Selena (Swag Name: oct01dec ) is from Deltona, FL and has been a Swagbucks member since September 2011.

Here is what Selena has to say about her Swagbucks Rewarding Moment:

I live in Deltona Florida, USA, and unfortunately came to Swagbucks due to necessity. See I was a 27 year-old mother of three, my youngest being only two months old at the time. I was going to school in my BA for teaching thinking everything in my life was wonderful. Beautiful babies, wonderful relationship, only two more semesters of school till graduation, what could go wrong? As always, the moment you ask yourself this, the world tends to show you exactly what could go wrong. My Significant other at the time literally came home one night after work, no notice whatsoever and tells me that he no longer wants to be in a relationship and wants nothing to do with the kids either.  He packs up very little and walks out the front door the very next day. I could do nothing to change his mind and was completely blindsided, in my mind everything had been wonderful.  Why was this happening?  I didn’t have a job, I had three young kids, what was I going to do?  I proceeded to scour the internet for any ways to make money and without having a job.  I was already 3/4 through the semester and now I had to be a single parent, provide and somehow finish, with no family available to help me at all.  What I found among other things was swagbucks.  I did everything I could; used coupons, watched videos, did surveys, whatever I could while the kids slept, after school after everything, just to keep my family fed. And though it was rough going ultimately, we made it.  I owe 10,000 (over exaggeration :)) diapers I purchased through Swagbucks, to this site.  The ability to make a few extra bucks went so far for our family and I did it on my own.  It was the most trying part of my life and I did it all my own and somehow, to be able to say that makes everything we went through, ok.  I will be a forever swagger.  

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