The world of bitcoin and decentralized applications continues to grow. Where once only a few people had ever heard of crypto assets of any kind, it is now a common part of conversations for a wider community of people.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is more than a mining network and more than just an alternative currency. Prices and transactions are ever-changing and investors are evolving as well. The former world limited to just tech bros and developers is opening up and more people are looking for more information on the platform and fighting for their own access.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized software platform and the second-largest cryptocurrency form at this time. Developed to be used for peer-to-peer transactions, the network uses very little personal identifying data making it a favored platform for people who want to avoid the internet censorship guidelines and tracking information.

In addition to open-source software that can be used to develop apps and programs for work, fun, and more, Ethereum has crypto called ETH.

What is the easiest way to learn more about Ethereum?

It is always a good idea to learn as much as you can about anything new before you start making investments. Investment advice can be expensive if you use a professional and it can involve transaction fees and additional charges. 

Start by learning the raw basics including what it is, how it was developed, what the Ethereum goals are currently, and what the future holds for the apps and for Eth. The Ethereum website is a good place to get started. Once you have learned the very basics you may be ready to start trading. Coinbase is a website that lets you explore Ethereum ETH and other forms of cryptocurrency with minimal risk.

Joining Coinbase through the Swagbucks link allows you to learn while you earn and will also give you $30 cashback to your Swagbucks account. Don’t have a Swagbucks account, yet? Sign-up is free and easy.

Additional investment tools to consider:

  • Sofi Invest ($60 cash back through Swagbucks) Join Sofi Money to get additional financial advice, and trade on all of the major crypto exchanges
  • Robinhood ($15 cashback) Swagbucks also has coupon codes for one free stock at sign up plus another for free stock when you refer friends.

Additional ways to learn more:

  • Take a Udemy course. The course includes videos, articles, and additional information and is available to take on your own schedule.
  • Attend a seminar. Use a Groupon through Swagbucks to get 12% cashback plus save up to 91% off a live video chat or in-person seminar.

How Much Does ETH Cost?

The answer to this question is “it depends” as the ETH price varies from day to day or even by the hour as the market fluctuates and trades are made. To find the current price of ETH or any other cryptocurrency you can check with any investment company website or by googling directly. As of the middle of December, the price is just over $4,000 USD.

In addition to finding the current price and the price history, you will also want to know what the average transaction fee is when dealing with any type of currency, stock, or other financial assets. The average person will need to factor in the cost of these transactions especially when they first start trying to buy ETH.

How Much is One Ethereum Worth Right Now?

One Ethereum is currently worth just over $4000 according to CoinMarketCap. If you sign up for an account with an investment company like CoinBase, you can get alerts for market fluctuations, changes in pricing and also see statistics that include:

  • Market volume
  • Market dominance
  • Trading volume
  • Price change with 24 hour high/low differential

How Long Does it Take to Mine 1 Ethereum?

The time it takes to mine 1 ETH may depend on a number of factors. You are looking for the time it takes to mine new blocks and earn a profit. To get started you will have to learn the basics of mining. After getting set up you will then start solving blocks. The speed varies but on average, the time to mine a single ETH is around 90 days.

Using this same calculator, you can determine how quickly you will see a return on investment or ROI. Many people are unaware that they must spend money to get started in the mining side of cryptocurrency. The average time for even a modest ROI is just under 500 days.

What is the Highest Ethereum Price?

The highest Ethereum price was nearly $4,200 in May of 2021. The price has fluctuated several times since then and has settled at just slightly over $4,000 USD.

Can I Mine Ethereum on My Phone?

Mining Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptos on a smartphone was banned by Google and Apple in 2018 because it uses too much data, causes slowed service, and increases the risk of dangerous overheating to the device. You are still able to find and use the apps that control or track your mining operations running on another device.

What Price Will Ethereum Reach in 2022?

The predicted price of Ethereum, as well as other types of crypto, is all over the place with very little agreement from “expert” to “expert” The value and price for future blocks can be estimated but because there are so many factors to consider, very few of the predictions could be called “hard” numbers. Ether price changes daily and there is unlikely to be any change in that as it gains in interest and access.

Which Crypto is Easiest to Mine?

The average person is not going to be able to handle the setup cost and difficulty to mine Bitcoin from home any longer. Not only would the investment be too much to handle, but the cost of running most mining operations is overly expensive from the cost of buying the equipment to the cost of operating it. People who are new to the world of crypto mining often forget to factor in the cost of electricity.

To find easy to mine crypto you must look for types that are:

  • Designed for beginners.
  • Do not require huge mining rigs.
  • Have been relatively stable and/or established for some period of time.

Dogecoin and Ravencoin are two cryptocurrencies that can be mined from home and are supposed to be relatively easy to learn at this time.

Final Thoughts on the Worth of Ethereum

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum continues to become more and more mainstream. It is being accepted as payment in far more places and more people are starting to explore the world of alternative currency with a healthy curiosity. But, like any other financial product, tangible or otherwise, Ethereum can be wildly unpredictable, affected by factors that can include weather, natural disasters, and the ongoing pandemic.

Before deciding to buy, sell, or mine Ethereum do your due diligence and get comfortable with as much information as you possibly can. You can use the earn while you learn apps that teach you a little bit about the crypto market and reward you with coins for every lesson you complete.

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