A crash course in Free Gift Card-ology from the most popular rewards program on the web!

  1. Make Swagbucks Your Default Search Engine Swagbucks Search and Earn randomly awards points called SB to users for looking anything up on the web. The best burger in NYC? The width of the pacific ocean? Young Bill Clinton? Any search could result in SB. You can default your search engine by clicking on the Search tab in your sidebar
  2. Install the Swagbutton Have you ever pressed “Submit my Order” while shopping online AND THEN remembered to connect Swagbucks? So frustrating. The Swagbutton is a browser extension that helps you never miss an opportunity to earn SB. It lists featured stores, clues you in on coupons and reminds you to connect a store to Swagbucks before you check out. You can install it by clicking on the Swagbutton tab in your sidebar (and get 50 SB!).
  3. Hack Your Surveys Fill out your survey profile and get 2 SB for every 10 questions. It helps Swagbucks match you with compatible surveys. You should also adjust the settings on your Swagbutton to alert you when new surveys come out. You can change your Swagbutton settings by opening your Swagbutton and going to the Settings tab.
  4. Earn Swagbucks On The Go Download the Swagbucks Mobile App to earn SB whether you are here, there, or…anywhere! Watching videos while waiting for the bus? Taking surveys on your lunch break? Answering the daily poll in line at the grocery store? Ka-ching!
  5. Get Your Friends In On It You can earn 300 SB just by referring your friends to Swagbucks. You also get 10% of their SB earnings for life. They earn 100 SB, you earn 10. They earn 500 SB. You earn 50. I mean, what are friends for right?
  6. Take Control Of Your Shopping List Before going on a big shopping trip, look through your shopping list and see what you can buy through Swagbucks or buy with a coupon from the Swagbucks coupon page. Shoes, make up, office supplies, you name it. You can rack up a lot of SB from ordering online or using coupons (10 SB for each one used!) just by crossing things off your shopping list.
  7. Watch While You Work Stop listening to the radio while you work and start catching up on celebrity, style and tech news with Swagbucks TV. Instead of watching under the Swagbucks “Watch” page, try splitting your screen between emails, word docs and blog posts, and your Swagbutton video player. Pop out the Swagbutton window and grab 3 SB for every 10 videos.
  8. Try Before You Buy The Swagbucks Discover page lists offers like Dollar Shave Club, Birchbox, Gamefly and Audible. As if you even need another excuse to try out these great offers, Swagbucks rewards you with 1000+ SB (That’s a $10 gift card!). Give them a whirl. You might get hooked.
  9. Always Complete Your To-Do List Start every day off right by earning a few SB and crossing things off your Swagbucks To-Do List. Each task involves exploring Swagbucks’ great content and only takes a few seconds.
  10. Do Everything You Can To Hit Your Daily Goal Everyday, Swagbucks sets an SB goal for its users. Each time you reach it, Swagbucks gives you a little SB bonus for a job well done. You can get even more bonuses at the end of the month if you are on a winning streak. Check your daily and monthly progress by hovering over the daily goal tab at the top of the Swagbucks web page.
  11. Stack ‘Em and Cash ‘Em with MyGiftCardsPlus Swagbucks’ sister site, MyGiftCardsPlus, gives cashback with every e-gift card purchase. Use these gift cards to shop online through Swagbucks and you can earn DOUBLE the Cash Back. Stackable gift cards include Sephora, Lowes, Hotels.com, Groupon, Kmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Explore the website and find more!
  12. Keep An Eye Out For Gift Card Sales Do your ears perk up when you hear the word “sale” too? Sometimes, Swagbucks puts their gift cards on sale so your 5,000 SB are now worth a lot more. Save up your SB for the perfect time to strike.
  13. Customize Your Dash Are you a shopper? A gamer? An adventurer? Customize your settings to show more deals, games, surveys or videos! See more of the stuff you want by clicking on the “Set Interests” tab in your sidebar.
  14. Like and Follow! Like and follow the Swagbucks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to get notifications of exclusive Swagbucks’ news, offers and Swag Codes.
  15. Read Through The Daily Swag The Daily Swag, Swagbucks’ Blog, is the social hidden gem of the Swagbucks website. Blog posts include more tips, news and user spotlights. The best are the Swagbucks contests found through the Swagbucks Blog. They are fun, quirky and can result in a big SB cash out.