for is one of the most expensive – $119.00 per year. Many of the opportunities on the site involve pet care. Like other sites, the pay is mostly in the form of free accommodation.


Nomador is a site based in Australia and has been around since 2014. They present great opportunities for house sitting right across the globe. Do you have a flexible career and want to see the world without paying for accommodation? This site could be a terrific way to find free accommodation in exciting places. The free membership option allows you to view limited accommodation offers. A full membership costs $89.00 per year. Only paid members can view all available offers and apply to those offers.

Housecarers has been matching homeowners with house sitters since 2000. To create a house sitter profile and browse house sitting listings, you can sign up for a limited profile for free. Or pay the $50.00 annual subscription fee to receive matches for house sitting opportunities in your preferred locations. You can also upload testimonials from happy customers and receive tips and guides for building a successful profile.

House Sitters America

To become a member of House Sitters America will cost you $30.00 per year. Registering with this site will allow you to create a profile. Subsequently, you can search for available house-sitting gigs. For most jobs, your payment will be free accommodation. However, it is mentioned that homeowners may arrange for extra remuneration on the side.

The Caretaker Gazette

The Caretaker Gazette is an advertising publication found online and in print form. The Gazette has been publishing jobs for house sitters since 1983. Most payment is in the form of free accommodation. However, there are also several paid caretaking opportunities available.

A subscription to the online publication will cost you $29.95 per year. If you would like to place an ad as a house sitter service provider in one of their issues, the cost is $0.65 per word.

Luxury House Sitting

At just $25.00 per year, Luxury House Sitting is one of the most affordable house sitting sites to subscribe to. They have house sitting jobs posted for beautiful homes across the world, with varying lengths of time, albeit not always as luxurious as one might assume.

MindMyHouse is a UK-based online matching service for homeowners and house sitting service providers. For potential house sitters, a profile on the site and twelve months of access cost only $20. Once you have created a personal profile, you can search available house sitting opportunities and email homeowners of the jobs that you are interested in. is a website that connects care seekers with care providers. The spectrum of job postings extends from housework and pet care right through senior care and school support.

What Qualifications Do You Need to be a House Sitter?

Fundamental character traits that will stand you in good stead include being responsible, reliable, and organized. If you are booking back-to-back house-sitting gigs, you should keep a calendar of dates and times that you have to be at the various homes. As people’s plans may change last minute, being adaptable and able to make back-up accommodation plans is vital.

Many House Sitting Jobs Include Pet Sitting

For many pet owners, leaving their furry or feathery friends behind when they go on holiday is the hardest part. If you are an animal lover and have experience in pet care, this will help you land those types of house sitting assignments. As a pet sitter, you could earn more than someone solely taking care of a home.

Make Money as a House Sitter

Earning extra money to stay in someone else’s house sure sounds like the perfect side hustle. It is a great way to make a bit of pocket money and live rent free part-time or full-time. If you can get regular house sitting jobs. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • If your house-sitting gig is far from where you are staying at the moment, you will likely have to spend money on transport to get there.
  • Some job postings will state that additional skills like basic plumbing or handy work are required. Upskilling yourself will be a fantastic way to land more jobs with better remuneration.
  • Once you have decided on a house sitting website to sign up with, create an honest house sitter profile listing the relevant attributes and work experience.

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