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How to save money at HTC Phone

​HTC was founded in 1997 in New Taipei, Taiwan. They were focused initially on notebook computers and manufactured some of the first handheld wireless devices in 1998. They merged into smartphones under the name Qtek in 2004 before rebranding as HTC. Apple and Samsung buried them for a while, but they’re determined to make a strong comeback with a new lineup of cutting-edge tech solutions with the help of Vive and Exodus.

​Everyone wants the newest, shiniest tech device, but the price tags can put a damper on those dreams in a flash. Swagbucks can help when you use available HTC Phone coupons to save money. Combine those with current HTC Phone deals to give your finances a little wiggle room. Sign up for the HTC newsletter to get product updates, deal and sale notifications, and discounts on HTC merchandise. HTC has even been known to send a one-time $50 coupon for use on a current or future order. Plus, you'll earn $15 cash back on whatever you buy. You can also take advantage of a free 14-day trial on the newest VR experience via Viveport. Most items include free Standard shipping, but lower-priced items may require shipping fees even in the US.

​Discover new devices that are sure to take a bite out of Apple and make HTC serious competition once again. Shop for HTC’s 5G hub to keep your life balanced at home, work, and on the go. Check out their new line of U11 and U12 smartphones. Become a Bitcoin pro and handle all your cryptocurrency needs with Exodus. And get your VR fix taken care of by diving into Vive and Viveport for the hardware and accessories your gaming needs.

Does HTC Phone offer student, senior citizen, or military discounts?

​No. HTC Phone doesn't offer discounts for military personnel, seniors, or students. Those groups can still save money, however, by using active HTC Phone coupon codes.

Where do I enter an HTC Phone promo code on htc.com?

​Apply your HTC Phone promo code to the promo code field during checkout.

Does HTC guarantee its products?

HTC and Vive products bought on the website have their own specific warranties. Visit the website warranty page to download the warranty for your specific items.

What is HTC Phone’s return policy?

​Customers have 30 days from the order’s shipping date to request a refund. Customer service must be contacted to request a replacement.

What shipping methods and details apply to HTC Phone orders?

​HTC Phone offers free shipping throughout the US on most items, but nominal shipping fees do occur. Expedited options are also available during checkout.

What payment methods does HTC Phone accept?

​HTC Phone accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal.

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