With the prices of everything being so high these days, many people are in search of different ways that they can make some extra money. Selling things online is a great way to earn extra cash, and fast. You can sell things online in addition to working your 9-5 or other full-time jobs.

What are things to sell to make money? How can I sell to make money online? Can I make some quick cash doing this? All of that will be answered below.

Can I Earn Extra Money Selling Things Online?

Yes, you can earn extra money from selling things online! There are a ton of different things to sell to make money online too. You can sell old or used clothing and other items, you can make a product and sell that online, or you can sell services!

Facebook marketplace is a great place to sell old or used items. If you have clothing items you no longer wear, or items your child has grown out of, Facebook marketplace is a great place to sell those. There are also a bunch of different Facebook groups for selling things. If you search “groups for selling X” you are sure to find a place to sell your items online.

If you are crafty and thinking of selling products online, you can use any online marketplace like Etsy. It is easy to set up a store and start selling your product. The extra income will start flowing in no time. The limit of what you could sell online with Etsy is endless.

Another thing you can sell to make money online is services. This can be anything from babysitting to salon services, or even dog walking. You can post ads on social media for what you are offering. This is a great way to earn some extra cash, especially if you prefer to sell locally. You can get your name out in the community and attract more customers.

As for what will earn you money fast and what is popular to sell online, clothing items tend to earn folks decent money. We would recommend trying to sell them on social media so you can negotiate the prices. When you take items to Plato’s closet or other similar places, they offer one price and often don’t take everything.

How Can I Earn Money Online?

If selling thins isn’t your vibe, never fear! There are still tons of other ways you can make money online. The best way we have found to earn money online is to sign up for online survey websites and complete the activities found there.

Survey sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars pay their users for taking surveys, to watch videos, they will even pay you to play games. You earn points for each activity you complete. Once you have earned enough points, they can be redeemed for gift cards or via PayPal transfer.

Time is one of the things to sell to make money that always seems to be forgotten about. You are selling your time, thoughts, and opinions to these survey sites (in exchange for compensation). Spending just 15 minutes a day taking these surveys you could easily bring in an extra hundred dollars a month.

Some other great ideas for making money online include driving for Uber or becoming a DoorDasher. This is an excellent way to make money fast. With these jobs, you set your own hours. The more you work the more money you will make. If you pick the right times and the right areas you are sure to find people who will pay good money for those services.

Can I Save Money Selling Things Online?

Not only can you earn some extra money from selling things online, but you can also save money by selling things online. When I was younger my mom would clean out my closet each new school season, along with my siblings. Then she would take the clothes that didn’t fit us anymore to the thrift store to sell. Then use that money to buy our new school clothes.

You can do this with your old clothes too, going through your closet every so often and selling what doesn’t fit or what you don’t wear. Then sell those to make money either online or at your local thrift stores, and use that funds for new clothes or what have you.

If you are looking for things to sell to make money, you can find some things around the house that you can flip to and then purchase new items. If you are wanting to get a new phone, try selling your old phones that are most likely just sitting around the house anyway.

What are Weird Things I Can Sell to Make Money?

If all else fails and you need some money fast, you are in luck. There are some weird things you can sell to make money in a pinch. These include sperm donations, egg donations, plasma, garage sales, and more.

Sperm and egg donations are nothing to take lightly or to just jump into. Yes, you can make some quick money, but you also are helping someone to conceive a child, who will also be related to you. As long as you understand the possible repercussions, sperm and egg donations are things to sell that will make lots of money.

On average a sperm donor can earn $100 per donation. To learn more about the process, you can click here. Regular donors can earn pretty decent money. Currently, egg donors are receiving between $5,000 and $10,000 per donation. To learn more about how to make money with egg donations click here.

Plasma donations are a great get-rich-quick scheme, especially for college students. Lots of plasma donation centers are conveniently located near most colleges. It is super easy to get signed up and most centers will let you donate twice a week. Most centers offer $50-$75 per appointment, and a new user sign-on bonus. The BioLife website is currently advertising that new customers can earn up to a $900 bonus.

Another great way to earn some money quickly is with garage sales. You probably have plenty of random things to sell around your house, and having a garage sale is the perfect way to rid your house of things that are just collecting dust, and earn some money in the process. Things you can sell include old board games, holiday decorations, exercise equipment, gaming systems, kid’s toys, craft supplies, etc. 

Final Thoughts On Things To Sell To Make Money

If you are in a pinch and need to make some cash fast, selling things online is a great way to make large sums of money with little effort required. There are tons of different things you can sell, or make if you have the talent, and lots of different platforms to complete your sales on. 

If you are more comfortable completing your sales in person, having a garage sale or a yard sale is another way to sell your unwanted items and make some cash. 

No matter how you choose to sell your items to make money, you are sure to be happy with the results. 

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