You can use reward sites and rewards apps to get a free PayPal gift card.

PayPal is a free, fast, and secure way to send money online to friends and family. You can also use PayPal to pay for products and services or to collect payment.

When you earn free PayPal, you can spend it like cash at thousands of merchants to take PayPal, transfer it to your bank account for free, or gift it for free to a friend or family member.

We’ll discuss how you can get free PayPal and go over some common FAQs people have about getting a free PayPal gift card.

How Can I Get a Free PayPal Gift Card?

There are a number of ways that you can earn Free PayPal. It’s important to note that physical PayPal gift cards do not exist. When you get “free PayPal” that means you’re getting free PayPal cash or free funds deposited to your PayPal account.

That’s why it’s important to earn free PayPal rewards through reputable rewards sites and apps. And with some of the largest sites, like Swagbucks, you can opt to receive a check in the mail or a prepaid Visa card instead. Then, you can deposit those funds into PayPal yourself. Keep in mind though that a rewards site does not need your bank info to make a PayPal deposit. They just need your first and last name and the email address you have tied to your PayPal. Generally, the biggest concern is when you accidentally provide the wrong email – those funds go to someone else, and you can’t get them back.

Rewards Sites and Apps Where You Can Get a PayPal Gift Card Free

Here’s a list of some of the most popular and reputable sites that offer free PayPal:

  • Swagbucks: Earn free PayPal gift cards and other rewards for taking paid surveys, shopping online (and earning cashback), searching the web, answering trivia, or playing games. Join
  • InboxDollars: Earn free PayPal money for taking online surveys, reading emails, playing games, scanning receipts for your weekly groceries, and more. Get $5 free as a signup bonus when you start. Join InboxDollars
  • Tada: This small but mighty shopping app magically turns your gas station, drug store, and grocery store receipts into cash. Tada! Earn cash back when you purchase gas, featured supermarket products, or just for taking a picture of your receipt. It’s easy to do with your phone. Join Tada
  • MyPoints: Earn free gift cards or PayPal cash when you shop at your favorite online stores. Earn rewards points on eligible purchases and redeem them for the prize you want. There are lots of ways to earn bonus points, shopping at stores when MyPoints increases their cash back reward amounts. Join MyPoints
  • Ibotta: Earn free money for your supermarket receipts. Purchase featured items at participating stores, you’ll earn cash back rewards. In order to get some of the cash back deals, you’ll need to watch videos (short ads) about the products.
  • Survey Junkie: Take surveys to earn points. Redeem your points for free PayPal money (they’ll transfer money to your PayPal account) or a free gift card.
  • Receipt Hog: Earn virtual “coins” for purchasing select items and scanning your grocery store receipt. Redeem your coins for PayPal or free gift card.

Does PayPal Have Physical Gift Cards?

PayPal does not have PayPal-branded gift cards that you can buy and/or add these gift cards to your PayPal wallet:

  • Prepaid Visa cards
  • Prepaid Mastercards
  • Prepaid Amex cards (American Express cards)
  • Prepaid Discover cards

When you add one of these prepaid gift cards to your PayPal wallet, you can spend that money like cash anywhere PayPal is accepted.

In a sense, a prepaid Visa credit card (or other major credit cards) is the same thing as a PayPal gift card. A $50 prepaid Visa card that you add to your PayPal account gives you $50 to spend with PayPal.

What is the PayPal Gift Card Giveaway?

Right now (as of the date of this article’s publication), GooglePlay will give you a free PayPal gift of $10 when you make your first purchase of $5 or more using GooglePlay.

You can also earn up to $10o in free PayPal when you invite your friends.

  1. Invite a friend who doesn’t have a PayPal account to join PayPal.
  2. When your friend spends or sends at least $5 using PayPal, you both get $10 free.

You can invite up to 10 friends and earn up to $100 in free PayPal. Even if your friend isn’t that “into” PayPal, that’s potentially free money. They can get $10 free for sending someone $5. How easy is that?

Other PayPal giveaways, not specifically sponsored by, are not legitimate. 

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