By: Dannie Phan | September 29th, 2021

Updated: November 24th, 2022

Black Friday is coming up and you know what that means! Deals on all the latest phones. We’ve got deals on iPhones, Androids, and everything in between. You can find the perfect phone for yourself or a loved one at an incredible price this year.

Don’t miss out on these amazing deals. Get your hands on the newest iPhone models for less than ever before or get an Android phone with more storage space than you could imagine. These prices won’t last long so act now to save big during Black Friday this year.

View our favorite Back Friday phone deals and shop through some of our popular merchants for cash back on your purchase.

When will Black Friday phone deals start?

The first Black Friday deals will start to appear online around the third week of November. These deals will include a variety of items including electronics, appliances and home goods.

Check out some of these merchants during Black Friday for the latest deals:

What should I do once I receive my Black Friday phone deal?

Once you have received your Black Friday phone deal, be sure to check for any terms and conditions that may apply.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy a phone?

When if you’re in the market for a new phone , now is a good time to purchase! Many Black Friday deals will include popular phone brands like Samsung, LG and Google.

When should I buy my new phone?

Typically, it is best to purchase your next phone when you are eligible for an upgrade or when the latest models come out.

Does Black Friday affect phones?

For years phone companies have offered only slight discounts for Black Friday. That is, until this year when Apple released their new iPhones with the option to pre-order them starting November 9th. Immediately following this announcement, several other electronics retailers like Target and Microsoft reduced prices on products like laptops, tablets, TVs and video games in order to get buyers into their stores during the 6 day period of Black Friday Deals.

This trend seemed to be driven by two variables that were introduced last year. The first variable is that the buying public has largely shifted towards online shopping over recent years thanks to better deals associated with big-box retail physical premises (i.e., cheaper petrol). The second variable was Apple releasing an update of their iPhone

Will phone prices drop?

Answer: Probably not, but Black Friday will unveil some great deals.

Phone prices will drop as more and more companies produce better quality phones to compete with the market. Black Friday Deals often attract people as well as give them an opportunity to buy cheaper prices on Amazon.

Todays marketplace for cellular phones is saturated with every brand imaginable, and there aren’t any compelling reasons to change providers. If you do want to switch service providers it’s never been easier than now. Just buy an unlocked phone on eBay or take advantage of the many discounts available this weekend on black friday along the way take time to read customer reviews to find which company provides the best services.

What phones are worth buying?

Answer: It’s a really difficult question to answer because phone technology is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to tell what the “best” device for this time period will be. That said, you should try your best to buy a Samsung Galaxy S10+ on Black Friday if you want the best device made today.

Which is the best mobile?

Answer: It’s really hard to say because phone technology is constantly evolving. That said, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is easily one of the best Android devices released so far in 2019. While the iPhone 13 is the newest item from Apple.

Which is the No 1 phone in world?

Answer: The No 1 phone in world is the Samsung Galaxy S9

As of 2017, the most popular phone in the world is the Samsung Galaxy S9. It has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and it also dominates sales on Amazon US with 83% customer reviews giving it 5 stars. Its price starts at $750 USD ($639 after a trade-in).

Is Samsung or Apple better?

Apple’s phone designs are considered more iconic and relevant in the current smartphone era; Samsung’s phone designs are considered dated (such as with early Samsung Galaxy models). Apple is sleeker-looking, offers a broader range of colors for consumers to choose from.

People that prefer raw power in smartphones gravitate towards Samsung phones because Samsung constantly updates its flagship models with new features.

Apple makes it easier for developers to produce iPhone apps than do Android developers by providing them with XCode which provides toolsets specifically

Apple iPhone 12: save $700 with trade-in and new line at Verizon or At&t

If you’re interested in getting the new iPhone 12, get ready because this deal is going to be hard to beat. You can save up $700 by trading your old phone and signing up for Verizon or At&t with a new line! If switching from another carrier doesn’t sound appealing but still want an amazing smartphone experience at affordable prices then look on to our other Phone Deals below

Samsung Galaxy S20: save $300 online, plus $550 with a trade-in and new unlimited line at Verizon

The Galaxy S20 is an amazing phone whichever way you look at it and Verizon’s deals this week make it even better in our eyes. Firstly, get yourself a nice $300 rebate over 24 months when you buy online- then trade your old one to save on the total cost. You can also take advantage of extra discount right now by trading up; for an additional 550 dollars off just for doing so.

Google Pixel 5: save $300 online, plus $550 with trade-in and new unlimited line at Verizon

The $300 online discount for the Google Pixel 5 is back again in today’s Verizon Black Friday deals! Simply buy with a new unlimited plan to score your discount, and trade-in that old device of yours before it gets too late. With this latest promotion, you can get up tp an additional $550 off on top of all other savings.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: $1999 down to $999 at Samsung

Get the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 at up to 50% off with a qualifying trade-in. The new model is notable for its improved durability and expansion of display beyond edges, making it an even better buy!

Samsung Note 20 Ultra, 128GB: $1,299 $999 at Best Buy

Check out this unlocked Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. With its 50x ‘Space Zoom’ camera and S Pen stylus included in the price of admission just like it should be, there’s never been a better time to get your hands on one! Get $300 off while purchasing at Best Buy.

What Other Stores Have the Best Deals on Black Friday?

Other retailers and hot deals you should hit up during the holiday season include:

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