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So you want to earn gift cards to your favorite stores, restaurants, airlines, streaming, and subscription services?

You can when you take online surveys on Swagbucks. Earn Swagbucks points or SB for sharing your opinions. Redeem your SB for free gift cards to your favorite places. Cash out your points for one large gift card to your favorite store, or go for a handful of smaller gift cards to even more stores. It's all up to you.

At Swagbucks, we're good at handing out rewards. So good at it that we've paid over $650 million in free gift cards to members since 2008. With 100's of gift cards available, you can find the perfect one for you.

Check out how easy it is for you to take online surveys for gift cards.

How Do You Earn Gift Cards?

Start earning gift cards for taking online surveys in just a few easy steps.

  1. Create a free Swagbucks account to join our community. Just set a login and password.
  2. Tell us a little bit about yourself. We'll ask you a few questions, like name, age, and other details so we can match you to online surveys. The more details you give us, the more paid surveys we can find you.
  3. Check out the Answers page to see the available online surveys we have. You'll see the survey payout or reward amount and the estimated time it takes to complete. Pick a survey.
  4. Take the online survey and answer all the questions.

That's it. After you finish the survey, your earnings will be credited within a couple of minutes.

You will need to answer some preliminary questions to make sure you qualify for the survey. Not every survey will be a match. But don't worry, even if you are disqualified, Swagbucks will still pay you a small reward to thank you for your time. Just take your time and give your honest feedback.

Millions of people earn free gift cards every day for taking paid online surveys on Swagbucks.

And unlike other sites that make you wait until you get $20, $30, or $50 or more in earnings, you can withdraw your earnings on Swagbucks once you reach at least $3. Swagbucks makes it easier than any other paid survey site to make money and cash out your rewards.

Reward options include gift cards to popular stores, prepaid Visa cards, PayPal, or even a check in the mail.

In addition to surveys, you can also earn gift cards for watching videos, playing games, daily polls, live trivia, cash back shopping, scanning receipts, printing free grocery coupons, using grocery coupons, trying new products and services, claiming freebies, and searching the web.

How Long Does It Take to Earn Gift Cards?

We make it super easy for you to earn gift cards - and even easier to get your rewards and spend them.

  1. Redeem your earnings. Select "Redeem your SB".
  2. Select the reward option you want.
  3. Wait 1-3 business days for us to process your request.
  4. Sit back and wait for your gift card to show up in your inbox.

Easy. Peasy. Once your gift card is ready, we'll send you an email. It may take a day or so longer to redeem your first reward (we have to verify your account). But you can usually get your rewards within a few days. And yes. Please do spend it all in one place.

Get Free Gift Cards

10 Insider Tips To Earn Free Gift Cards Fast

Thousands of members earn $1,000 a year or more taking online surveys. Some even pass the $10,000 mark.

Ready to get your share of the pie and earn gift cards for taking surveys?

Here are a few survey taking tips to set you up for success. These tips will help you rapidly build your earnings so those SB add up quickly. You'll be requesting your first payment in no time.

Be Consistent

Make sure you answer survey questions consistently. As you answer survey questions, you build up your online survey taking profile. The richer and fuller your profile, the easier it is for Swagbucks to find you more surveys and surveys that are the right fit.

If you answer survey questions inconsistently (to try and qualify for as many surveys as possible), it will be hard for you to get any surveys.

For example, if you say you're a 34-year-old White mom in one survey, but say you're a 58-year-old Hispanic man in another, you're going to confuse our survey algorithm. We won't know how to find the right surveys for you.

Answer questions honestly and consistently. We need survey takers of all ethnic backgrounds, ages, and income levels.

The more consistent information you provide, the easier it's going to be for us to find you surveys and for you to earn free gift cards.

Be Persistent

If you want to make lots of money and gift cards for surveys, you're going to need to be persistent.

If you want to earn a $100 gift card, you'll need to keep at it. Earn just a few dollars a day, that's one hundred dollars in just a month.

You'll need to make it a point to log in often. We recommend logging in everyday - for at least the first couple weeks - so that you can make Swagbucks a habit.

And if you want to reach that $100 or other magical mark even faster, take advantage of all the other ways to earn money on Swagbucks, too. Earn gift cards for cash back shopping rebates, using coupons, trying free samples, and more.

Make Sure to Watch Netflix and Take Surveys and Chill

TV or Netflix watching time is chill time. And chill time is the perfect time to make money and get yourself some free gift cards. You can even earn a free PayPal gift card to pay for your Netflix.

You're already scrolling through your phone while you watch Netflix.

Scroll through surveys and games on Swagbucks instead, and you can make money online. Earn $3 an evening while you binge watch your favorite show, and that's $100 a month.

Which means you could make $100 a month for sitting on the couch and watching TV. Swagbucks will pay you, for real, to watch Netflix and chill.

Cash in on Your Down Time

It's not all about your TV time. You have small pockets of time throughout the day - 5 minutes here or 20 minutes there.

Instead of wasting that time scrolling through Instagram or playing Candy Crush, you can get paid to kill time.

Answer a short paid survey. Watch a video clip. Or complete another short, online task on Swagbucks and get paid.

Earn a few cents here, a couple dollars there. It all adds up. Swagbucks will make your down time your time-to-earn-cash-for-me time.

You just need your smartphone and the Internet.

Use the App and Website to Take Surveys

You'll get more paid surveys and earn gift cards more quickly. Swagbucks has a mobile app, which means you can take online surveys for gift cards pretty much anywhere.

Earn gift cards for taking surveys with:

  • - on your phone or on your laptop.
  • Swagbucks app (available in iTunes and Google Play.

Most surveys can be taken in the app or on the website. However, there are some surveys that are specifically offered for only mobile or desktop users. Log on from your desktop and your phone and you'll get the most surveys available and earn gift cards even quicker.

Take Longer Surveys

Don't be afraid to take longer surveys that take 30 minutes or more - these surveys often pay the most and are easier to qualify for. Why? Because other people are scared off by the length and think it will be time consuming.

If you want to earn gift cards even quicker, go for the longer surveys.

A 60-minute survey may take 4 times longer than a shorter one, but the reward may be 8 times greater. It's definitely worth your time. Especially if you were planning on sitting back and completing as many online surveys as possible.

So go ahead. Take some of those longer surveys. They really pay. If you don't try them, you're leaving money on the table.

Go for the Low-Paying Fruit

Surveys that pay $1 to $2 or more look the juiciest, but don't forget to go for the low-paying fruit. Surveys that pay less than $0.50 might not look as enticing, but they pay just the same. Often these surveys feature fun topics and are easier to qualify for. Why? Other people skip them to try for the higher-hanging fruit.

So do it. Take at least 1-low paying survey a day. This can add up to over $100 a month.

Check Your Survey Dashboard Often

The paid survey dashboard is constantly updated. Every few minutes or so, you'll see new survey opportunities updated.

Why? Surveys have quotas. Market research companies have a set budget on what they can pay. They only need so many participants. When a survey fills up, the survey listing gets pulled. New ones get added.

Log in frequently and you'll get access to the most surveys. Earn those free Amazon gift cards and other gift card rewards even faster.

Set Earning Goals

Setting daily and monthly earning goals for taking surveys will set you up for success.

Top survey earners on Swagbucks (who've earned over $20K and reached diamond level status) all share one thing in common: they set small, daily earning goals.

Want to make $1,000 a year to pay for a vacation, Black Friday shopping spree, and Christmas and Back to School? You'll need to earn $2.74 a day. If you want $2,000, you'll need to earn $5.48.

Setting small daily goals for taking surveys is helpful because:

  • It's easier. It feels more manageable to tell yourself you want to earn $2.74 a day vs you need to sit down and earn several hundred dollars or more in a day.
  • It's more realistic. It helps you manage your expectations. Swagbucks isn't a full-time job. But you can make an extra several hundred or thousand dollars each year if you put in the time and effort.
  • It's more fun. Too much of anything is a bad thing - in a really short period of time. 1,000 cookies over a year is going to be a lot more satisfying than trying to consume them all in a day. The same thing with surveys and earning activities on Swagbucks. Pace yourself. Spread out the fun.
  • It builds the habit. To reach large reward amounts on Swagbucks, you'll need to log in several times a month or week. Many people log in daily.
  • It's so rewarding. It feels really rewarding to keep topping off your money and earning more gift cards even more quickly.

Let Your Points Accrue Over Time

It's amazing to cash out when you've banked enough to get a gift card, but it's even more amazing when you let your points build up over time.

Many people use their earnings for taking surveys as a private savings account. They wait until they need those funds. Need a $280 car repair? Cash out with PayPal. Need to pay for Christmas gifts? Cash out an Amazon gift card - or gift cards to other popular stores.

You can let your points build up over time for a larger goal and still cash out the occasional smaller gift card here and there. But it's really rewarding to let your points accrue over time so you can save for that big goal like a trip to Disney, down payment on a house, or whatever else you're dreaming of.

Earn Amazon Gift Cards and More Great Rewards

You can take surveys to earn Amazon gift cards free, but there are other great rewards you can get too.

Free Gift Cards and Other Rewards

You can also redeem your rewards to pay for your next travel adventure. Redeem your SB for gift cards to American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Airbnb,, and other travel related deals.

Get Started Taking Online Surveys for Gift Cards Today

It's easy to start earning gift cards for taking surveys: you just need an Internet device like your PC, laptop, or smartphone.

It's free to join. There are no signup or membership fees. Just sign up and create an account for free (it takes less than a minute), and start filling out online surveys.

To earn gift cards free, just fill out the online paid surveys and questionnaires and give your honest feedback. You'll help companies and brands that you care about create even better products and services - and you'll get paid for it too.

Earning gift cards for taking surveys is not only easy and lucrative, but it's a fun and rewarding thing to do too.

It's your turn. You can earn gift cards for taking paid surveys with us at Swagbucks. Sign up today and you'll get your first gift card in no time. Join Swagbucks now.

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How people have used Swagbucks to make money online.

  • "So that I can go to Disney World! So far I've earned $450 towards flights with Southwest Airlines Gift Cards, $200 towards Target gift cards (which I used to buy Disney gift cards!) and $100 in Amazon gift cards for new luggage! Now I'm trying to earn a few more Target gift cards before our trip!"

    - amcoope2
  • "To give my little boy a better life. Last year Swagbucks bought his clothes and pull-ups; this year I'm almost to the point to afford a car payment on our minivan! Thank you for making our life a bit easier, Swagbucks."

    - cldothan
  • "For my family. I live in New York City, but my grandchildren live in Rochester. Swagbucks helps pay for me to visit them every 3 weeks. I 'm also able to buy them gifts using Amazon gift cards, and help out with diapers and personal care items using CVS gift cards. I even use Target gift cards to help out with grocery shopping. Swagbucks has been a blessing and I can't live without it!"

    - Pirela
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