Ways to get a Free Gas Gift Card

By: Dannie Phan | March 4, 2020

Are you worried that your next gallon of gas may break your bank account? Never fear. From watching videos to shopping on Amazon, there are several ways you can earn reward points and rebates designed to make affording a gallon of gas a little easier. Ready to get started?

How Can You Get Free Gas Gift Cards?

One of the easiest ways to earn fuel rewards and save at the pump is to use a gas gift card. There are several ways you can secure free gas gift cards. These include:

  • Take surveys through Swagbucks, MyPoints, Inboxdollars, Survey Junkie and other survey sites
  • Responding to radio contests and ads
  • Reaching out to local charities
  • Winning at your local trivia night
  • Cashback apps like Shoply or Ibotta
  • Gas Card Granny

Gas gift cards are often used as prizes and freebies at local events and in national sweepstakes. While you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone to find them, winning them is more than worth a little bit of discomfort. Just make sure you do your research ahead of time – the last thing you want to do is invest money in a scam.

How Can You Get Free Gas?

How, though, do you go about getting free gas, not just a free gas gift card? If you want to reduce your driving costs, consider any of the following legit ways to slash gas prices: 

  • Credit Card Rewards – Several credit card companies partner with gas stations to bring benefits to the consumers they serve. Bank of America, PayPal, American Expression and Discover it Secured all either award you a discount on gas or put you in the running for a free tankful based on your usage.
  • Participate in Surveys – Several survey sites will reward you for participating with gas station gift cards.
  • Join Your Grocery Store’s Loyalty Program – Grocery stores like Kroger, CVS, Walmart, and Winn Dixie will give you a discount on your gas if you both sign up for their rewards programs and fill up your car at their local stations.
  • Join Gas Station Rewards Programs – Several gas stations, including Shell, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Speedway, Texaco, Safeway and Sunoco have similar rewards programs in place designed to give you a discount on your fill-up. Look for gas card promotions the next time you’re on the road.
  • Take Advantage of Credit Card Rewards – Want to earn free gas cards or other goodies with your credit card? American Express, Visa and their affiliated peers have credit card rewards designed to make filling your gas tank more affordable.
  • Join Up With Free Gas USA – If you’re a United States citizen and part of a lower-income family, you can apply to join Free Gas USA. Established in 2008, this non-profit organization ensures that the families who need to get from Point A to Point B have the fuel to do just that. 

Note that few programs are going to give you gas entirely for free. If you use your points and discounts wisely, though, the steep price drop will make the cost of filling your tank negligible.

How Much Should You Give For Gas Money?

While you’re on your quest for free or cheaper gasoline, you’re going to need to budget both your time and your funds. The last thing you want to do when looking to save money is to spend it all trying to get something for free.

As such, never spend more searching for free gasoline money than you would on a full tank of gas. Naturally, this budget cap is going to vary based on who you are and what kind of car you drive. However, if you’re coming away from your gas quest in the red, it may be better for you to practice safer driving habits instead of shopping for a quick break.

How Can You Get The Cheapest Gas?

Sometimes it’s easier to search for less expensive gas in your area, as opposed to free gas. There are a number of apps designed to help you determine which of your local stations has listed the cheapest gas and when those prices are likely to reappear. The best apps to use when you’re trying to save a buck include:

  • Waze
  • GasBuddy
  • Gas Guru
  • Dash
  • Google Maps
  • MapQuest

What’s the Cheapest Day to Buy Gas?

As you’ve probably noticed, gas prices tend to fluctuate in response to political turmoil. However, there are also some days of the week during which gas is more affordable. These price fluctuations will vary by state, but most of the time, it’s better for your budget if you purchase your gas on Monday. Some states present their lowest prices on Tuesday, comparatively, but both of these days display prices that are miles more affordable than the prices you’ll find on Friday.

Effectively, if you suspect a tense political event, big holiday, or busy driving day is just around the corner, fill up before that day arrives. If you try to fill your tank on the day itself, you’re going to be paying far more for your fill-up than you would have otherwise.

Who Can Help You With Gas Money?

As already mentioned, there are some organizations like Free Gas USA that will help you fill up your tank if you’re part of a low-income family. There are other organizations with similar goals that you can reach out to, should you need to. These include Free Gas Help and the Salvation Army. You can also reach out to local churches in your area to see if they have a program you can participate in to fill up your tank.

Other Ways to Save Gas Money

What should you do, though, if you can’t find free gift cards, credit card rewards or other gas rewards to reduce the cost of filling a tank? There are other ways you can save on gas money. Carpooling to work in the morning with friends is easier than searching for free stuff online. It’s also possible to practice fuel-efficient driving styles that’ll lessen the amount of fuel you use on a daily basis.

Don’t let your concerns about money keep you from making your next grocery run. There are plenty of ways you can lower or entirely eliminate your gas costs. Start searching today to find the ones that best fit your lifestyle.

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