Using the H&M app on your mobile device is simple and convenient and lets you shop by product, see new arrivals, shop by occasion, make sure you are getting the best price, and more options and services.

Certain features, including measurement services, are also available on the app. The app can also offer fashion tips and guidelines such as how to properly accessorize and style an item according to the latest trends.

Make sure to read the app’s fine print so you know how the app impacts your phone’s battery life. You can also find out about H&M’s advertising and measurement services and any essential and optional cookies used to track your activity.

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Does H&M have an app?

Yes, you can download the free H&M app for iOS and Android devices. For the iOS app go to the Apple App store. For Android users, the app can be found in the Google Play Store. Both versions of the app can also be found on the H&M website.

The app can be installed and used on Smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices.

Use the app as your own product shop room to shop any and all H&M merchandise. You can also get exclusive H&M coupons and promo codes. And a fun but under-used feature is the visual search. Take a pic of a product you like – H&M brand or otherwise – and search for it on H&M. The visual search will find that product or its closest H&M brand equivalent.

This is a great way to copy expensive, on-trend looks on a budget.

How do I checkout on the H&M app?

You need to create an account to checkout directly from the H&M app. You can browse items and add them to your cart first and then create an account if you are a new user.

After completing your selections, go to the shopping bag icon that you will see at the top of the app. Sign in or create your account, and review the order including reviewing that the right colors and sizes of each item have been added to your cart.

Once you are satisfied that the order is correct, you can continue by adding or updating your address if needed, adding your payment information, and adding in any discounts that you want to use for the order.

If you need to step away before completing an order on the app, you can do so without starting over for up to 7 days. Items in your cart may sell out, especially if they are new arrivals or trending items. When you return to complete your order, any item that is no longer available because it is out of stock will be removed from the cart and the total will be recalculated and updated.

How do I turn on store mode on the H&M app?

To turn on store mode on the H&M app, simply open the app and then tap the “more” menu. This feature will be in a different place depending on your system. From that menu, you will see “in store mode”. Click to activate that feature and you are ready to start using it for all of your shopping needs.

How do I know if an item is in an H&M store?

If you want to find an item in an H&M store near you but don’t want to waste time running to several stores, you can check its availability with the app or on the website. Select the item and then click on “Find in Store”.

The item will be marked with a green “available”, yellow “few remaining”, or red “out of stock” icon for the stores nearest your location. If there are no stores in your area, that information will also be displayed.

How do I use my H&M points online?

H&M points are awarded for a number of actions once you have created an account. You can collect points by:

  • Rate and review items.
  • Referring friends.
  • Recycling old clothing.
  • Making certain purchases.

There are other ways to earn points as you shop as well. Items with the Conscious tag will earn more points. Once you reach 300 points, your account will be upgraded to a Plus Membership which has additional benefits including free shipping and additional services.

You will receive a voucher for your points when you have enough of them. To use this voucher online you click on the offer that you would like to use for that order and the amount will be applied to the order when you checkout.

Can I get coupons in the H&M app?

Yes, you can get coupons and other offers directly in the H&M app. New members of the loyalty program will get a $5 reward plus a 10% discount on their first order. Additional coupons and rewards such as a birthday reward will also be made.

You can find other coupons by searching for them online.

What are other retailers similar to H&M that have coupon deals?

You can find coupons, similar items, and trends at these retailers:

  • Zara
  • Mango
  • Old Navy
  • ASOS
  • Forever 21
  • boohoo
  • HelloMolly
  • Shein
  • American Eagle
  • Pretty Little Thing

Final thoughts

Shopping online or with an app is super simple. Not only can you find the new arrivals and classic pieces that you have always liked, but you can also see similar items as well. You can find similar items by using your very own photos so that you can compare prices and quality.

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