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Swag Codes

The Swag Codes™ program hides messages or specific strings of text throughout Swagbucks.com, which can then be found by its members to redeem for Swag Buck rewards.
Swag Codes can appear anywhere, and at any time, throughout the Swag Bucks network.

Here is a list of strategies you can use to maximize your odds of finding Swag Codes.
Places to Get Swag Codes
  • The Blog
    Updated several times a day, the blog is a frequent destination for Swag Codes sleuths. Learn more
  • Twitter
    140 characters have never been this rewarding! Learn more
  • The Toolbar
    Bring Swagbucks.com with you as you surf the web, and find rewarding messages "From TSG". Learn more
  • Facebook
    You don't get so many friends without releasing a few Swag Codes. Learn more
Where to Redeem Swag Codes
  • Swag Bucks Home Page
  • Swag Bucks Account Page