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The Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale is coming, and you need to be ready. While you can’t find out the exact dates or length of the sale until just before it begins, being prepped ahead of time is your best chance at cashing in on some serious limited-time deals. 

Here’s how: First, you’re going to gather all the coupons you can before the start of the sale. You can sign up for the mailing list to receive coupons (and exact sale dates) straight to your inbox. Then, plan your purchases to combine the savings (that’s right, combine them) to build the best deal possible on the items you need.

Here’s how to make the most of the already incredible deals during the next sale:

Use Your Coupons on Top of Already Incredible Deals to Walk Away from a Retail Winner

Here’s a secret for you: Bath and Body Works’ semi-annual sale already slashes prices to give you unheard-of deals on their most beautiful Single-Wick Candles or 3-Wick Candles, 24-Hour Moisture Body Lotions, Fine Fragrance Mists, room sprays and all the other scrumptious-smellies you need for your home. But the deals don’t end there. You can actually use coupons during the sale to walk away with even more swag for your money.

For instance, Bath and Body Works had a promo granting $10 off super-popular 3-Wick candles in November. If that coupon were available during the sale, when prices on 3-Wick candles have been known to drop to $15.99. You could apply the promo and get those babies for $5.99! You get the idea – use currently applicable coupons during the Semi-Annual sale to really save!

Coupons that are applicable during the sale will be mailed out to subscribers in advance, so be ready! Check all the rules and regulations on your coupons on coupon codes, then start filling that e-cart with top offers.

Remember, you can browse the already unheard-of prices during the Semi-Annual Sale, then apply a coupon to the purchase. For example, you can use a buy one get one coupon on the already low sale price, then use a $10 off a $30 order to save even more! Now that you’re beginning to understand, you can start planning your gift ideas for the next six months, based on the truckload of merch you’re going to bag at this sale.

Price Adjust Certain Purchases to Take Advantage of Sale Prices

Nothing is worse than making a purchase at full price, only to see it go on sale a couple of days later. But you won’t have to worry about that leading up to this sale.

If you buy something at full price just days before the price drops for a big sale, your purchase might be eligible for price adjustment. Translate: you get a refund for the extra cash you spent so it’s like you snagged the deal in the first place.

So say you bought one of Bath and Body Works’ Foaming Hand Soaps for $6.50 on a regular old day. Then, the next day they went on sale for $2 each (which they did in August). You could be eligible to get a rebate for the $4.50!

Bath and Body Works offers price adjustments through their customer service line, or, for items bought at physical stores, in-person. All you have to do is bring the original proof of purchase and ask for the adjustment up to 14 days after purchase, and the savings are yours.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

Seasoned bargain hunters will know that free shipping is the holy grail of online shopping: it’s the ultimate prize that every shopper seeks. At Bath and Body Works, it is possible, but only for the savvy.

Ordinarily, $5.99 standard shipping is offered on orders over $10, with an additional $4.00 shipping surcharge added to orders totaling $10 or less. However, free shipping promotions crop up now and again, and email list subscribers can be ready when they do. So if you’re buying smaller items like Wallflowers Fragrance Refills, which coast you a meager $3.50 apiece, or Pocketbac Hand Sanitizers, which only put you back $7 for a pack of 5, you can still take advantage of free shipping with the right coupon! Smell on!

If there doesn’t happen to be a free shipping promotion, have no fear! If you get a free shipping coupon, it can be applied (remember, even on top of other body works coupons and deals) during the Semi-Annual Sale.

More Ways to Save:

Become a Bath and Body Works Rewards Member

Rewards members with Bath and Body Works can receive points for every purchase they make. During the Semi-Annual Sale, you can earn your rewards, even for select body care items you buy at a big discount, increasing the value of every purchase!

Rewards membership points can be used toward a free product, valued up to $16.50! That means you could snag an Aromatherapy Body Lotion, a value of $13.50, for free!

Just made a purchase without a membership? No problem! You can realize the discounts if you sign up for the rewards program up to 72 hours after your purchase.

Use Multiple Promo Codes for Multiple Purchases

Coupon stacking, or combining deals to realize even more savings on your favorite goodies, is generally a no-no in the retail world. According to the Bath and Body Works website you can only use one promo code per purchase. They do give you a loophole though. In order to use multiple promo codes, simply break your cart’s contents up into several purchases. Use one promo code for a discount on each individual purchase.

Once again, check your coupon’s fine print for details. If your coupon expired just a day or two before or after a sale, it’s possible it could still be used during the sale on top of sale prices. Bath and Body Works is said to offer a three-day grace period on coupons. So if you missed out, give it a shot!

Get ready, get set!
There you have it: Five ways to save big during the Bath and Body Works upcoming semi-annual sale. Another pro tip: Drop by Swagbucks to find and apply useful coupons on all your upcoming online shopping sprees, plus, earn some extra cash to spend by completing online surveys. Get ready to smell the delicious deals!

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