Yes, it’s possible. You can get free samples from Target. We’ll go over some easy and often overlooked ways to score big from this iconic retailer.

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How do you get free samples from Target?

It’s not just people handing out nibbles and bites of products at Target stores: there are other ways to get free samples and other free stuff. Sign up for free samples on the website. Follow Target on Social to find out how to get free goodies or even be a part of the Hey Bullseye program. And when you open a Target registry, you can get even more free samples from Target.

You can also get free samples on merchandise that Target sells through rewards apps and rewards money websites like Swagbucks. You can even end up with a free Target gift card if you know what to look for.

It Pays to be a Kid at Target

If you are a little kid at a Target store, there are some freebies waiting for you! Most of the larger Target stores offer a free piece of fruit to little kids that they can eat right in the store. Most bakeries offer a free treat to kids, too. You just have to ask.

For the launch of some toys and other merchandise, Target may hold special kids-only events. The kids get to do a fun activity that is themed around the toy in question and at the end, they all get to take their toy home with them.

New parents can get free baby items, samples, and coupons when they create a baby registry at Target. They will get a welcome box with freebies, samples from various baby companies, and coupons that they can use online or in stores. Pair the coupons with the Target redcard and get free, 2-day shipping plus discounts on all of your purchases. It is free to use the Target baby registry.

Does Target do free samples?

Sometimes you may get a free sample of makeup products, beauty products, or new fragrances depending on the brand and the type of promotions they are offering at each of the retail stores.

Target also has the Target Beauty Capsule, a relaunch of the Beauty Box concept. Each capsule is around $15 and has a specific theme for the products that are found inside. Themes include glowing skin and black-owned or founded companies.

If you feel like you can give a clearly written and fair review of products, you might be a good fit for the Hey, Bullseye program. You will get to score free samples, try out the products, and then review them. Reviews do not have to be positive for every product. This is an invitation-only program with members being selected based on criteria such as previous reviews on the Target website and being active on social media.

Does Walmart still have free samples?

During the pandemic, Walmart stopped the free samples in the stores. You can get some free stuff from Walmart in the store or online, including free baby items when you create a baby gift registry.

You can still request free samples of some items from Walmart including at the deli or bakery counter. Some stores also still give free cookies to young children by request.

What stores can you get free samples from?

A lot of stores do have free samples or free bonus items when you make certain purchases. Every store has a different day where they may offer digital freebies. For example, Kroger has items that you can get for free on Fridays as part of their digital savings. You go to the Kroger website, add the free item to your loyalty card and then shop like you normally would. All of the digital deals including your free item will be marked down at the register.

Other stores where you might be able to get free samples include:

  • Whole Foods
  • Costco
  • Sephora
  • Ulta
  • Lowes

Items may vary. Some may require an action including participating in a demonstration or you may be asked to complete surveys to “earn” your free sample or item. Some stores offer free items during special holidays such as Mother’s Day or Memorial Day.

Do you get anything from Target on your birthday?

Yes, you do. If you are not already a member of the Target Circle, sign up at least 30 days before your birthday. Make sure that your birthdate information is on the account when you create it. Members will be given a 5% discount for their birthday which can be used for up to 30 days.

Your birthday discount can also be stacked with the Target Redcard discount for double the savings plus free, 2-day shipping when you order online.

Can you get free Target gift cards?

Yes, you can get free Target gift cards in a number of different ways. First, you can get a free gift card if you buy certain items. You will see the tags that let you know that this offer is available all around the store.

Another way is to use the Target Electronics trade-in program. Simply enter the information that is requested and the website will tell you how much your item is worth and what to do next. Items that can be traded in include games and consoles, smartphones, tablets, some laptops, and wearable fitness trackers.

You can get gift cards for Target and your other favorite stores by signing up for an account with Swagbucks. You earn cash or gift cards by taking surveys, playing games, and more in your spare time. You can also use Swagbucks to save money by finding all of the best discounts, coupons, and special savings. Every time that you use one of the coupon codes you earn more SB that can be used toward Paypal cash or other rewards.

Final Thoughts about Target Free Samples

Free sample boxes by mail or with in-store purchases are like getting extra money. The best freebies are the items that you have wanted to try but were afraid to. Maybe you will love it, maybe you won’t but if it was a free product, you have lost nothing.

From free beauty samples to free food samples and everything in between, there is no shame in trying to score a great deal. Free Target samples exist to get you to buy more, it is that simple. So, get free Target samples whenever you can find them and share your thoughts on the products.

Who knows, you might even get paid to help people save a little money and find even more free samples. Wouldn’t that make you feel great if your post can help people save on their next purchase?

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