How to Make Money on Swagbucks: Earn Your First $50

If you’re a new Swagbucks member, or just thinking about joining this rewards site, you need to read this article now.

This article outlines the ins and outs of earning Swagbucks rewards. While it’s easy to earn money on the Swagbucks online rewards program, sometimes getting started can be a bit tricky. There are so many ways to earn, and so many menus and sections on the website and app, you might now know where to get started.

In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide of how to sign up for Swagbucks and earn your first $50. We’ll also go over some common FAQs about how to make money online with Swagbucks. If you want to cut straight to the chase though, scroll down to the bottom section on ‘How Do You Earn Your First $50 on Swagbucks?’

And if you’re feeling really motivated, check out this read on how to earn your first $500 on Swagbucks. Yep, you read that right. Here’s the article that outlines step by step how to earn $500 fast.

Does Swagbucks give you real money?

Yes, Swagbucks gives you real money. Members earn points, called SB, for everyday activities you already do online. 100 SB is equivalent to one dollar in cash or free gift cards. Redeem your earnings for free gift cards to Amazon and other popular retailers, PayPal cash, prepaid Visa card, or even a check in the mail. You can redeem Swagbucks rewards for PayPal cash, gift cards, a check, or other bonus Swagbucks options starting at just $1, or 100 SB.

Swagbucks has paid over $600 million in free gift cards and PayPal cash to its members.

Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks gift cards are among the most popular redemption rewards. PayPal and prepaid Visa cards are also popular options.

How much can you make doing Swagbucks?

Most Swagbucks members can make anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand extra dollars a year.

It’s not a full-time job, but you earn a little extra cash for doing things you’re already doing anyway. Searching the web, scanning receipts, playing games, doing trivia, answering surveys, trying new apps or getting cash back rebates for online shopping.

Enter your email for $10 cash back

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How much money can you make on Swagbucks in a day?

Most Swagbucks members should be able to earn $1 to $5 a day (or $365 to $1,825 a year). There are some offers that pay $50 to $250, but on a typical day, earnings could average out to $1 to $5 a day.

There are hundreds of Swagbucks members who have achieved Diamond level status, Swagbucks’ highest level of member status recognition. Diamond level members have earned over $20,000 from Swagbucks. As a special bonus, Swagbucks members who achieve Diamond level in the Member Recognition Program get a massive $250 (that’s 25,000 SB!) Bonus award. 

How do you earn your first $50 on Swagbucks?

1 Sign up for Swagbucks

Join Swagbucks on from your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Or you can join Swagbucks in the app store. The Swagbucks app is in the Google Play and App Store.

It should only take about 45 – 60 seconds to create your Swagbucks account.

Sign up at

You can also sign up for Swagbucks in the app store.

2 Go through the top offers that Swagbucks shows you.

Immediately after creating your account, Swagbucks will guide you through its top offers. For the STASH offer that is shown, you do need to invest (or spend) $5 to get the bonus, but with a reward of $75 you’ll certainly come out ahead.

But even if you complete just the free offers, you’ll come out ahead.

Secrets to Know About Earning on Day 1

1. Take the profile quiz.

It takes 3-5 minutes. Many members skip this survey because it pays 25 SB. But by completing this survey, Swagbucks will have a member profile for you and know basic information like your age, zip code, living situation, and employment status.

With this information, Swagbucks can show you relevant surveys and earning opportunities. If you don’t complete the Profile Quiz, you’re leaving money on the table and you’ll get fewer earning opportunities.

After you complete the short profile quiz, you’ll be prompted to verify your account. You can verify your account by email . After you log into your email verify your account (it takes 20 seconds), you’ll earn an additional 5 SB. Earn 100 SB for installing and logging into the app

Total SB Earned: 30 SB ($ 0.30)

2. Complete the other free offers and you’ll be at $1.25.

Total SB Earned: 125 SB ($ 1.25)


Betty Crocker

To add a grocery item, you’ll be brought to the grocery page. Select an offer, like bread or milk, and add it to the list by tapping or clicking the “+” button.

3. Add the SwagButton.

The SwagButton is a free app extension you add to Chrome. You can add it in just 2 clicks and you’ll get 25 SB.

You’ll be directed to the Chrome Web Store where you can install the SwagButton.

The SwagButton is featured in the list of offers you see right after signing up, but since it has a lot of functionality I wanted to call it out in its own section here. The SwagButton enables you to automatically save money and earn cash back anywhere on the web.

This means that when you’re online on a shopping or eCommerce site, you’ll be notified of any sales or promo codes that are available for that retailer. This includes cash back rebates from Swagbucks.

Total SB Earned: 175 SB ($ 1.75)

4. Get a Free Insurance Quote from Savvy

Get a free auto quote from Savvy and earn $10 in about 3 minutes. There’s no purchase required. You will need to provide some basic information (age, zip code, vehicle type). and Savvy will present you with some quotes. Of course, Savvy is hoping they can offer you a great deal that will entice you to switch. But to even get you to consider switching or looking at other deals, you’re getting paid $10 for free.

Total SB Earned: 1,175 SB ($ 11.75)

5. Attempt at least 5 surveys.

You can find surveys in the “Answer” section of Swagbucks.

Featured surveys are surveys that Swagbucks believes may be the best fit for you based on the profile data they have. This does not mean that you will qualify for that survey though.

In order to earn the Swagbucks points or Swagbucks rewards in SB for a survey, you must qualify for the survey and complete it in full.

Different survey companies who work with Swagbucks set their own qualification requirements and will create a pre-screener. You will not be able to qualify for every survey, but Swagbucks wants to encourage you to at least try. Earn an SB reward even when you disqualify, up to 5 SB per day.

If you attempt at least 5 surveys, you should be able to complete at least a couple of them. And even if you disqualify from every single one, you’ve still made 5 SB for free.

Total SB Earned: 1,290 ($ 12.90)

(Assumes at least 105 SB in earnings from attempting 5 surveys.)

6. Discover New Products and Services and Earn Swagbucks

On your mobile device tap the hamburger bar (3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner) and then select “Discover” in the dropdown. On your laptop or tablet, select “Discover” in the top navigation bar and then go to “Discover Home”.

The Swagbucks “Discover” section is full of different offers (products and services) to discover.

  • Products – Get free products (samples) or exclusive discounts to free services. In addition to the discount, there is also an SB bonus you will be awarded too as a thank you for trying the product.
  • Services – Sign up for free services (free trial periods or introductory rates, free apps, etc.) and earn SB. This can include subscription boxes, banking apps, movie and TV streaming services and more.
  • Apps – Install new apps and earn rewards. For some apps, you can get paid just for installing the app and opening it or registering. For other apps, especially gaming ones, there’s a prize for making it to a certain level or reaching a certain number of points.
  • Sweepstakes – Earn Swagbucks points for enter drawings and sweepstakes, like the AARP Rewards sweeps for a chance at a $1,000 prize.
  • Newsletters and eBooks -Earn a Swagbucks reward for signing up for eNewsletters (i.e. Pilsbury) or for eBooklets.

The available Swagbucks offers are always changing, but visit the Swagbucks Offers page and you’re to find a great mix of free offers and discounted deals to check out.

Top Free Swagbucks Offers to Complete Right Now

Here are the top Swagbucks offers, all free, you can complete now and top up your cash rewards.

Complete all of these free Swagbucks offers, you can earn 3,760 SB or $37.60. Some of these offers may take 7 or more days to credit, but if you complete them, the funds will appear in your Swagbucks account.

In addition to the offers in this list, there are dozens of more free offers you can complete on Swagbucks to earn anywhere from 2 SB to 10,000 SB (2-cents to $100). Many of these offers are related to signing up for free apps, free newsletters, or free games.

Total SB Earned: 5,050 SB ($ 50.50)

7 Redeem Swag Codes

Swag codes are promotional codes. They’re string of letters or words that you can redeem on the Swagbucks website.

New Swag codes are released daily. Most Swag codes are worth 2-3 SB. You can find Swag Codes on the Swagbucks homepage, in the Swagbucks blog, on the Swagbucks social media feeds like their Instagram page or Facebook account.

Redeem Swag Codes every day for a week, you could earn 15 SB.

Total SB Earned: 5,065 SB ($ 50.65)

8 Answer Survey Profile Poll Questions

Answering survey profile questions are an easy way to top up your earnings.

These questions are asked poll style. Anyone can earn for answering these questions; there are no survey qualification requirements.

Earn 2B for every 10 short questions you answer. Answer 10 sets in one day, earn 20 SB. Do 10 sets every day for a week, that’s 140 SB. And as you answer these profiles, you’re enhancing your Swagbucks profile so that you can be shown more opportunities to earn money on Swagbucks.

Total SB Earned: 5,205 SB ($ 52.05)

Earning Your First $50 Free on Swagbucks

Step by step, with links and screen shots, we’ve gone over how you can earn your first $50+ for free on Swagbucks without having to spend money. (Some of the offers, for example, are cash back rebates for a percentage of your shopping spend.)

Swagbucks has different categories or channels for you to earn money and gift cards every day, on the website or in the Swagbucks mobile app.

Free Ways to Earn $50 that We’ve Covered in This Article

  • Swagbucks Answer: Answer surveys 5 minutes to 60 minutes in length or answer short profile survey polls.
  • Swagbucks Rewards: Redeem Swag Codes.
  • Swagbucks Discover: Explore Swagbucks offers of new products and services. Earn rewards when you install apps, try free samples, play games, sign up for newsletters, or more.

Other Popular, Easy Ways to Earn Money and Gift Cards on Swagbucks

There are other popular, easy ways to earn money on Swagbucks for everyday purchases you’re already making – at grocery stores and supermarkets and for online shopping.

Online Shopping

Earn cash back rebates for shopping at any of 7,000+ featured stores in the Swagbucks “Shop” portal. Visit the “Shop” tab or section. Or in the top search bar, select the retailer you want to shop.

Shop at a featured retailer, like Home Depot, and earn cash back rebates on your purchase up to 12%. And when you make your first purchase of $25 or more at a featured retailer, you’ll get a one-time $10 (10,000 SB) cash bonus.

This is an exceptionally good deal. With over 7,000 featured stores, basically any and every store you can think of is in the Swagbucks shopping portal. And with odds at pretty much 100% that you’re going to spend at least $25 or more again at some point this month, you’re basically getting $10 for free.

If you have the SwagButton installed, there’s no need to visit Swagbucks before visiting the merchant’s website. Just visit the merchant’s page and the SwagButton will alert you to the cash back and coupon deals available, and just tap or click to apply the savings.

Grocery Store and Supermarket Shopping

It’s all easy to earn Swagbucks rewards for in-store shopping.

Visit “Magic Receipts” in the Swagbucks “Shop” tab, and you’ll see a number of different in-store offers. Purchase any of these featured supermarket items, earn cash back.

There are dozens of featured products (well over 100 at any given time), and the great thing is you can save money buying everyday things that you’re already buying.

Many grocery receipt apps will only let you earn points in their mobile app for buying very specific items, like tinned sardines or a box of drugstore chocolates you have no use for.

Swagbucks rewards you for buying specific brand products (like Mentos, Mrs. Butterworth, Oxiclean, or Arm & Hammer), or for buying generic kitchen staples.

Earn cash rewards for buying any-brand staples like eggs, bread, potatoes, onions, lettuce, bananas, avocados, and more.

Go through and add the offers you like to your list.

Just click or tap “+ Add to List”.

Once your shopping trip is complete, and you have your supermarket receipt, you can redeem your earnings.

Select “My list” by your account profile settings.

Select “My List”.

Then, review your list to make sure all the items are there and select “Submit Receipt”.

Specify whether or not you shopped in-store or shopped online. (Some Magic Receipts offers are for online only purchases.)

Select the store where you shopped.

Then select only the items on your list that are on your receipt.

Next, upload your receipt. Make sure the photo of your receipt contains: the date, store name, receipt total, and all eligible items including item description and item purchase amount.

Upload your receipt making sure it’s clear and legible.

If you have a longer receipt, you can click or tap the “+” button to add additional images.

Once you’ve added all images for your receipt, select “Next”.

Your receipt will be scanned. If eligible items were purchased and your receipt is legible, you will be notified that your receipt was successfully read and that your Swagbucks account will get credited.

How to Submit a Receipt with a Laptop, Desktop, or Tablet

Using the camera on your phone, take a picture of the entire receipt. Make sure the image fits the full width of your screen. Include the store name, total price, and all products purchased with both the product name and description and price.

You may need to take multiple shots to get all of the receipt information.

Next, you need to transfer this information to your laptop, desktop, or tablet. There are quite a few options, but these are two of the easiest ones.

  • Email yourself these images from your phone. Then open the email on your machine, and right click to save them to your machine.
  • Save the image to Facebook. Post the image on Facebook. Then go to your Facebook account and immediately save the image to your machine. You can delete the image afterwards. If you want, when you post the image you can adjust the settings so that only you can see the post.

In your phone, select the receipt image and then select the share to Facebook feature. In this example, I am sharing it to my News Feed.

I want the image to be private so only I can see it. After selecting the option to post the image, I tab on the “Friends” setting below my name. Then I change my privacy to “Only me. Then I select “Done” and post the image. Below my name in the post, I can see a locked setting which indicates it is a private post only I can see.

Then I save the image to my laptop or desktop machine. Click on the image in the post, and then right click on the image and select “Save image”.

I named the image as Receipt 1 for Swagbucks. You can name the image however you would like, and store it wherever you would like, on your laptop or desktop machine.

Final Thoughts on Earning Money and Gift Card Rewards with Swagbucks

Whether it’s your 1st day or 1,000th day as a member of Swagbucks, these step-by-step tips we’ve outlined are bound to help you max out your earnings on Swagbucks.

Anyone can get to their first $50+ in earnings on Swagbucks for free within a week or two. And if you make Swagbucks a daily habit, you can see your Swagbucks earnings catapult to diamond-level ($20K+) status.

Any promotions, and associated rewards, featured in this article were current at  the date of the article’s publication. Any and all Swagbucks promotional offers are subject to modification.