Swag Wars

Swag Wars Team Challenge

Nice job Swagawans! We’d like to congratulate the Luke Swagwalker, who are now officially the Guardians of Free Gift Cards throughout the entire Swagiverse.

Thanks to everyone that participated! Your enthusiasm and camaraderie was incredible. We could feel it in Swag and is what we love the most about each challenge. Keeping using the Swag to earn, and we’ll see you soon.

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Purchase a Gift Card at MyGiftCardsPlus and you'll contribute 75 pts to your team!


Complete a survey on your desktop and you'll contribute 35 pts to your team!


Earn SB when you complete a discover activity and you'll contribute 20 pts to your team!


Earn SB when you watch entertaining videos from Watch or nCrave and you'll contribute 15 pts to your team!


Visit our featured stores and contribute 5 points per store you visit, up to 10 stores!


Earn SB from Watch on the Swagbucks App or Swagbucks TV App and you'll contribute 10 pts to your team!


Earn SB from Discover on the Swagbucks App and you'll contribute 10 pts to your team!


Earn SB from Search and you'll contribute 8 pts to your team!


Redeem your daily Swag Code through the SwagButton or the Swagbucks Mobile App to Contribute 5 pts to your team!

Swag Codes