Where can I find these Swag Codes?

Swag Codes can appear anywhere and at any time. Familiar places to find Swag Codes are SwagButton, Swagbucks Mobile App, social media and Swagbucks Daily Trivia.

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Install the SwagButton to your browser to get notifications when Swag Codes are live. Increase your chances of finding these codes every day.

The SwagButton is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge on PC. After installing it, you can click on the "Check Now" button inside the "Swag Code" tab, which will alert you if there's an active code. There are push notifications as additional Swag Codes become available as you browse the web.

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Swagbucks Mobile App

Download our Android or iOS Mobile Apps to receive Push Notifications, when there is an active code.

These alerts will tell you where to find a Swag Code. They might direct you to visit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the blog. These are your not-so-subtle clues as to where the code is. The code might also appear on a Shop page or in the description of a Swagstakes.

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Swagbucks Mobile App

Social Media

Follow Swagbucks on social media and get Swag Code alerts when codes are live on Swagbucks.

When the Swag Code goes live, a post on Facebook will either include the Swag Code or direct you where to go. There is also a feature on Facebook to turn on notifications for specific pages.

Social Media

Swagbucks Daily Trivia

Play our Swagbucks Daily Trivia trivia game on your mobile device and get a Swag Code at the end of the game.

Test your knowledge on history, science, and pop culture while earning extra SB. Make it through the end of the game, and we will share the Swag Code with the featured deal of the day.

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Swagbucks Daily Trivia

How do I redeem Swag Codes for SB?

Simply copy and paste your Swag Code into these three popular areas: The Swag Code box, the Swagbucks Mobile App, and the SwagButton extension.

Swag Code Box

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SwagButton Extension

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Swagbucks Mobile App

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What are the different types of Swag Codes?

Static Codes

These codes are universal, so they are redeemable by any member and are easy to share. Static codes are easy to find, but they usually give you less SB.

Stealth Swag Codes

Unlike Static Swag Codes, these cannot be shared because every user gets a personalized Swag Code. Stealth Swag Codes are one-time use unique Swag Codes. They look a little longer than regular Swag Codes, but they are just as rewarding.

Linked Swag Codes

Sometimes, we will release two linked Swag Codes at the same time. That means you will only be able to redeem one of the two Swag Codes. Just think of it as a fun little poll.

FAQ & Tips

  • To help get everyone involved in collecting these codes, we're spreading the love to different times of the day. Swag Codes can go live anytime between 7 am PT/10 am ET and 5 pm PT/8 pm ET. Make sure you have your notifications set up, so you don't miss out on a Swag Code!

  • Well, every Monday, we will release a Swag Code that is only redeemable through the Swagbucks Mobile App. On Thursdays, the Swag Code will be redeemable through the SwagButton only. Make sure you download the Swagbucks Mobile App and install the SwagButton.

  • Every Tuesday, Swagbucks hosts a trivia game called iSpy Search on Twitter @swagbucks. For those of you who don't have a Twitter account, don't worry! The Swagbucks Twitter account is public, which means you can see everything we post without an account. Every 2 hours starting at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT, a clue is tweeted out, the answer is a Swag Code. You will have to be quick, though, because the iSpy Search answers only have a limited number of redemptions!

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