Today, we released an enhancement to our Swagbucks Referral Program. This enhancement awards an extra 100 SB bonus to members who successfully refer other users to add the SwagButton to their browser.

The Swagbucks Referral Page now includes a custom link that members can promote and share with family and friends. The link directs referred users to a web page that promotes the SwagButton browser extension.

To qualify for the 100 SB bonus, Referring Members must use their custom Extension Referral Link to promote the SwagButton. Referred Users must add the SwagButton on their laptop or desktop, via Members’ customized Extension Referral Link. In addition, Referred Users must keep the SwagButton active for an initial period of usage. Our systems evaluate activity from Referred Users over a period of 30 days to determine it’s consistent with normal activity.

So, why are we doing this? The answer includes a personal story.

Over the past 6 months, Swagbucks added a feature to the SwagButton that automatically applies the best coupon code to online orders. This feature is supported at most of the popular stores that offer coupon codes. (Give it a whirl at Old Navy, JCPenney, or Gap). Below are some screenshots that help visualize this.

Now onto the personal story. Back in September, when we started to roll this out, I received a great text message from my wife. She wrote: “I just had an awesome Swagbucks experience that I need to tell you about!”. She went on to explain that when she was checking-out at JCPenney, she was surprised to see the SwagButton prompt her to apply money-saving coupon codes to her order. To her great delight (and mine), the SwagButton saved her over $100.

And, just today, Nicole shared with me that, to her surprise and delight, the SwagButton found a code that saved her over $30 on an Express order that she placed two days ago. Her reaction was: “Oh…wow!”.

People’s experience with this aspect of the SwagButton has been quite favorable. This review in the Google Chrome Web Store sums it up nicely.

On top of the savings from coupons, Swagbucks members also receive SB (cash back) on their orders. But what’s also exciting about this enhancement to the SwagButton is that a user does not have to be a member to utilize the coupon-finding application. Non-members who use the SwagButton will enjoy the delightful benefit of having it find codes that save them tons of money.

It was for this reason and the rewarding experiences that members, including those as near-and-dear as our own family, that we’ve added an element to the referral program that awards an extra 100 SB to members who promote the SwagButton to family and friends that are near-and-dear you. Have no fear, you can earn the 100 SB Bonus AND the 300 SB New Referral Bonus AND the 10% Lifetime Earning Referral awards on all your referrals who meet the required criteria with the new SwagButton Referral Links.
Please also read the FAQ on the Swagbutton Referral Program.