This post provides an update on the coupon crediting issue starting on or around Nov 8, 2018.

Our partner, on whom we rely for reporting coupon print activity, has identified and resolved a bug in their reporting system. They are going to re-run the print activity reports for the affected period. After that, we will credit to your account the appropriate SB for your coupon prints.

However, getting this sorted might take until the week after Thanksgiving (the week of Nov 26).

Please note, though, that your current print activity is crediting in accordance with the normal and customary turn-around times. We received a complete file of print activity from Nov 14, 2018 and SB were posted today in connection with that activity.

Today (Nov. 15, 2018), you can earn 100 SB for printing coupons (1 SB for every coupon that you print, up to 100 coupons).

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while our partner re-runs the reports.

Thank you, Team Swagbucks