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Dannie joined Swagbucks in the spring of 2019 and earned over $500 in her first year. She has made a living as a gig worker, 9-5er, freelancer, and a small business owner. With her professional experience in public safety, health insurance, nutritional wellness, and culture, she brings an interdisciplinary perspective to personal finance.

You can find her work as a writer and photographer in multiple Southern California periodicals such as the LAtimes, Live OC, and The Bottom Line. She is also cited in print and media works discussing culture and traditions in Non Song Magazine, Morbid Magic: Death Spirituality and Culture from Around the World, 1968 Take over of North Hall, and Sen Sok Aquaponics.

On Swagbucks, Dannie writes about ways to save money or earn cash extra cash, sharing deals with readers for more unique or niche brands like Vapor DNA, Lelo, or Blueland.

In her free time she can be found transforming her first house into her dream homestead and food forest in the middle of Orange County, California.

View her Swagbucks Member Profile or reach out to her on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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