By: Andrew Robinson | September 12, 2019

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The popularity of work from home jobs keeps rising as more and more industries allow workers the option of telecommuting. The so-called ‘gig economy’ allows more people to access jobs from home than ever before. Aside from the non-existent commute, the main benefit of work from home jobs is the flexibility they offer. Imagine being able to work on your schedule, putting in the hours whenever they happen to fit your busy life. 

Often, work at home opportunities are ones we turn to when looking for part-time work or just a side hustle that will help pay the bills and provide a bit of fun extra money. Whether you’re looking for remote jobs or virtual assistant roles at top companies, or plan on being creating your own business, there are thousands of jobs from home. From entry-level online data entry jobs and transcriptionist opportunities to working for Amazon, customer service representative positions, or paid online survey takers, the internet provides countless options to try to work from home as a side gig, no experience required.

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Work from hone so that you can spend time with family

Ways You Can Work from Home in Your Spare Time

Whether you’re looking for part-time, full-time, or just occasional flex jobs, finding opportunities that are hiring now and allow you to start work immediately is vital for those looking to fill a hole in your budget. There are hundreds of startups looking to put you to work today as a delivery driver, secret shopper, grocery buyer, e-scooter charger, and more. Finding job listings where you can be home-based and start immediately are a bit harder to find. Call center, customer support jobs, SEO manager, and social media manager roles often require extensive training and/or previous experience. At a minimum, many work at home jobs will need an internet connection. 

While the best online job posting sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn will provide more formal listings of openings at top companies, finding opportunities that are hiring immediately often requires thinking more broadly about the kinds of jobs you can do from home. 

1. Freelancing Careers

Freelancer job opportunities exist on e-commerce sites like Fiverr and UpWork. It’s a great place to find new clients to run and grow your own freelance business. You have the freedom to choose projects that interest you and get paid at the rate that you’d want to make. Many of the job postings require previous experience, but with more work samples and good reviews, you’ll be able to earn more for every assignment. With freelancing in the digital era, you have the flexibility to control when, where, and how you work. 

2. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistants, also known as VAs, are generally professional assistants that work remotely from a home office. There are VAs for every task imaginable, from administrative, technical to creative projects. Virtual assistants are highly in demand by single entrepreneurs and small online businesses that are not large enough to hire a formal employee. You can get started with sites like VAnetworking, Peopleperhour, and Zirtual.

3. Selling Items Online

If you can create a handmade item, we’d recommend that you check out Etsy to peddle your expertise and crafting skills directly to consumers. You’ll be getting paid instantly for every item you sell. You can also consider selling on eBay, Amazon, or locally on sites like Craigslist.

Dropshipping is another booming industry of e-commerce. Dropshippers don’t keep stock or own inventory; instead, they purchase the product as needed. Even shipping to customer is a responsibility of a third-party vendor. There is little overhead to dropshipping, and because you don’t need warehouse space, it can be a business that runs anywhere. Shopify has an intensive guide on how to start a dropshipping business. 

4. Start Blogging 

Another option to start working from home immediately is to get into freelance writing or become a blogger that gets into affiliate marketing. With a highly engaged audience, you can make a great living from your living room by blogging about your life and linking to other sites that might pay you for the traffic you send them. Earn even more by becoming a freelance writer and syndicating your blog content on other websites, where you will get paid from $150 to $750 for every article they accept.

5. App and Website Tester

With sites like Usertesting, Testerwork, Userbrain, you can earn money testing apps and websites. Users will typically perform a required task on the app or site and share their thoughts in real-time. Those that can continuously narrate their actions and the opinions behind them will find this job easy. Companies are looking for users that can provide useful comments to improve their experience. These test can vary from a payout of $3 to $60. If you’re an experienced user tester with QA experience, you could make even more money from reporting bugs. 

6. Paid Online Surveys and Reviews

Surveys are a great work from home jobs and side hustles for stay at home moms. While working from home can suit any lifestyle, moms and other caretakers need a level of flexibility that traditional office jobs often can’t provide. Being available for an infant on demand, or being able to change schedules to meet the needs of kids’ playdates and sports practice is as important as what the hourly rate is of any job. What’s more, the ‘gig economy’ revolution that brought us flexible work options Uber and DoorDash often leave out stay-at-home moms that aren’t able to run around town delivering things. 

Online rewards sites like Swagbucks, MyPoints, and others, are often referred to as the ‘gig economy solution for the stay-at-home mom’ because of their ability to unlock on-demand earning opportunities from your couch. 

Working at home by teaching remotely

7. Online Teaching

Whether you have a skill that you want to teach on skillshare of teachable or if you’re looking for a structured recurring career teaching on teachaway or VIPkid, there are many opportunities online. Education has moved online, and students are getting more comfortable from learning anywhere. There are options to record a single video for download or to do live instruction with students in real-time. 

8. Data Entry Jobs

Scribe, workingsolutions, clickworker, and capital typing are some of the reputable data entry jobs available on the internet. There are positions for transcribing, research, cleaning data, and other microtasks. We would recommend always to be wary of work-at-home ads. Do not ever pay for kits or software and generally data entry doesn’t pay as much so avoid any posting that promises large payouts. Amazon’s Mturk job posting has plenty of these suspicious job offers.

3 Reasons Amazon Data Entry Jobs Aren’t Worth It

There’s a lot of misleading content on the internet about schemes to make up to $7000/mo doing data entry work for Amazon. While Amazon does offer a wide array of remote and virtual positions as part of their workforce, these are often for highly specialized and competitive roles that require years of experience. Keep these three things in mind if you’re interested in data entry roles from Amazon:

Most of the jobs are fake:

There are also hundreds of impostors trying to scam you into giving up valuable information by pretending they are working on behalf of Amazon. Remember to always do your research before applying to anything, and if something sounds too good to be true, it likely is. At the very least, you should never have to pay to access job listings or applications. Any sites that ask you for money in order to show you Amazon Data Entry Jobs are scamming you. 

Amazon MTurk Will Bore You To Death

Amazon MTurk Will Bore You To Death: Many articles that advertise ‘Amazon Data Entry Jobs’ are actually referring to Amazon’s MTurk site, where users can complete menial tasks, called Hits, for small amounts of Amazon credits or cash. Note that you aren’t working for Amazon in this scenario, but instead are helping to complete someone else’s data entry project – Amazon is just serving as the marketplace. While you might find exaggerated claims of people’s income on MTurk, most find the experience dull, repetitive, and low paying. Imagine being stuck in an endless loop of answering those “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA quizzes, earning a penny for every ten you get right. Not my ideal Saturday afternoon, that’s for sure. Trustpilot reviewers rate their MTurk experience as 3.7 out of ten

More Ways to Make Money:

There are better options for making money online

If data entry sounds appealing, why not consider taking online paid surveys instead of hunting for an Amazon job? A quick google search for “paid surveys” brings up so many opportunities to answer a few simple questions and get paid for giving your honest opinion, rather than transcribing spreadsheets or solve computer riddles like traditional data entry jobs. What’s more, legit paid survey sites pay significantly better than menial data entry roles, so you’ll be more rewarded for your time with this route. 

Virtual Assistant Working Happily at home

How to Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs That Really Pay

The internet is full of scams, no more so when promises of money are involved. It’s essential always to be vigilant and avoid sharing your personal information to any site for the first time. That said, there really are plenty of legitimate online sites that really do pay you cash for your time, effort, and energy. Do your homework, read reviews, and ask around to make sure that any company you decide to help is well established with a solid reputation. Not that for many work from home gigs, your earnings will classify you as an independent contractor and very few opportunities that come with benefits, so there are additional tax hurdles to consider. A few simple rules will help you stay out of trouble. When looking for work at home opportunities, there are a few that you should never accept:

  • Pyramid schemes/multi-level marketing programs
  • Anything involving wiring funds or cashing checks
  • Envelope stuffing and home assembly kits are never what they seem
  • Stock trading systems are more likely than not to be legally suspect

Last, never pay for opportunities. Remember that you’re trying to make money, not lose it. Anyone asking for your credit card or bank details upfront is just trying to take you for a ride.

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