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Swagbucks Snowball Fight

Frosty Rewards
The chill in the air and the gentle drifting of snowflakes means one thing...

Welcome to the first ever Swagbucks Snowball fight, where team Let It Swag takes on Jingle Bucks in a challenge to see which team can complete the most wins from SBTV (1 pt; mobile not incl.), Search (2 pt), Tasks (3 pts), Trusted Surveys (4 pts) and Special Offers/Daily Deals (5 pts) from December 8th - December 21st. Outscore the other team and every member of your team that does at least one of the activities gets a bonus of 25 SB! The runner up team's bonus will be 10 SB. The member with the most overall points from each team will earn a bonus of 100 SB. Game On!
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