FinSavvy Panda is a Canadian blog about being money savvy. FinSavvy Panda helps readers make savvier choices with their money, and shares creative ways to make money online. For some time, FinSavvy Panda has shared Swagbucks with their readers.

Meet Ling Thich from Finsavvy Panda.

We wanted to sit down the blog creator, Ling, to learn more about makes her tick and how she created the FinSavvy Panda blog.

1. Hi, please tell us about yourself and Finsavvy Panda? How did you come up with it?

Hi! Thanks for having me here!

My name is Ling Thich and I am the blogger behind Finsavvy Panda – a personal finance blog where I give my readers tips on how to save, budget, and earn extra money.

While working at a 9 to 5 job several years ago, I was looking for creative ways to earn extra money from home along with some business ideas. 

I stumbled upon the term “blogging” and eventually learned that you can make money online with Pinterest by starting a blog. 

This idea intrigued me and encouraged me to learn more about Pinterest and blogging. As a result, I started a personal finance blog on the fly and called it “Finsavvy Panda” (AKA “financially” savvy panda), so I could document my financial journey and teach others how to save, invest, build wealth, and earn extra income. 

As I learned more and more about blogging, I started a series of income reports to show that earning a full-time income online is possible!

2. When did first start out blogging?

I started my first blog in November 2017 as a hobby and  side hustle. To my surprise, I was able to turn it into a full- time career in less than 2 years. That’s when I became a full-time blogger!

3. What did you do before starting your personal finance blog?

I was working at the bank as an Analyst for several years.  During that time, I was looking for ways to earn extra money so I could save, spend, and invest more towards my future. I did fun things like taking surveys with the best survey sites, flipping furniture, and crafting things to sell during my spare time after work and during the weekends. 

Overall, I was experimenting with different hobbies to have fun while trying to earn extra cash.

4. What are some easy ways for beginners who want to start earning money from home?

I know many people are intimidated by the idea of making more money due to the lack of time or motivation. So, the most important thing to do is to first change your mindset about money.

For beginners, and those of you who have 15 to 20 minutes to spare each day, a good start is to try a few paid survey sites to see how you like them. 

I remember as a university student, as far back as 2009, I used Swagbucks a lot to collect [SB] points so I could redeem them for my favorite drinks from Starbucks. 

As a student, Starbucks is very expensive, so being able to redeem Swagbucks points for free drinks at Starbucks helped me budget and save money during my studies.

The great thing about Swagbucks is they also allow you to redeem PayPal cash so you can use that money towards whatever you want. 

I still use Swagbucks today during my leisure time when I’m waiting around for my friends. It’s not uncommon for them to be late, so it’s a good way to kill some time and earn some extra cash on the side.

5. Other than surveys, how else can readers make money online?

In addition to taking paid surveys online, another great way to earn extra money is starting a profitable blog! This is one of my top recommendations if you’re looking to earn extra money or a full-time income online. Today, I am very passionate about blogging and teaching beginners how to monetize a blog. 

The online space is so fascinating because there are SO many ways you can make money from home – it’s a whole new world out there compared to the traditional day jobs. 

6. What are your best tip on being better with money?

From my personal experience, I often see that many people are extreme when it comes to saving money. You meet people who are either too much of a saver or too much of a spender.

You want to save enough so that you don’t have to worry about your future or your retirement. But at the same time, you do not want to deprive yourself from spending on things that make your life enjoyable. 

So, my best tip is to create a healthy balance between saving, making, investing, and spending money. 

To do that, you may want to consider using the “pay yourself first” method by saving a dedicated portion of your paycheck. Anything after that will take care of your expenses. Once all your necessary expenses are covered, you can splurge on whatever is leftover from your paycheck. You can spend this money however you like by treating yourself to things that make you happy. This is what they call “guilt-free” spending since you’ve already paid yourself first. 

You can also turn saving money into a daily habit by taking small steps to save some loose change here and there. I always love recommending my readers to invest in an adult piggy bank that will make saving more fun and motivational. 

Whatever you choose to do, the key is finding the right balance between saving and spending that will work best for you.

7. How do you help your readers?

Today, on the Finsavvy Panda blog, I help readers by teaching them how to create a healthy budget, save, and earn extra money. I also teach readers how to start a blog and monetize it, so they can achieve financial freedom and live life with a purpose!

8. Where can readers find you?

They can find me on my blogs:

They can also find me on Pinterest @finsavvypanda

Bio: Ling Thich graduated from university with a business degree and majored in finance. She worked in the finance and banking industry for almost 10 years before quitting her job to become a full-time blogger at Finsavvy Panda.  Outside of blogging, she enjoys music, traveling, trying new foods, exercising, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

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