Stamp Collecting

Guide to Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is fun and anyone can do it! If someone likes sports, they can collect stamps about sports. If they like history, they can choose to collect stamps that are all about history. While there are many hobbies to choose from, stamp collecting is one that lets the collector to collect the kind of stamps they like the best. There are stamps from around the world and stamp collecting can help us learn all about different places. There are many reasons stamp collectors love this hobby. Stamps can be collected all year round and from anywhere.

Getting Started

Getting started as a stamp collector means you are joining a community of over 5 million other hobbyists in the United States. When people choose stamp collecting as one of their hobbies, they can decide to collect themed stamps that follow another interest or collect a wider variety of stamps. The beautiful stamps often have artwork on them, and collecting stamps can be an educational hobby for many. Collecting stamps is one of the cheapest hobbies to start and can be done without needing to buy much. The only equipment needed for stamp collecting is a way to store the stamps, tweezers, a magnifying glass, and a watermark detector.

Philatelic/Stamp Resources

A stamp collector can get their collection off to a good start through several strategies. There are stamp auctions and swaps, and collectors can also gather stamps from friends and family. As stamps are collected, they can be rated based on quality, how perfectly centered the image is, and what condition the stamp is in. There are many rating systems that people can learn in order to help them rate stamps in their collection. Stamp collectors can go to stamp shows and learn more by befriending a stamp dealer. These dealers can help new collectors in locating resources and helping in identifying and rating stamps for quality.

Organizing Your Stamps

Stamp collectors can organize stamps in many different ways. Stamps can be grouped by color, country, activity, time period, or anything a collector can think of. There are catalogs of stamps that can help classify stamps into different classes and categories. There are multiple ways to classify the condition of stamps, and every person will have a slightly different way of organizing their personal stamp collection.

Stamp Collecting for Kids

Stamp collecting is a great hobby for all kids to learn about and appreciate history and art. By ordering a worldwide set, kids can easily begin their collection and then add to it. Children who get into stamp collecting often develop other interests as well, as the stamps they collect lead them to researching other things. Learn organization, dedication, and an appreciation for art and history through stamp collecting.

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