Macy’s Black Friday Deals

When it comes to the holiday season, there is no brand more iconic than Macy’s. With its Thanksgiving Day Parade and infamous miracle on 34th Street (Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus), Macy’s goes hand and hand with the holiday shopping season. Macy’s Black Friday sale features some of the best deals you’ll find all year long.

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Does Macy’s have a Black Friday sale?

Yes, Macy’s has a Black Friday sale every year. As is the trend with other retailers, Macy’s Black Friday deals are not contained to just the 24-hours following Thanksgiving. Macy’s Black Friday sales are spread out over a much longer period of time. Macy’s wants traffic, online and in-store, all season long. Spreading out their best deals entices customers to keep coming back.

In fact, Macy’s Black Friday deals were just announced last Friday. We’ll share them here.

Is Macy’s Black Friday catalog out?

Yes, Macy’s Black Friday 2022 catalog has been released. You can discover the Macy’s toy catalog, dubbed the Macy’s Hot Toys List, and the Macy’s Holiday Gift Guide.

Hot Toys List 1 of 4
Hot Toys List 2 of 4
Hot Toys List 3 of 4
Hot Toys List 4 of 4

Holiday Gift Guide 1
Holiday Gift Guide 2
Holiday Gift Guide 3

Tap image icon to enlarge and view Macy’s Black Friday ads.

Does Macy’s have Thanksgiving Sale This Year?

Yes, it does! Thanksgiving deals are different from Black Friday deals. The deals run from late October up until Thanksgiving. You can view some of their best Thanksgiving deals from last year below. Click or tap on each image to view the deals in details!

Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 1 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 2 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 3 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 4 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 5 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 6 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 7 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 8 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 9 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 10 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 11 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 12 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 13 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 14 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 15 Macys Thanksgiving 2022 Page 16

How long is Macy’s Black Friday sale?

For 2022, Black Friday deals were announced to shoppers starting November 7th, weeks ahead of the official Black Friday Sale. 2023 Macy’s Black Friday will likely have a similar starting date.

Macy’s kicked off Black Friday one day earlier on Tuesday, November 22nd. We anticipate Black Friday deals for 2023 will be available starting the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving this year.

What time is Black Friday at Macy’s?

This is the expected timeline for Macy’s 2023 Black Friday:

  • Black Friday sales will kick off on Tuesday, November 21st . Black Friday hours for Macy’s this year will start at 6 am.
  • Black Friday store hours the day after Thanksgiving are 6 am to 11:59 pm.
  • Macy’s does open for Black Friday on Thanksgiving Day, typically around 5pm.

Black Friday sale start times may vary at some Macy’s store locations. Check the Black Friday ad for your local Macy’s store. We’ll scan every page of the ad for you, and share with you the best prices and other savings tips.

What time does Macy’s Black Friday start online?

Macy’s Black Friday deals will start online the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, on November 22nd at 6 am.

When is the Pre-Black Friday Sale?

Pre-Black Friday deals could be available starting as early as November 6th. Check back closer to November 1st for more details.

How many Black Friday sales events does Macy’s have?

Like many large, national retailers, Macy’s has multiple Black Friday sales events or sales flights. For 2022, there were 3 flights. For 2023, the schedule will likely be similar.

  • Flight 1: November 7th to November 13th
  • Flight 2: November 14th to November 19th
  • Flight 3: November 20th to November 26th

With each sales flight, a new wave of deals will be released.

What is the most popular thing to buy on Black Friday?

Electronics are generally the most popular bestsellers every year: 4K TV’s, Apple TV’s, computers, laptops, iPads, Kindles, phones, and the like. You can find brands and items that rarely go on sale listed for 40% off – or more.

Also at the top of the list for popular Black Friday gifts: appliances (like coffee makers, air fryers, and other kitchen gadgets), winter gear, apparel, sneakers, toys, and designer handbags.

Here are some of the most popular deals that Macy’s had for Black Friday 2022. Click or tap the images to view the deals in details.

Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 1 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 2 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 3 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 4 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 5 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 6 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 7 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 8 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 9 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 10 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 11 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 12 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 13 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 14 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 15 Macys Black Friday 2022 Page 16

What are the best Black Friday deals at Macy’s?

Macy’s offers phenomenal savings with their Black Friday deals. Based on last year’s Black Friday deals, this is what we expect to see for Macy’s Black Friday 2023:

  • 50% OFF Designer Handbags
  • 50% OFF Women’s Boots
  • 50% OFF Men’s Sweaters
  • $970 OFF Myars Leather Sofa
  • $960 OFF Palmetto Living Gemstones Cressida Area Rug
  • $950 OFF Kared 84″ 100% Leather Sofa
  • $94 OFF Ninja Foodi DZ201 6-in-1 8-qt. 2-Basket Air Fryer with DualZone Technology
  • $9067 OFF Sapphire (1-3/4 ct. t.w.) and Diamond (1/4 ct. t.w.) Ring in 14k Gold
  • $901 OFF Honora Cultured Freshwater Pearl 7-7.5mm and Diamond 1/5 ct. tw. Pendant 18″ Necklace in 14k White Gold
  • $900 OFF Scott Living Jasper 12″ Firm Mattress
  • $900 OFF Blake Pool Table
  • $160 OFF Calphalon Classic Hard-Anodized Nonstick Pots and Pans, 10-Piece Cookware Set
  • $158 OFF BOSS Hugo Boss Men’s Chronograph Grand Prix Beige Perforated Leather Strap Watch 44mm
  • $150.01 OFF AQ Textiles Sullivan 1400 Thread Count 4 pc. Sheet Set
  • $150 OFF Ninja BL770 Blender & Food Processor
  • $147.5 OFF Citizen Women’s Eco Drive Classic Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch 34mm
  • $110.01 OFF Traveler’s Club Kid’s 5PC Luggage Set

As a general rule of thumb, the juiciest Black Friday deals tend to be on the front page (or page 1) and back page of the Black Friday ad.

Does Macy’s price match?

Yes, Macy’s will price match. Macy’s will price match if it’s an identical item (size, color, style). The item that Macy’s is price-matching must be featured on an approved store’s website within 10 days from your date of purchase. Approved retailers include most other department stores. Macy’s will not price-match Amazon, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, eBay, or other private sellers on third-party resale sites. For full details, speak with a Macy’s customer service associate.

Price adjustments can only be made within 10 days of your purchase. The new sale price cannot be honored in addition to any previously applied promo codes or discount offers.

You will be refunded the difference in price to your original form of payment. Items shipped and sold directly by the sellers such as our Digital Marketplace or Direct from Vendor partners are not eligible for price adjustments

What are Macy’s shipping options?

  • Free shipping for Star Rewards Platinum/ Gold members
  • Free shipping for orders $49+
  • Same day: orders $25+ before noon plus a $15 shipping fee

Does Macy’s have an After Christmas sale?

Yes, Macy’s does have an after-Christmas or Post-Christmas sale. On December 26th, Macy’s begins to mark down its inventory of seasonal goods, including gift wrap, ribbons, table linens, dish wear, ornaments, door mats, bedding, clothing, and home decor. If you wait until after Christmas to shop for holiday-themed merchandise, you can save up to 90% off.

How long is Macy’s Black Friday in July sale?

Macy’s Black Friday in July sale is a 5-day event. For Macy’s last Black Friday in July sale, the event offered deals up to 60% off, as well as additional coupons you could use to save up to 25% off sitewide.

Macy’s is just one of many retailers offer a Black Friday in July sales event – which is the market’s response to Amazon’s Prime Day.

Other Retailers Who Run Black Friday in July Sales

Where Can I Get a Macy’s Black Friday Coupon?

You can get a Macy’s Black Friday coupon in the Macy’s Black Friday ad, on the website, or if you shop with deals sites like Swagbucks.

The Swagbucks deals page features the same coupons you’ll find in the Macy’s Black Friday ad, as well as additional savings for Black Friday that you won’t find anywhere else.