In 2008

The 2008 Summer Olympics took place in Beijing, China

The first film in the Twilight Saga was released in theaters

Barack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the United States

Beyoncé and Jay-Z got married

Facebook reached a significant milestone by surpassing 100 million active users

And Swagbucks was founded!

It’s our Sweet 16th birthday on February 25th and we’re celebrating with an 80s themed Sweet 16 SWAGO board and a Spin & Win Wheel! 

Swago is just like BINGO, only better and we think, more rewarding. Instead of waiting for us to call out the next number, you place your “chips” where you want them to go.

Each Square of your Swago Board is filled with different Swagbucks activities. Once you complete the requirements of a particular activity the corresponding square will change colors, signifying it’s been completed!

Once you complete a pattern you can choose to submit your board for the bonus SB associated with that pattern or work your way towards completing your full board and taking home an extra 1,600 SB!

Keep in mind, you can only submit your board one time. So make sure you’ve maxed out your earning potential before you click that submit button.

The next Swago Board starts at 8am PT/11am ET on Monday, February 19th. You’ll have until 11:59 PM PT on Monday, February 26th to submit your board and you must use all your spins by 11:59pm PT on Tuesday, February 27th. You can pre-register today.

Interact with your fellow Swaggernauts and learn about tips & tricks to help you finish your Swago board in our Swago Forum!

We’re bringing back our Spin & Win feature for this special birthday Swago board!

Here’s everything you can expect to find on this our Birthday Spin & Win wheel:

For those that are not familiar with our Spin & Win Wheel: Submitting a Swago board pattern and completing certain Swago squares will give you anywhere from 1- 80 spins on our Spin & Win Wheel! You will have until 11:59pm PT on Tuesday, February 27th to use your spins.

1 SB, 2 SB and 16 SB Bonus

Land on one of these slices and you’ll receive either 1 SB, 2 SB or 16 SB instantly! 

1,600 SB Bonus

Land on this slice and you’ll instantly win 1,600 SB!

10 SB Bonus – Complete A Survey

Complete any Desktop/Mobile Survey and receive a 10 SB bonus!  You have 2 days to use this once it is issued to your account.

25 SB Bonus – Complete A Survey

Complete any Desktop/Mobile Survey and receive a 25 SB bonus!  You have 2 days to this once it is issued to your account.

Free Swagstakes Entry

Instantly get 1 FREE entry into our 16,000 SB Giveaway when you land on this slice. 

Free Daily Trivia Live Rejoin

Get a FREE Daily Trivia LIVE rejoin! You have 4 days to use this once it is issued to your account.

25 SB Bonus – Earn SB From Play 

50 SB Bonus – Earn SB From Play

15 SB Bonus when you upload a Receipt

25 SB Bonus when you Upload Receipt With Premium Deal

50 SB Bonus when you Upload Receipt With Premium Deal

If you have any questions about how the Swago Board works, put them in the comments below. The board goes live at 8am PT/11am ET Monday, February 19th.

Here are some other ways we are celebrating our Sweet 16:

MyGiftCardsPlus Birthday Bonus: The more you spend, the more you earn! From February 19th – February 26th, earn a bonus from MyGiftCardsPlus. Spend $25 and get 50 SB, spend $100 and get 150 SB or spend $300 and get 500 SB.

Sweet 16 Collector’s Bills: Starting February 19th – February 26th, search to find our special birthday edition Collector’s Bills. Find all 6 and earn a 20 SB bonus! You might recognize some of the friendly familiar faces on the Collector’s Bills who are turning out to celebrate our Sweet 16!

Birthday Cash Back Event: Shop over 40 stores with up to 16% Cash Back! Earn more from top stores like: IHG, Nike, Adidas, Samsung, HSN, QVC, The Home Depot & more from February 19th – February 26th.

Swag Code Extravaganza – We’ll release 6 Swag Codes on February 21st starting at 7am PT/11am ET. Redeem all of the Swag Codes to earn a total of 40 SB!

Daily Trivia Live: It’s 80’s Week at Daily Trivia Live! Games start at 5pm PT/8pm ET, and each day we’ve got a different theme:

Monday 2/19 – 80’s People

Tuesday 2/20  – 80’s TV

Wednesday 2/21 – 80’s Music

Thursday 2/23: Three consecutive 80’s movies games in a row! We’ll start the next game as soon as the previous game has ended so try your best to stick around! The prizes get bigger with each game!

Game 1: $1,000 Prize

Game 2: $2,000 Prize

Game 3: $3,000 Prize

Get 3 Free Rejoins for each game you play!

16 lucky Swaggernauts who win and claim at least 1 SB each game will be selected to win 100 SB!

We can’t wait to celebrate our SWEET 16 with you all!