As we conduct more and more business online–from communicating via email to making purchases, the potential for falling victim to fraudsters becomes more likely.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase in incidents where people have been targeted by online scammers and wanted to provide tips to avoid being taken advantage of.

  1. If someone claiming to be associated with Swagbucks requests your password, it is a scammer. Swagbucks will never ask you to provide a password. Speaking of passwords, check out these tips from Google for creating strong passwords.
  2. Please be cautious of Facebook messages or Facebook comments from any unofficial “Swagbucks” Facebook accounts. If you encounter suspicious messages or comments, do not engage with them. Instead, report them directly to our administrative team through our Facebook book page or through our customer service portal.
  3. Swagbucks will only ask you to complete activity within your account on our website only. If you receive directions to do an activity outside of Swagbucks site (, it is most likely a scam.