Gas prices are through the roof, but there are easy things you canto get free gift cards and save money on gas. Saving money on gas isn’t as challenging as you might think. With rewards sites, credit card rewards, gas card deals, and loyalty programs, there are plenty of ways to fill your tank without breaking the bank.

Check out these great tips to get free or cheap gas.

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How can I get gas with no money?

With the ever-rising gas prices plus the cost of everything else, everyone is looking for ways to save money and to get free gas. Low-income families, who are more greatly impacted may be able to apply for gas vouchers to help them get to and from their jobs or to medical appointments, but the waiting lists are long, the applications can be confusing, and worst of all, there may be a limit to how many vouchers you can get per week or month. To apply for gas vouchers, visit your local Jobs and Family Services office.

Free Gas USA, a non-profit organization used to help provide free gas vouchers and assistance, however that program is now closed. Low-income families and others may be able to get emergency gas by contacting the local Salvation Army or the United Way. Some local churches are also trying to help out with gas cards whenever possible. Please note: if you have a more fuel-efficient vehicle or have not had to struggle to purchase gas, consider buying gas cards to donate to local assistance programs.

What apps give you free gas?

Gas Buddy is one of the best and easiest apps to use to get free gas. Not only does it tell you which gas stations have the lowest gas prices, but it can also let you know about vehicle recalls, where gas outages are, lets you log your fuel use and costs, and lets you calculate the estimated cost of your trip.

Additional apps that work the same way include:

  • GetUpside
  • Gas reward credit cards.
  • Adventure Club Account.
  • Shell Fuel Rewards.

Other apps can help you save money on gas by showing you where the best, discounted gas prices are, helping you avoid traffic jams and other obstacles that can burn up gas quickly, and show you shorter, easier routes to your destination.

Is GasBuddy safe to use?

Yes, GasBuddy is safe to use. You can earn free gas and gas discounts, make the best of your transportation costs, and learn ways to get better gas mileage on every trip. It can be used at participating gas stations around the US with about 93-95% of stations accepting the program.

You will know the gas costs for all of the local gas stations before you even get in the car so you can plan your trip to hit the right gas station at the right time. Did you know that there is a best time to buy gas?

The best day for a fill-up is a Sunday, Monday, or Friday. The worst day is a Thursday. As for the time of day, early morning or evening is best.

What is better than GasBuddy?

GasBuddy works well for millions of people but may not hit the mark for everyone. There are dozens of gas apps that help you save money or even get free gas to choose from. Remember, there is never going to be an app that works perfectly for everybody. Here are some options to consider and why they might be better than GasBuddy when it comes to saving you gas money.

  • Waze. This is a crowdsourced navigation app that lists fuel costs and helps you avoid traffic, road construction, and other obstacles.
  • Gas Guru. Like GasBuddy, Gas Guru helps reduce gas costs by pointing you to the local gas station with the lowest current price. While GasBuddy gets information from users, Gas Guru uses the official gas prices from the oil companies directly.

How many miles can you go on empty?

The question may not be how many miles can you go but rather how many miles should you go. The original gas gauge was invented in 1917 and put into use about three years later. The newer gauges with lights or alarms were first introduced in 1986. Most modern cars have some kind of warning system. Some may have an indicator that tells you how many miles until “empty”.

An empty tank is usually not fully empty. Your indicator system will warn you that you are low before you actually run out of gas. Each car and driving situation is different but you can usually go an average of 30 to 50 miles, more than enough time to get to a gas station.

Experts caution you against doing this on a regular basis and for good reason. At the bottom of your gas tank could be debris, sludge, and other nasty stuff that stays put when there is at least a half tank of gas on top of it. Once you get to where the gas light is on and your car is demanding that it be fed, you risk that debris getting pulled up by the fuel injection system. That could be catastrophic by damaging, clogging, or otherwise ruining the delicate parts of the gas supply system. Even with high gas prices, a fill-up is cheaper than replacing your engine.

Can I put water in my gas tank?

NO, DON’T PUT WATER IN YOUR GAS TANK! In bad times, people will do anything to get more mileage out of their car and may try nearly any idea to save money on gas, no matter how whacky or possibly dangerous it could be. Right now, the question of putting water in the gas tank is so common that this query has 152,000,000 results on Google. On a related note, asking about cooking oil in the gas tank has 44,200,000 results as well.

Adding water, even a small amount is not the same as getting free fuel for your car. In fact, even less than a single cup of water could destroy your car. There are ways to get free gas money, gas cards, and other financial assistance so that you do not have to try to come up with the money for very expensive repairs.

You could possibly use cooking oil but not just like that. You can’t run to your kitchen and grab the same cooking oil you were about to cook your french fries with. Because of how it is made, regular vegetable oil does not have the right consistency. If you do put it into your car, you will get a lot of smoke, plus you will likely damage parts like the oxygen sensor, the catalytic converter, and your spark plugs.

Cooking oil has to be converted and used oil has to be filtered multiple times before it is converted.

What are some other ways to get free gas or free gas cards?

If you want to get discounted car or earn free gas cards, there are several ways to do so. You can also win free gas if you happen to find sweepstakes or other contests, typically at gas stations. Tip: when a new gas station opens, they may have this type of contest to get people excited to come there. You can also google “free gas sweepstakes” and enter the ones you are eligible for.

Joining survey sites like Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars is another great way to earn gas cards. By doing surveys, watching videos, or playing games you can earn rewards like a free gift card or gas station gift cards.

Join the loyalty programs or rewards program at your local grocery store and earn reward points for discounts on gas. You will see how much you can save at the bottom of every receipt. Points are usually rewarded for every dollar spent.

Ways to Improve Gas Mileage

Even if you get free gas, discounted gas prices, and other assistance, you can still do even more by improving your car’s efficiency. Here are some tips:

  • If you can buy a quality used car that is better on gas than your current model, consider doing so.
  • Make sure to keep your tires inflated properly. Check your owner’s manual, the tires themselves, or this information might be found inside your door frame.
  • Air conditioning can reduce your car’s fuel efficiency but only slightly. Unfortunately, having the windows open creates drag which also decreases your mileage. It is a trade-off.
  • Keep to a steady speed and do not go faster than the posted speed limit. Not only does speeding burn off fuel at a faster rate, but a ticket also is expensive and can raise your insurance rates.

If you can start using public transportation, walking or biking, or using a carpool for even a few trips per week you can save more money plus help the climate in the process.

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