The Swagbucks Compliance Department would like to clear up some issues, concerns and fears that some members have expressed about searching on the Swagbucks search engine, viewing SBTV, sharing computers or IPs, and having more than one account in a household.

First, we recommend that members not exploit our search engine. That means you should you use it just like you would use any other search engine.

If you want to search silly words or phrases, by all means search them.

If you need to search similar words or even the same words in your daily routine, by all means search them.

Please do not search using gibberish. Also, do not click rapidly and excessively in an attempt to earn more Swag Bucks; this is what is considered unnatural searching. Most importantly, do not use any bot or software that automatically searches for you. Cheats and hacks such as this are not in the spirit of Swagbucks and is bad for the entire Swagbucks community.

Concerning SBTV, members may get more captchas on some days than other days, and may get more than other members at certain periods, and although we all understand how annoying they may be to our viewing experience, they are a necessary component to SBTV and to many other websites. Thank you all for your patience with them. We understand that many members may miss many of their captchas, but understand that is not what results in deactivation.

What you are not allowed to do is use an iFrame program or auto-refresher that watches SBTV for you. This will definitely lead to permanent deactivation.

Finally, in regards to sharing of computers or IPs or having more than one account in a household, please note that these are all fine and within the terms of use of Swagbucks. It is also not allowed for one member to make extra accounts for family members and continue to help operate them part of the time or all of the time. Each member can only create one account and operate only one account. Nobody should share accounts with other members, not even family members. Consider it like any other private account that is for your use only.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you have a fun, earning-filled and safe Swagbucks experience. Thanks!