Black Friday at Target is a major shopping event not to be missed. You’ll find some of the year’s best deals on home, clothing, toys, and electronics. The retailer is known for its great BOGOs and gift card rebate deals, where you can earn Target gift cards for purchasing certain items or a certain dollar amount for a product category.

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What Time is Black Friday for Target?

Black Friday isn’t just a one-day sale for Target; you’ll find Black Friday deals the whole season long. That said, the season generally does have a kick-off date and time. Target’s Pre-Black Friday deals are already live in early November and running through the 20th of November this year.

What Are Black Friday Target Hours?

For Black Friday proper, the day after Thanksgiving, Target will open its stores at 7 a.m. Also, store hours may vary by location, too. It’s always best to check with your local store.

Has Target Leaked Its Black Friday Deals? Is the Target Black Friday Ad Out?

Yes! Target has released ads for a number of pre-Black Friday sales events so far this season.

Target’s Pre-Black Friday Sale kicked off in mid-October.

Target Pre Black Friday 2022 Page 1 Target Pre Black Friday 2022 Page 2 Target Pre Black Friday 2022 Page 3 Target Pre Black Friday 2022 Page 4 Target Pre Black Friday 2022 Page 5 Target Pre Black Friday 2022 Page 6 Target Pre Black Friday 2022 Page 7 Target Pre Black Friday 2022 Page 8 Target Pre Black Friday 2022 Page 9

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Does Target Have a Toy Catalog? Is the Target Toy Catalogue Out?

Yes! Target’s holiday toy catalog, Bullseye’s Top Toys, has been released.

Bullseye Top Toys 1 of 9
Bullseye Top Toys 2 of 9
Bullseye Top Toys 3 of 9
Bullseye Top Toys 4 of 9
Bullseye Top Toys 5 of 9
Bullseye Top Toys 6 of 9
Bullseye Top Toys 7 of 9
Bullseye Top Toys 8 of 9
Bullseye Top Toys 9 of 9

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How Long Do Target Black Friday Sales Last?

Black Friday lasts for 7 days from Sunday, November 20th to Saturday, November 27th.

Is Cyber Monday Online Only?

No, you can find those deals online and in-store. While Cyber Monday does feature a number of fantastic online deals, you can find Cyber Monday savings in-stores at Target as well.

In recent years, Target has held a Cyber Week event with deals on everything from ornaments and tree lights to Disney toys and air fryers, and gaming consoles.

Target has done Cyber Week with two flash sales on Monday. The first sale ran from 8am – 12pm CST and the second sale ran from 12pm – 4pm. Additionally, the retailer had an awesome sitewide sale of 15% off on that Monday.

There may be some online-only deals, but free in-store pickup can be an option.

For Cyber Monday 2022, Target will be going big. When the deals are leaked, we’ll be the first to let you know. Bookmark this page and check back.

Will Target Black Friday Deals Be Online?

Target will offer Black Friday deals both online and in-store. Online, will be offering free online shipping on all online orders in November and December, but delays are expected (and common among all retailers). Curbside pickup and inside-store pickup are options, too.

Which Target Stores Have the Best Black Friday Deals?

While all Target stores will carry the same Black Friday deals, not all of their stores are created equal. Do some scouting work in advance to find out which store near you is the cheapest.

Different Target stores, even within the same metro area, can have different prices for the same item. Some examples I’ve seen include an apparel item being $1 more here, a toiletry item being 50-cents less there, or even a variance between the online price (you view in-app) and the in-store price.

Target has responded to these observations, stating “At times, a guest will find different prices based on what we’re seeing with the market.”

Targets in ritzier zip codes can have slightly higher pricing on many items, but these stores are also likely to be cheaper, too. Guests in these markets have cars and resources to shop around and comparison shop. Make a list of 15 items you commonly purchase and compare the prices.

Why This Matters for Target’s Black Friday

You might think that this doesn’t matter for Black Friday because all Black Friday prices are the same as outlined in the Target ad. And this is mostly true.

Many Target Black Friday deals are a set price for a set item. (i.e. $199 for Gaming Console ABC.) However, some deals Target has are BOGO’s or for spending a set amount to get a percentage off or a Target gift card back. Here, knowing which Target is cheapest can come into play. Other retailers, like Walmart and Fred Meijer, also offer this sort of dynamic, market-driven pricing on their merchandise too.

Also, some Target stores are going to be “better” at having lots of Black Friday merchandise available. Not all Target stores have the same floor plan. There are different store layouts or store formats, from large hypermarket or SuperTarget stores with groceries to smaller format stores like CityTarget and TargetExpress stores. Smaller stores are going to have fewer items and are often designed only to carry smaller packages that people can carry home – walking or by taking public transit.

Is Target Doing Black Friday 2022 Early?

Yes, Target will offer Black Friday deals well before the day after Thanksgiving. It seems like most retailers have gravitated (or are gravitating) toward this.

Target has a pre-Black Friday sale running now and it will go on until November 20th.

What are the Thanksgiving hours for Target Black Friday 2022?

Target will be closed for Thanksgiving Day for Black Friday 2022. While in past years, stores would open on Thanksgiving Day (with Thanksgiving hours typically starting in the evening), Target will be closed this year. Target was also closed for Thanksgiving in 2020 and 2021.

What Are The Best Black Friday Sale Deals for 2022?

Based on last year’s Black Friday sale, we have a good idea of what to expect for Black Friday this year.

Some of the best Target Black Friday promotions this year:

  • $230 OFF Shark EZ Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum with XL Self-Empty Base – Sale Price $349.99 (reg.$579.99)
  • $220 OFF TCL 65″ Roku 4K UHD HDR Smart TV – 65S435 – Sale Price $499.99 (reg.$719.99)
  • $220 OFF Ecovacs DEEBOT N8+ Laser Mapping Vacuuming and Mopping Robot with Self Empty – Sale Price $379.99 (reg.$599.99)
  • $210 OFF Shark Navigator Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum – Sale Price $169.99 (reg.$379.99)
  • $210 OFF KitchenAid Professional 5qt Stand Mixer – KV25G0X – Sale Price $219.99 (reg.$429.99)
  • $200 OFF iRobot Roomba i3+ Wi-Fi Connected Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum – Sale Price $399.99 (reg.$599.99)
  • $200 OFF HP 15.6″ Touchscreen Laptop w/AMD Ryzen 3 Processor, 256GB SSD 15-ef1041nr – Sale Price $294.99 (reg.$494.99)
  • $200 OFF HP 14-dq2031tg 14″ Laptop w/Intel Core i3, 128GB SSD – Sale Price $269.99 (reg.$469.99)
  • $200 OFF Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Sale Price $599.99 (reg.$799.99)
  • $170 OFF RCA 43″ FHD Roku Smart TV – Sale Price $229.99 (reg.$399.99)

They also just released their ad scans that showcases their best deals. Tap or click into each of the images below to view the deals in details.

Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 1 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 2 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 3 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 4 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 5 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 6 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 7 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 8 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 9 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 10 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 11 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 12 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 13 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 14 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 15 Target Black Friday 2022 Friday Page 16

Target Pre-Black Friday Sale Deals 2022

  • $49.99 Keurig K-Mini
  • $279.99 Dyson V8 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free Books, Video Games, Board Games, Activity Kids, Puzzles
  • $44.99 PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer
  • $149.99 GreenPan Madison 12-piece Set
  • $149.99 Beats Studio Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones — SAVE $200!
  • $479.99 Lenovo IdeaPad 15.6″ — SAVE $260
  • $100 OFF Premium Dyson Appliances

Can You Haggle at Target?

Yes, you can haggle at Target in many circumstances and be effective (and non-annoying) at it.

When it comes to ultra-low Black Friday prices, you’re not likely to get a better deal. But there are still other ways to haggle, whether you’re shopping in-store for the holidays or any other time of year.

  • The item is priced lower at or a retailer that the retailer price matches. This may be considered price-matching, more than haggling, but it’s a valid way to save that involves asking a team member or store manager to drop the price.
  • It’s an item or style that’s being discontinued. If it’s a bright purple color platter that the brand is no longer making, and it’s not selling well, you can ask for a discount. Just be prepared to share the information that you’re armed with (i.e. proof from brand’s website that it’s being discontinued) to get a better price. If the manager does drop the price, typically it’ll be for 13%.
  • The item is damaged, nicked, or scarred. You can ask for a discount, and if granted, it’ll likely be for 13%. Even for Black Friday or Christmas type wares, you can try this. Do you see a Santa with lots of chipped paint, or a tube of wrapping paper with a dinted end? Ask.

Just make sure that you’re polite. Any markdowns for any reason are an exception, not something a shopper is entitled to. Demanding “13% off because I know you can so do it” is not going to work out as well as a “Is there any way you could please discount this…?” A manager may bum you out and say no, but be polite. You want to be able to try again. And again. And again. Don’t make yourself a memorable entitled jerk.

Does Target Have Secret Clearance?

Target has loads of clearance bargains and insider clearance secrets.

  • Target inventory that gets marked down goes through a series of percentage off phases of increments: 15%, 30%, 50%, 70%, and so on up to 90%. (It’s less common to see 90% off goods though. Generally those will go to a TJ Maxx type retail outlet, or even be donated to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other charitable outfits with a thrift store. If you see 90% off in stores, that’s a stellar deal.)
  • Unsold clearance items are typically marked down once every two weeks (after the markdowns have started), but this can vary based on the quantity of unsold merchandise, region, or even discretion of the ETL or Store Manager.
  • Sale signage isn’t always correct. Often, old promotional pricing can be left up. If the signage is up, Target will honor the price. Even if it’s expired. If I’m getting a particularly juicy deal (i.e. free $30 gift card for purchasing $100+ of baby items), I’ll take a picture of the sign on my phone. So if something doesn’t ring up correctly, I can quickly share it to the cashier who can make an adjustment right there on the spot.
  • Look for clearance items in unexpected places. End caps and clearance racks are common places to look for Target clearance items, but clearance items can be tucked away in any place in the store. You can find it on extra shelves in the odd corner of the story, in special seasonal aisles, or other spots that seem hidden in plain sight.
  • December 26th and later is a fantastic time to buy Christmas ornaments, Christmas wrapping paper, and grocery and healthy and beauty items with holiday-themed packaging. Typically one day after a holiday, you can save 30% to 50%. Four days after holiday, save 50% to 70%. And seven days after a holiday, you can 70% to 90% off. Holiday clearance sales usually last for a week to a week and a half, with leftovers being gutted.
  • Target has a semi-annual toy clearance. The toys clearance event happens twice a year, typically in mid-January and mid-July. Find loads of toys for up 70% off.
  • While not always so super secret, Target Circle offers great savings. It can be hard to keep track of all of the different promotions running, but the Target Circle app shows you the best deals for the products you’re buying, or can even suggest similar products. It’s like doing a quick digital ad scan.

What Day of the Week Does Target Do Markdowns?

Markdowns happen throughout the week Monday to Fridays. There aren’t necessarily set rules, like clothing on one day or pet care on another. It depends on stores, staffing levels, the store manager, and more. Get chatty with a local team member the next time you’re in store and ask them when markdowns typically take place at that location.

When Will the Target’s Black Friday Ad Be Released?

The Target Black Friday ad for 2022 hasn’t been released yet, but in recent years the ad has been leaked in early to mid-November.

For Target Black Friday 2022, we anticipate the ad being dropped in early to mid-November. Bookmark this page and make sure to check back.

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What brands/items are included in the Target Black Friday sale?

Find Target Black Friday deals on brands like LG, Dyson, Keurig, and more!

What are the top Target Black Friday deals?

  • $350 OFF Element 65″ 4K UHD Roku TV – Sale Price $299.99 (reg.$649.99)
  • $300 OFF LG 55″ Class 4K UHD Smart OLED HDR TV – OLED55A1 – Sale Price $1099.99 (reg.$1399.99)
  • $200 OFF iRobot Roomba i3+ Wi-Fi Connected Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum – Sale Price $399.99 (reg.$599.99)
  • $200 OFF HP 15.6″ Touchscreen Laptop w/AMD Ryzen 3 Processor, 256GB SSD 15-ef1041nr – Sale Price $294.99 (reg.$494.99)
  • $200 OFF HP 14-dq2031tg 14″ Laptop w/Intel Core i3, 128GB SSD – Sale Price $269.99 (reg.$469.99)
  • $200 OFF Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Sale Price $599.99 (reg.$799.99)
  • $130 OFF Dyson V8 Motorhead Origin Cordless Stick Vacuum – Sale Price $249.99 (reg.$379.99)
  • $125 OFF iRobot Roomba 675 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum – Sale Price $174.99 (reg.$299.99)

Will Target price match competitors’ Black Friday deals?

Target offers price matching if you buy a qualifying item at Target then find the identical item for less at, select online competitors, or in Target’s or competitor’s local print ad. Price matches may be requested at time of purchase or within 14 days after purchase.

Will Target have in store or curbside pickup?

Target offers in store pickup as well as contactless curbside pick up through the Target App. Order with Drive Up in the Target app and an employee will bring your order out to your car for free.

What are Target Shipping Methods?

Target offers Standard Shipping, Premium Shipping, or Express Shipping.

What Other Stores Have the Best Deals on Black Friday?

Other retailers and hot deals you should hit up during the holiday season include:

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