Snow’s still sticking to the ground in some parts of the country, but spring is just around the corner. And it’s just about time for the Easter Bunny’s annual visit.

If you observe this holiday, it’s a busy time of year. It can mean a new Easter dress for Sunday morning, possibly with a hat and gloves. The planning can often include a visit to the Easter Bunny at the mall or organizing an Easter Egg Hunt.

And then of course there’s the Easter basket itself. Easter baskets are such an iconic way to usher in the holiday and other rites of spring. But what do you put in the basket – other than bunny ears or jelly beans? If you’re looking for Easter basket inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

This article is full of fun, hoppin’ ideas for the whole family. Here are 20 great ideas for Easter basket fillers.

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1 | Candy

No Easter celebration is complete without chocolate bunnies, orange jelly beans, or candy eggs. Cadbury eggs, Whoppers, and PEEPS are all favorite seasonal treats for kids.

There are so many choices on store display it can be overwhelming. If you’re stuck in analysis paralysis, here’s what I recommend. Pick one chocolate bunny for each kid (6 inches in length or bigger) and 1 bag of treats that can fit into plastic eggs. This way, you know you’re covered. Displays are crowded now, but they get picked over closer to Easter.

2 | Hair Accessories

Hair ties, bows, barrettes, hair bands, scrunchies, and more. There are a lot of fun, inexpensive hair options.

In keeping with the theme, the Easter Bunny could also bring a new hair dryer or paddle brush. Or maybe a special bottle of blueberry scented shampoo to make hair washing more fun.

Old Navy, Kohl’s, and Ulta are three fun places to hit up that have lots of stylish options.

3 | Sunglasses

Spring means sunnier days ahead, and sunglasses are a fun and practical gift. From Spiderman to strawberries, you can find cute shape variations everywhere from Walmart and Target to drug stores and higher end kids’ retailers.

4 | Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are another fun-yet-practical and inexpensive basket filler that fits with the sunny days are coming theme. Old Navy has lots of colorful options for just $2, and this includes variations with or without a back heel strap.

5 | Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Stickers

Stickers are always fun for kids, and the scratch ‘n’ sniff element just kicks it up another notch. You can get multipacks on Amazon, Oriental Trading Company, Walmart, or other sites starting at around $4.

6 | Inflatable Beach Ball

There’s possibly nothing more fun than an inflatable beach ball. And with all the air out, you can fold it flat so it fits easily in Easter Baskets. And while it’s said you can’t buy anything with a buck these days, you can buy an inflatable beach ball for $0.60 at Party City or just under $1 at Walmart. You can also find beach balls in this price range at dollar stores.

7 | Chalk

Chalk is a great, classic gift that’s fun and inexpensive. And even better yet, it gets little bodies out of doors and moving. So much screen-free fun! You can get all sorts of Easter themed chalk sets on Etsy or Amazon (with chalks in the shape of eggs, bunnies, or carrots), or fun colors like polkadot, tie-dye, or glitter.

My favorite is the carton of egg-shaped chalks you can buy, by the 1/2 dozen, on Amazon. Talk about an egg-cellently fun gift.

8 | Bubble Wand

You can’t go wrong with bubbles! Whether it’s a true-blue bottle of bubbles with a long dipstick with a circle at the end, or other fun shapes and takes, bubbles are another great outside activity.

If you’re looking for an Easter twist, you can buy a PEEP branded wand. The cap looks like the famous, squishy marshmallow and the bubble mixture has the signature, sweet PEEP scent.

9 | Umbrella

April showers mean you’ll need rain gear like an umbrella. Starting at $7.29, you can find lots of cute umbrella options for kids on Walmart. You can even find matching raincoat and umbrella sets starting at $14.87. Baby Shark, Paw Patrol, Batman, Frozen, and Elmo are popular options.

10 | Rain Boots

Rain boots are another great Easter basket stuffer and a must-have for kitting out your kids for rain and mud. Not only are they easily hosed off, rain boots come in lots of cute and stylish options like Peppa Pig or Jurassic World. Find a fun pair from Walmart with prices starting at just $8.77.

11 | Crocs or Plastic Clogs

Crocs are still in. While Crocs manufacturers more than just plastic clogs, the clogs are what the brand is best known for. The squishy soles are soft yet firm enough to offer support. There’s a heel strap that can slide all the way forward if your kiddo doesn’t need or want it. And lots of fun color and pattern options.

12 | Squishmallow

Squishmallow popularity is going strong – you know those super soft stuffies (stuffed animals) that are squishy like marshmallows?

Pick any squishmallow your kiddo doesn’t have in their collection and you can’t really go wrong, but just for Easter baskets, there are some special Easter themed ones. Amazon, Target, and Claire’s are great places to check. Claire’s especially has a large assortment.

13 | Pop-Its

Pop-Its are ridiculously, addictively fun. And for Easter baskets, you can find all sorts of Easter themed Pop-Its like rabbits, bunny ears, tulips, and carrots. Shop for season themed Pop-Its on Shein, Oriental Trading Company, or Walmart.

Pop-Its are great for toddlers and younger kids, and even tweens too.

14 | Bicycle Bell

If you’re dusting off the bicycle or tricycle, or assembling a new one, your kiddo will love a bike bell. They’re easy to install and even more fun to clang. Find bicycle bells for kids’ bikes at REI, Target, Walmart, or Dick’s Sporting Goods.

15 | Art Supplies

Art supplies are always a fun edition. Gel pens, markers, color pencils, drawing pads, coloring books, or crayons are a fantastic way to top off Easter baskets. Art supplies work for kids of any age, or even teens and adults too.

Crayola has an especially large assortment of magical art supplies, like egg-shaped crayons that are easy to grip or magical markers that leave no marks on anything except special paper. You can even find reusable painting pads that you paint with clear water and are completely mess free. (As mess free as clear tap water.)

Shop supplies with Crayola coupons.

16 | Jewelry

Whether it’s a gold locket or plastic play jewelry, what a fun addition. Super Smalls has an especially great selection of playful jewelry options, where you can mix, max, and transform the colorful parts into bracelets, necklaces, and tiaras.

17 | Makeup or Chapstick

Lip gloss, chapstick, or other cosmetic products are fun, easy, and practical gifts. If you don’t have any unopened extras on hand, you can hit up the supermarket or drugstore.

Shop CVS Pharmacy, Ulta, or Walgreens.

18 | Toy Cars

Toy cars are the perfect size to go in an Easter basket – and will be played with for many Easters and other non-holidays to come. Go with whatever your kiddo is into, from LEGO cars to Magna-Tiles to Matchbox or Hot Wheels.

If you’re looking for some retro inspiration, check out Candylab Cars. The retailer makes heirloom quality wood toys that start at $8, and they look ultra sleek with Midcentury Modern good looks.

From food trucks to RV’s to station wagons with surfboards over the luggage rack, their toys are beautifully crafted and full of whimsy.

19 | Sun Visor or Sun Hat

Kick off sunny weather with a sun hat, baseball hat, or sun visor. Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Macy’s all have lots of great options for around $10 or less.

20 | Dinosaur Wearing Easter Bunny Ears

Find a cute dinosaur plushie and plop some bunny ears on it. The end result is as hilarious as it is adorable. You may be able to find a “dinosaur wearing bunny ears” on Amazon, but related searches don’t always turn up that exact match. But if you’re willing to get creative and buy the stuffie and bunny ears separately, you’ll have a totally awesome Easter-worthy friend.

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