**UPDATED February 2019**

What happened to MySurvey.com?

As of February 2019, MySurvey merged with another reputable paid survey website (GlobalTestMarket) and rebranded into what we now know as LifePoints. With this transition, MySurvey officially shut down its website earlier this year and moved over to LifePoints. Although you can no longer access MySurvey.com, you can resume your survey activity and other earning opportunities on LifePoints, where you can use your MySurvey credentials to log into your LifePoints account. Your balance from your MySurvey account should have transferred over to your LifePoints account. If you see that your points haven’t fully transferred over, don’t hesitate to reach out to LifePoints customer service!

What are the best alternatives to MySurveys.com?

With MySurvey gone, there’s no need to fret. Look no further to continue your paid survey earning opportunities than these beloved survey sites:


For those looking for a variety of ways to earn rewards – not just by taking surveys – Swagbucks is for you. Swagbucks is a free online rewards program with over 30 million members and has paid out over $400 million in cash and free gift cards since 2008. Members can make money online in the form of SB for the everyday activities they’re already doing online and can redeem them for PayPal cash or free gift cards to retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. Earning opportunities at Swagbucks are endless – it doesn’t just stop at surveys! As the one-stop-shop for all earning opportunities, you can earn rewards by taking paid surveys, shopping, completing exclusive offers, watching videos, playing games, or even just simply using the search engine. SB can be redeemed for The 2 new user bonuses offered are enticing as well:

1) Get a $10 bonus for a $25+ online shopping purchase within the first 30 days of membership 2) Get a $5 bonus for earning 2,500 SB within the first 60 days of membership


Looking for cash? InboxDollars has got you covered! InboxDollars is a rewards site where members can earn cash back for everyday online activities such as taking paid surveys, reading emails, watching TV, and more. Contrary to most of their competitors, they do not have a point system. Instead, they pride themselves in rewarding members with real cash rewards, not points. Since launching in 2000, they’ve awarded members with over $59 million cash back to its members. Plus, they’re offering new users an incredible sign-up bonus that’s impossible to pass up. That is, you can earn $5 instantly for just signing up! 


LifePoints is the new MySurvey. With over 5 million members, LifePoints describes themselves as one of the largest influencer communities in the world and claims to have awarded over $20 million to its members just last year alone. Other than the brand and currency name change (now called LifePoints), not too much has changed at all from the original MySurvey site. For the most part, the rewards and survey taking process have remained the same. New improvements have also been implemented on LifePoints, such as a newly designed site and point rewards (instead of sweepstakes entries) for survey disqualifications.

What is MySurvey.com?

MySurvey.com is a paid survey site where members can get paid for completing surveys while helping brands gain consumer insights. With a member base of over 4 million users, MySurvey has been recognized as one of the oldest and most trusted survey sites in the industry, with operations in over 40 countries worldwide and has awarded over $32 million to its members to date.

MySurvey has been a big player in the industry for quite some time now given that it’s been around since the 1940s. As one of the longest-standing survey sites, its roots trace all the way back to the National Family Opinion (NFO), established in 1946 to organize families of consumer panelists to provide feedback for product improvements. When they first started off, the NFO initially collected surveys via phone and mail, recording survey answers on handwritten cards and storing consumer data in Honeywell computers. (Talk about old school!) The NFO founded MySurvey in 2001 to expand its market research footprint and to widen their reach to more families across the country, taking their consumer surveys to the internet. By establishing an online platform for consumers, increasingly more families were able to easily access and participate in MySurvey’s market research studies.

In 2010, Lightspeed Research, a global market and consumer research company owned by WPP, bought out MySurvey and merged the two survey sites, keeping the name “MySurvey”. Since its launch in 1946, Lightspeed has helped numerous businesses from over 38 countries conduct market research on their products. The Lightspeed-MySurvey partnership has undoubtedly been a strategic move, catapulting great success. With Lightspeed’s help over the years, MySurvey has been able to evolve into one of the largest online survey panels in the country.

Why is market research important anyway? 

Market research companies far and wide have one thing in common – they want to know what we as consumers have to say about their products or services. Brands value our opinions! In fact, they rely on our feedback to make improvements to their product or service offerings. By participating in these surveys, consumers can help make their voices be heard in the development of new products and services.

Types of MySurvey Offers

Traditional Paid Surveys

The most popular way to earn on MySurvey is to take traditional surveys ranging from a variety of different survey topics. Members are paid for each survey completed, which can then be converted into redeemable points. One thing to note is that more often than not, you may receive some glitchy error messages notifying that you’ve been disqualified from taking a survey, based on how you answer the initial pre-screening questions, which can be frustrating. Traditional surveys aren’t the only types of survey offers available though – members can also participate in survey offers in other forms like product testing and webcam surveys.

Product Testing

What’s really neat is that they occasionally offer product testing opportunities for select members who’ve demonstrated an active membership. These members are sent new products to review and are asked questions geared towards their satisfaction with it. Although product testing opportunities could be a little more exclusive, this is a great alternative if you prefer a more hands-on experience or would rather interact with a concrete, tangible item to share your opinion on.


Let’s face it – surveys can get a tad bit repetitive when you take survey after survey, ticking box after box. Thanks to the digital age’s technological advancements, MySurvey introduced a new method for members to participate in paid surveys – all using the webcam. All you need is your eyes – no clicking or typing required! With webcam surveys, members are given videos to watch while your webcam captures your expressions and reactions for market researchers to analyze. Lazy-friendly guaranteed!

Joining MySurvey is easy and most importantly free! Membership is, however, limited to one per household and you must be ages 16+ to join. Upon sign-up, you’ll be asked to provide your personal information, answer a series of demographic-related questions, and confirm your email address. The whole sign-up process shouldn’t take any longer than 3-5 minutes. Sounds pretty easy right?

And voila, you’re ready to start participating in surveys! Your membership has no minimum time requirement so you can spend as little or as much time as your free time permits. 

No free time on your hands? Not a problem! MySurvey released its mobile app to the Apple Store and Google Play for survey takers on-the-go to earn rewards anytime and anywhere as a way to accommodate to their busy lifestyles, no matter where they are.

Is MySurvey legit?

Upon hearing about MySurvey giving away over $32 million to its members, it’s natural to feel somewhat skeptical about its legitimacy. You might even start to Google “MySurvey reviews” to see what members have to say. What’s the catch? Will I really get paid for taking this survey? This all sounds too good to be true, right?

However, with a well-established reputation dating back to over 50 years of industry experience, it’s safe to say that MySurvey was legit. Conducting surveys since 1946 under the NFO, MySurvey has demonstrated a proven track record as a leader of online survey providers. Additionally, its partnership with Lightspeed Research, a Better Business Bureau accredited company with affiliations to Kantar, among the top 25 research companies in the world, can testify to the credibility of its legitimacy. You can rest assured that MySurveys was indeed legit. No scamming here!

During the time of its existence, MySurvey was indeed well-loved by its members and consistently left them happy and satisfied. Members have praised MySurvey for being user-friendly, its abundance of surveys available, quick notifications for survey disqualifications, and the top-notch quality products sent out for product reviews. Its legacy is passed onto LifePoints today, with an average of 4.5 stars on Trustpilot with over 4,500 reviews.

Does MySurvey.com actually pay?

The answer is yes! MySurvey claims to have awarded over $16 million to its members in just 2013 alone and over $32 million to date. For every survey completed, MySurvey pays out with virtual currency in the form of points. Their point system is set up such that 1,200 points are equivalent to $10 USD and each survey pays out $0.50 to $1.25, depending on the survey’s length and complexity. That’s about $1.52/hour.

On top of taking surveys, members also have the opportunity to earn points through MySurveys’ referral program where you can earn 150 points per referral. The best part about it? There is no cap on how many new members you can refer! 

With a little luck on your side, you can also earn points through sweepstakes drawings. Monthly drawings take place for active members where a few lucky winners are randomly selected to receive a 10,000 point bonus! Quarterly drawings also take place where members can earn an entry for completing certain surveys

Points can be redeemed or cashed out with the reward of your choice and there’s a great variety from which you can choose from. Options include a cash reward via payment to your PayPal account, gift cards to online retailers (such as Amazon and Macy’s), a donation to a charity of your choice, and sweepstakes entries. You can even exchange your points for merchandise and other goods from jewelry to electronics, perfect for gifting during Christmas. Just one thing to note is that you’ll need at least 1,000 points to cash out. Thankfully, points never expire so you can take as long as you need to rack up the number of points required to cash out on that Amazon gift card you’ve been eyeing.

Although MySurvey may not be a viable option as your main source of income, it’s certainly a great option for making some extra money during your free time while watching TV on the couch, waiting at the doctor’s office, or even on your daily commute on the bus.

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