It’s Friday!  Let’s kick off the weekend with an introduction to another fabulous Swaggernaut.  Please meet babytraytray, from Philadelphia, PA.  Check out how she’s making Swagbucks Work For Her.

Greetings Swagbucks Family,

I want to thank you for all your help, support, fun and creativity. I have been unemployed for two years and although I have been searching and applying I have found nothing in this unsettling economy. Although I am fully recovered now, I had to resign from my previous job two years ago this month due to medical conditions and my husband has been supporting us by himself since. We had just moved to our new home in April 2011 and he has had to furnish, pay bills, provide food and put the finishing touches on our wedding.

Swagbucks helps me be able to help out here and there to get things for the house, cash in PayPal’s to our bank account to buy groceries, and be able to provide him with gifts I wouldn’t be able to purchase otherwise for his birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and our anniversary. I stay glued to my laptop from the time I get up until I go to sleep (when I am not cooking, cleaning and running errands). We will be celebrating our two year anniversary on Wed, August 28th and it felt so good to be able to tell him to splurge on you want from Ebay because I worked hard and earned PayPal gift certificates and I can get you what you want and things you need this anniversary.

Thank you so much Swagbucks, I wish you continued success!

Thank you for sharing, babytraytray!  You are a TRUE Swaggernaut – and we love it!  Keep on Swaggin’!  Here’s 500 Swag Bucks to keep your momentum going.

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