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By: Dannie Phan | April 20, 2020

You've spied your closet bursting at the seams, and the time has come to tackle it. Selling clothing online can be rewarding, especially if you are someone with an eye for fashion.

Top Ten Ways To Sell Clothes Online in 2020

Making money by selling clothes online can be a simple way to bag the excess in your life. To optimize your sales, be selective about what you sell. Choose items that are still in good condition, a vintage piece that has aged well, or quality designer clothes that you only wore a few times. Everything else can go to charity.

1. Create A Business

You're an entrepreneur and want to go all out. Setting up your own business to sell clothing can be a lot of hard work on the outset, but it's probably the most rewarding if you are committed to your new venture. 

  • Etsy is an excellent choice if you want to sell your homemade or vintage clothing.
  • The Shopify store makes it easy to set up your eCommerce store without having to be tech-savvy.
  • Storenvy is a good place to start. It's an easy setup. They charge a 10% fee on every item you sell.

2. Use An App 

It's as simple as taking a photo and sharing it online. There are numerous Apps that you can sign up for and use to sell clothing for extra cash. To make the best impression, iron your dress, remove lint, polish those shoes, and present it in a way that would appeal to buyers and online stores.

  • Tradesy celebrates women of every size. Download their App to list your items.
  • Poshmark brings together a community of buyers and sellers. Download their free App and sell your items online. They even provide you with packaging and make postage super simple.
  • Depop is a global marketplace where you can sell items, but also see what others (including your celebrity crush) are buying and wearing. It's a combination of eBay and Instagram.

Your photos will either make buyers stop or keep scrolling. Use natural lighting, a neat hanger, and a clean backdrop. Take multiple photos to show labels, flaws, and texture. Make it your goal to improve your listing and take pictures that are attractive and uncluttered. If selling clothing online becomes your new favorite hobby, then setting up a make-shift studio and buying a good DSLR camera could be worth considering.

3. Send Your Clothes to a Large Online Store for Upfront Cash

Some online stores will do all the hard work for you. This is a good option if you are doing an annual cleanout and don't want to monitor a page or store listing.

  • Buffalo Exchange is more than your favorite local thrift store. You can also sell high-quality secondhand items with their Sell by Mail Programme and receive in-store credit, PayPal payout, or a check.
  • Material World pays you upfront via PayPal for any acceptable items that you send them. If their offer isn't enough, then you can request to have your items returned to you.

4. Sell Quality Items on Consignment

Happy to wait for your payment, sell items on consignment.

  • Thredup sends you a cleanout kit on request that includes a shipping label and bags to pack your old clothes. You can receive credit or cash once your items are sold.
  • The Real Real: sell your item at the highest possible sale price and receive a commission on your brand name pieces.  
  • Mercari's process for sellers is convenient and straightforward.

5. Auction Sites

There is nothing more exciting than seeing people bid over your rare Louis Vuitton belt or Chanel handbag. If you aren't sure what to charge, and you're willing to take the risk of not getting the full value, then auction sites can be a fun alternative to a shop listing. A good description and title will streamline unnecessary queries and potentially sell your item quicker than others.

  • eBay
  • InValuable
  • Listia allows you to earn its unique currency. You won't be earning dollars in your account, but for every item "sold," you'll make Ink, which you can use to buy other things on their website.

6. Sell Locally

Shipping costs can vary and get confusing. Selling your items on Facebook Marketplace or on Craigslist can be an easy way to clean out your closet and make cash quickly. Hosting a yard sale with friends is a fun way to spend a weekend clearing out items. Always meet your buyer in a public place to hand over their purchase. 

7. Flip Charity Store Treasures

If you have an eye for fashion and you know a collectible when you see one, then take some inspiration from the GirlBoss series. Shop sales and dig in dollar bins, then flip the item online for some profit. You need to know what's on-trend and even predict fashion movements to get this right.

8. Add Your Artwork

Hungry artist? Share your art and sell clothing with these stores:

  • RedBubble allows you to upload your pieces to your profile, and then shoppers can take your artwork and put it on any RedBubble products. You get a commission on each piece sold, and your art can go out into the world.
  • CafePress lets artists, designers, and photographers sell customized items. If your designs sell, CafePress will look after all the billing, shipping, and general customer care for you, and you'll receive a commission.

9. Host a Virtual Pop-up Store

Create an event on Facebook or in a WhatsApp group, invite your friends and get them excited for a virtual pop up store. Everyone loves a little race to 'like' and 'buy.' And it's even better if they can do it from the comfort of their couch. Make it fun by saying that the first person to comment on an item with "bag it," will have the first choice.

10. Have Fun! Or Find A New Side-Hustle

If you're not having fun (or making money), then perhaps it's time to bundle those clothes for charity and try something else. With Swagbucks, you can make money conveniently and in your spare time. Simply sit at your computer or kick back with your phone and share your opinion by filling in surveys, or by shopping online at your favorite store. Earn points, shop with coupons, receive gift cards, or get money back.

So whether your online clothing sales kick-off or not, Swagbucks has got your back and will reward you for the tiniest bit of effort. It's never been so simple.

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