Shopping apps can help you save money and earn cash back as you shop. There are apps for online shopping and for those who prefer to shop in store. The best shopping apps are simple and easy to use and make finding and applying the best deals quick and easy.

What To Look For in a Shopping App

There are a wide variety of apps from which you can choose. It’s important to choose one that suits your needs and helps you get the best deals. Some have extensive features, while others keep it simple.

You’ll probably want to choose a free app. There are many free apps available, so if you’re choosing one that you need to pay for, make sure you’re getting good value for your money.

Mobile shopping apps offer an impressive variety of features and perks, so choose one where you can make the best savings and maybe even earn a little cash back as you do your shopping.


Swagbucks is an excellent all-in-one rewards site. This is more than just a shopping app, but it offers all the usual perks you would expect from a shopping app. You’ll have access to coupons, discount codes and shopping discounts. The selection is really impressive, so you’re likely to find discounts for your favorite online and local stores in one convenient location.

This app makes saving convenient by keeping everything in one easy location. When you shop online using the browser extension, it’ll find and apply the best discounts and coupons for you. That makes online shopping a whole lot cheaper and more convenient.

Apart from the great savings, this shopping app also offers some great ways to earn cash back. Earn points for completing simple tasks like shopping, watching videos, taking surveys, uploading receipts and much more. 

You can turn any points you earn into cash rewards. Some of the most popular ways to use your points include buying gift cards, transferring them to PayPal, or using them to buy sweepstakes entries.


If saving for college is important to you, then Upromise is a shopping app you need to know about. Upromise lets you earn points toward college funds as you go about your daily life. Earn points when you do your grocery shopping, dine out and complete simple tasks.

Transfer your points into a 529 account and add to your college savings with almost no effort. Upromise is the ideal shopping app for parents and grandparents who want to start saving for college without any stress. 

Apart from all the points, Upromise users also have access to a variety of coupons and discounts at participating stores.


This popular shopping app keeps things simple. It doesn’t have all the features of some more extensive rewards sites. Tada is a no-frills website that’s all about finding the best prices. It offers great deals, coupons and cash back on your everyday shopping. It’s a great way to start saving money at the grocery store.

If you’re looking for a simple app that can help you save on your groceries, then you should definitely consider Tada. It’s quick and easy to sign up. Participating stores include The Home Depot, Target, Walmart and Amazon, so you’re sure to find great deals on most items.


InboxDollars is a shopping app that lets you earn points and cash rewards for completing simple tasks. The app also offers some great coupon codes and discounts.

Earn points for completing tasks like watching videos, taking surveys, searching for things online, and shopping. The tasks are simple and the rewards add up.

You can cash out points in a variety of ways. PayPal, gift cards, and prepaid Visa cards are all popular ways to cash out points on the app.


Earn points when you shop at some of your favorite stores. MyPoints offers cash back when users shop at qualifying stores. Simply shop, upload your receipts and earn points. Their list contains over 2,000 stores, including Amazon, Walmart, and The Home Depot, so you’re likely to find all the stores and products you need.

Cashing out your points is quick and simple. Earn gift cards, cash out into PayPal or get a preloaded Visa card.

Just Give It a Try

Reading about the various apps and all their features can be overwhelming. The best way to start is, well, just to start! Get the app, sign up and start clicking around. Most apps are user-friendly, and you’ll quickly get the hang of how they work. Don’t put it off — you could be saving already.

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