By: Dannie Phan | August 13th, 2020

Black Friday has become a household term in the last few years. It refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It is the biggest sales event of the year! Many stores offer massive sales and promotions on Black Friday. Some stores open their doors as early as midnight!

When is Black Friday 2020?

Traditionally, Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. This means that it will be on the 27th of November this year.

Will there be a Black Friday 2020?

There is currently much debate about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Black Friday 2020. Even retail giants Walmart are keeping their doors closed on Thanksgiving Day this year. There will be significant differences in how retailers approach Black Friday 2020. One thing is certain though, Black Friday will still happen.

How Will Black Friday Look Different This Year?

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, retailers will be subject to restrictions in terms of the maximum number of people allowed in a particular space. Most companies will likely tailor Black Friday marketing campaigns more towards online sales. In 2019, 190 million people shopped online over the Thanksgiving weekend. This was also the first year that online sales on Black Friday topped those on Cyber Monday. This trend is sure to increase this year.

Black Friday sales will also be held over longer periods and not just on one day. In recent years, there has already been a greater spread of Black Friday deals over the week preceding Thanksgiving Day and even the entire month of November. We believe that this will be even more so in 2020.

What Time Does Black Friday Start?

The start time for Black Friday sales depends on individual companies or retailers. Some stores will open their doors as early as one minute past midnight. Some even earlier than that, at 5 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Others will stick to their traditional shopping hours.

What Stores Should I Go to on Black Friday?

There will be a trend towards more online shopping this holiday season. But, if you still want that feeling of purchasing your sale items in store, here is a list of some of the big retailers that will be open Black Friday 2020:

  • Bed Bath and Beyond stores will be open from 6 am on Black Friday morning.
  • Looking for a new iPhone or Android device. Best Buy will be open from 8 am to 10 pm.
  • BJ’s are open from 7 am to 10 pm.
  • Check-in for your Costco bargains between 9 am and 8:30 pm.
  • Home Depot stores open early on Black Friday, at 6 am.
  • JC Penney’s opening hours will be from 2 pm on Thanksgiving Thursday.
  • Kohl’s opening times vary by location.
  • You can shop at Lowe’s from as early as 6 am on Black Friday.
  • Need to refresh your wardrobe for the holiday season? Macy’s department stores will be open from 6 am to 10 pm on Black Friday.
  • Sam’s Club stores will be open from 7 am.
  • Target stores open from 7 am on Black Friday.
  • Most Walgreens stores will be open from 7 am.
  • Walmart stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. But they will be open on Black Friday. Times will vary by location.

How Long Does Black Friday Last?

Historically, Black Friday sales were only for the day of Black Friday, for however long that retailer had its doors open on the day. However, as the hype around Black Friday increases year-on-year, so too does the length of time that the sales are available for. Nowadays, certain retailers will run pre-Black Friday deals for the entire month of November. They might reserve some big-ticket items for Black Friday itself, but most of the Black Friday discounts and promotions will be available throughout the month.

Which Day Offers Better Deals? Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year! But, which day offers better deals? Traditionally, Black Friday is the better option for newer, big-ticket items such as smartphones, T.V.s, coffee machines, and FitBits. Black Friday is usually more focused on in-store shopping.

As the name states, Cyber Monday is your better option for deals with online retailers. Traditionally, better deals and lower prices are offered on items bought online than in a shop on Cyber Monday. The top deals available are usually on items such as clothing, shoes, beauty products, and toys. You can also find great deals on video games and gaming devices such as the Nintendo Switch.

Is Black Friday Actually Cheaper?

There are some awesome doorbuster sales available on Black Friday. But do not get taken in by all the hype and frenzy. Some retailers inflate the discounts available. Some go as far as misrepresenting the ‘normal’ prices of sale items. It is advisable to do a bit of research on the items you are looking to purchase beforehand. Keep an eye on social media for Black Friday ads for awesome deals for items that you have your heart set on. Shop around to check different prices at different retailers.

Doorbuster deals are most often only available on a limited number of items. Companies will advertise these deals, but then when it comes to sale day, there are only a few of those items available at the special price.

Shop Responsibly

Black Friday 2020 will be a little different from last year. With social distancing being the norm, more people will be doing their Christmas shopping online. Many major retailers are trying to do their bit to make the holiday shopping season safe. The concept of contactless curbside pickup has really taken off. More and more retailers, small and large, are using this method for customers to get their goods without having to come in to contact with other people.

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