With so many survey sites to choose from, it can be hard to keep track of which ones pay only a few cents and which offer higher-paying surveys.

Before you join any survey site, you should consider how legit they are, the reviews that are available online, and how much information they ask when you create your account. You also want to find out a few other things to make sure it is worth your time. Do your own research and get answers to any questions that you have before joining. These questions should include:

  • Potential survey quantity.
  • How you will earn money on the surveys offered.
  • How the site handles your personally identifiable information.
  • Minimum payout.
  • Speed of payout.

Some people love Paid Viewpoint while others are not a fan. Let’s find out why.

Is PaidViewpoint legit?

Yes, PaidViewpoint is a legit company. PaidViewpoint is a survey site that pays cash for taking surveys. It currently has a 3.3-star rating with TrustPilot and a 2.9-star rating with Site Jabber. The Survey Police site rates PaidViewpoint at 4.7 stars.

Most of the negative reviews are for “slow” earnings, especially for people who are not in the UK or in North America. PaidViewPoint responded to those reviews with an apology and an explanation of why this may be the case. For members that are outside of those areas, available surveys may be greatly limited.

PaidViewpoint is very upfront in the amount you will get paid for both regular surveys and traitscore surveys.

How much does PaidViewpoint pay per survey?

The amount that you can earn per survey varies greatly by a number of different factors including your trait score, the length of the survey, the number of people that are taking the survey, and how much the survey costs. The highest trait score members get paid the most so it is important to work on raising that score as much as possible before your first market research survey.

For the trait score surveys, you may only earn between three cents and one dollar. These are very simple surveys that are meant to learn more about you on a personal level. That helps you to get the best survey opportunities that are keyed to your interests and your personality traits. The traits surveys help to narrow down which demographic you belong in and how to target you.

Research surveys may earn a few dollars depending on their length. Like other online surveys, it is important that you be as truthful as possible when giving your answers.

How do I get more surveys on PaidViewpoint?

The best way to get more surveys with PaidViewpoint is by taking more trait surveys. You will get paid a small amount for these surveys, often as little as 3 cents, but they take less than a few minutes and are literally all about you. If you want to be recognized as the target market for the other surveys, you will need to fill out as many of the trait surveys as possible.

It is important to allow email notifications as this is the way that you are alerted to new survey opportunities. If you do not respond quickly enough the survey may be full and the panel will be closed.

How often do you get surveys on PaidViewpoint?

How often surveys are offered to you and how often you can actually complete them are two different things. First, the offers. PaidViewpoint will send you email notifications when a new survey is available for you. Other people will get the same alert at the same time for the new surveys. Each survey will have a set number of people that are needed. Once the number is reached, that survey is closed.

There is a limit to the number of paid surveys that you can do each month to allow everyone to get a fairly equal chance at completing the research surveys. You can continue to do any of the trait score surveys that are available.

How much can you make on PaidViewpoint?

Your ability to earn money with PaidViewPoint will depend on how high your trait score is, how quickly you respond to new surveys once you receive the e-mail alert, and how much you are paid per survey.

Like other survey sites, you will not be getting rich but you can make up to several dollars per day in only a couple minutes of time.

What are some other apps like PaidViewpoint Surveys?

There are many survey sites like Paid Viewpoint that you can consider if you want to make money online and are not getting enough survey invitations from the PaidViewpoint app. Here are some suggestions:

  • Swagbucks: Free to join, you can take surveys and more to earn money deposited to your Paypal account or gift cards.
  • Inbox Dollars: Similar to Swagbucks/part of the same company.
  • Branded Surveys: Also pays in either cash or gift cards.
  • Toluna: Cash reward offers and easy surveys.
  • MyPoints: Nice site with easy cash-out payments.
  • Survey Junkie: Has one of the highest sign-on bonuses.

On their own, you are never going to become “rich” with just survey taking but you can join Paidviewpoint and any of the other survey sites to maximize your free time.

In Conclusion

Making money online is very appealing to a lot of people. Completing surveys is an easy way to do that especially if you find a site that offers other ways to earn, daily surveys, and higher than average pay per survey. It doesn’t matter how many surveys you are taking if they are all low paying.

You will find that Paid Viewpoint surveys are relatively easy but do not pay more than other sites. The practice of limiting the number of surveys that you can take each month makes it fairer for everyone. This may make it one of the better sites in the market research industry. Because of the limit, earning money can be slow so pair it with another site for maximum earning potential.

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