If you have ever bought something online, you know how difficult it can be to know if it will exactly what you want. The size could be off. The color may not be exactly right. Shoppers return items they have purchased online at a rate of between 15 and 40%.

Amazon returns centers have processed nearly $207 billion in returned items. Many of these items were being dumped rather than resold or even donated to charities at one time but that has changed now.

Part of the change is the free returns program at Kohl stores across the US. With the exception of Anchorage, Alaska, you can return eligible Amazon items at Kohl’s stores for free.

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How do you make an Amazon return at Kohl’s?

To take advantage of the Amazon returns program at Kohl’s stores you will need access to your Amazon account, a Smartphone, and the location of the Kohl’s store that is most convenient to you.

  1. Go to the Amazon account that you made the purchase from and tap or lick on Your Orders
  2. Select the item(s) that you want to return, thee select the drop-off location.
  3. Choose how the refund should be processed at this time.
  4. Amazon will send a QR code to the email address associated with the account.

That’s it. Now you’re all set to take your items to the Kohl’s store and show the QR code that has been provided to you. The Kohl’s employee will take the item to process.

Kohl’s return service will include packing, labeling, and shipping the item completely free to the customers.

Why does Kohl’s take Amazon returns?

It may seem confusing that a store like Kohl’s would take part in the return process for Amazon since the latter has been siphoning off business from brick and mortar retail stores. But there are several reasons that it makes sense and benefits everybody.

Kohl’s Benefits

Kohl’s is a nearly 60-year-old business. Some stores are struggling especially in areas where the economy dipped and then failed to rally. Adding the free return option to their stores helps by:

  • Boosting the in-store traffic. As customers come in to complete a return, they may look around to replace items since they are already there.
  • Being mentioned on the Amazon website reminds possible shoppers that they have not been to Kohl’s in a long time.

Amazon Benefits

While returned items may cost billions, the new options for making returns at Kohl’s helps divert more merchandise from getting dumped. This arrangements benefits Amazon, Kohl’s, and the environment.

But, Amazon also sees additional benefits from this arrangement.

  • It is no secret that Amazon wants to have a more physical presence and might even be looking to open stores of some kind.
  • It is a long-standing rumor that Amazon might partner with or even buy out Kohl’s outright or the huge company may only buy the more struggling stores for rebranding.

The Customer Benefits

Usually, companies draw all of the benefits and the customers are left out. In this case, there are actually benefits for Amazon customers.

  • Because the returns are free, they have more money to possibly go shopping with while in the store.
  • Kohl’s handles the return services so there is no need to find a box or label. Customers do not even have to pack their items.
  • Customers do not have to have the original package, print a label, or do anything other than show their code when they bring the item in for return.
  • Customers get a Kohl’s coupon for 20% to 25% off their in-store purchase at Kohl’s the day they make their Amazon return.

What Amazon items are eligible for Return at Kohl’s?

Almost all items that are purchased on Amazon are eligible for free returns at Kohl’s. If there is an issue with the possible return, you will be notified by email.

  • Items purchased from third-party sellers may not be eligible for return.
  • Some items may also be labeled as final sale.
  • Some items may only be returned by alternate Amazon return options. This will be explained in a follow-up email.

Is Kohl’s still taking Amazon returns?

Yes! You can bring your items to any Kohl’s location excluding Anchorage, Alaska. Initiate or start the return process online or in the app. Just go into your account settings.

Step by step, you’ll be guided through the return and you can select the option to make a return at a Kohl’s store.

Not all items are eligible for a Kohl’s store return: items purchased from some third-party sellers may not be returned there.

Why is Kohl’s not an option for my Amazon return?

There are several reasons that you may not be able to make a return to a nearby Kohl’s store.

  • You live in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • The item is from a third-party seller.
  • The item is restricted to specific return options only.

Can you use Amazon gift cards at Kohl’s?

No, you cannot use an Amazon gift card at Kohl’s stores or on the Kohl’s website. You can purchase these gift cards in several denominations, though.

Can you use Kohl’s gift cards on Amazon?

No, you cannot use the Kohl’s gift card for Amazon purchases. You are able to purchase Kohl’s gift cards on the Amazon website to make purchases in Kohl’s stores and online.

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