How to save money at 7-Eleven

Does 7-Eleven offer student, senior citizens, or military discounts?

While 7-Eleven does not offer these discounts on its website, individual franchise owners may extend them in their own stores. A large number of franchise owners are veterans themselves as the company offers incentives and special programs to help veterans buy and run their own 7-Eleven store.

Where do I enter a 7-Eleven promo code on

The promo code should be entered in the indicated box in the order summary.

Does 7-Eleven have a rewards program?

Yes! The 7Rewards program lets you earn points on every purchase that can be used to earn free snacks, drinks and discounts on fuel purchases. It is free to join the program and there are several ways to earn points beyond just buying your favorite foods.

What is the 7-Eleven return policy?

If an item is not satisfactory in any way call customer service at 1-800-255-0711 and report it. Customer service will then choose to replace the item or refund the customer’s money. In some cases, neither of these options will be used. Some stores may accept items back in person with a receipt. Some stores may have additional policies in place.

What shipping methods and details apply to 7-Eleven orders?

7-Eleven delivers items around the clock in some areas through 7Now. Available items may also vary by location with some allowing alcohol delivery and others not allowing it. A fee for this service will apply.

Does 7-Eleven offer curbside pickup?

This service is not available at 7-11.

Does 7-Eleven accept EBT?

Not all franchises are able to accept EBT but many do. Check with your local store directly.

What payment methods does 7-Eleven accept?

Most stores will accept cash, debit and credit cards, EBT and additional payment types including 7-Eleven Wallet, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, gift cards and preloaded 7-Eleven debit cards. Some stores may accept personal checks while others may not.


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