There is no denying it, Pokemon Go is taking over the world. Rather than fight it let’s just accept our new Pokemon Go overlords and play. If you’re just starting out or have been playing for a few weeks these tips are a worthwhile read.

  1. Be Social –  I guess this could be considered advice for any occasion but playing Pokemon Go is definitely easier and more fun when playing with others. Not only can you get tips from fellow Pokemon Go players about where to find rare Pokemon but battling and training at gyms becomes a cinch! In addition, make sure to join other Pokemon players on Facebook Pages and Subreddits for even more tips!
  2. Wear Comfortable Shoes – In order to hatch Eggs you will need to walk, and if you want the rarer more powerful Pokemon you’ll need to hatch 10 km eggs. 10 km is 6.2 miles so sandals and flip flops probably aren’t going to cut it.
  3. Wait To Evolve – Without a doubt it is tempting to evolve your Pokemon once you grab the required candy. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it but if you are interested in leveling up quickly you are better off waiting. Save up enough candy to evolve double digit Pokemon (up to 50) and use a Lucky Egg. With the Lucky Egg you’ll get double XP everytime you evolve a Pokemon and you’ll reach a high level on no time!
  4. Throw Curveballs – When catching Pokemon hold down on the ball and spin your finger before throwing. This will result in a curveball which will give you more XP when you catch your Pokemon.
  5. Use Pokevision – You might call this cheating, I call it playing smart. Pokevision is a tracker/locator for Pokemon that are spawning near you (no more wandering aimlessly to find that Charmander). It not only tells you which Pokemon are spawning nearby but also for how long. Take a look at this screenshot of one of the most popular Pokemon spawning grounds just minutes from Swagbucks HQ: CnxQnYdUkAAZRGB
  6. Eevee Naming Hack – Eevee has 3 different evolutions. You can force evolve your Eevee by giving it the following nicknames before you evolve them:
    1. Jolteon: – “Sparky”
    2. Flareon – “Pyro”
    3. Vaporeon – “Rainer”
  7. Play Safe – This should go without saying but do not play while driving and always watch where you are going.

SB Bonus Alert! We would love to see what you’ve got around you! Take a screenshot of unsuspecting Pokemon interrupting your Swagbucks earnings and tweet them to @swagbucks on Twitter and include the hashtag #SBPokemon as well as your Swag Name. You’ll get a 5 SB Bonus!

That’s it for now. We hope you are enjoying Pokemon Go, we know we are!

-Team Swagbucks