The birthday is over and you all did a wonderful job hitting all the goals!  That means we get to announce our new and exciting bonus for all of our members who participated in this year’s birthday challenge.

Swag Ups!

So what are Swag Ups?

Well… Swag Ups, which are similar to power ups, for all of our gamers out there, is a way to bring your Swagbucks experience to a whole other level! There are going to be many ways Swag Ups will improve your Swagbucks experience, but let’s talk about how it will help you starting TONIGHT at 8pm PST/11pm EST!


For the next 72 hours, starting at 7:05 pm PST/11am EST tonight, every Search Win you get, up to 7 wins, through a Defaulted Search will be Doubled! That’s right, we’re doubling your search wins for the next 72 hours up to 7 search wins.


For example, if  you win 7 Swag Bucks performing a search through your defaulted Swagbucks search engine, you will get an additional 7 Swag Bucks, making that search worth 14 Swag Bucks!

Plus, you wont have to worry about keeping track of how much time you have left or how many search wins you can double, we’re keeping track of all that data for you on your homepage (see image below).

Your ledger will show your original search win with the description “Searching the Web” and a second line item for your bonus with the description “Other: Swag  Up #sevenUp Double Search Win.” See Image below as an example.


Remember, in order to double your search wins for the next 72 hours make sure you Default your Search and search from the URL bar.  If you have any questions please put them in the comments below.

Thanks for making our birthday so exciting! Let the Searching begin!

*Please Note: Swag Up Bonuses do not count towards your daily goal meter.

~Team Swagbucks