Best Pet Subscription Boxes 2020: Treats & Toys for Dogs & Cats

By: Dannie Phan | March 17 , 2019

Pet subscription boxes are all about dog, cat, or other pet supplies. Once a month, you’ll receive a box full of goodies for your furry friend. Because most boxes are highly customizable, each one is made for one animal unless otherwise noted. 

Most pet boxes are designed for dogs, but there are some for cats too. You can start ordering pet subscription boxes as soon as your pet can handle harder chew toys and treats. There are some boxes made specifically for puppies, with treats, food, and toys designed for teething and energetic play. 

Pet Subscription Boxes

Some subscription boxes are available for both cats and dogs. 


Chewy offers four pet subscription boxes for both dogs and cats. There are three dog subscription boxes for small and medium breeds, and for puppies, while the fourth is for cats only. Each box comes with free shipping. Birthday toys and treats are available for small and medium dogs at $29.99 per month. Pup-fest for small dogs comes with treats and toys for small dogs at $24.99. Puppy treats, toys, and potty gear are available for puppies of all sizes at $24.99. Purr-Palooza toys and gifts are available for cats at $19.99. Prices are subject to change depending on whether Chewy is running discounts or not.

Pet Treater

Pet Treater offers pet subscription boxes for both dogs and cats. Boxes come with treats, toys, grooming supplies, and fashion accessories. Most orders ship around the 10th of each month, but special requests can cause boxes to take longer to ship. Pet Treater also donates some proceeds to help local shelters.

Rescue Box

Rescue Box allows you to spoil your pet while helping other animals in need. Each box helps provide food and vaccinations for rescues as well. Boxes are available for dogs of all sizes as well as for cats. Prices range from $23.45 to $29.95, depending on how many months you subscribe for at a time. Each box pays to vaccinate two rescue animals and pays for 5 pounds of food which is passed on to an animal shelter. Boxes come with toys, treats, and other accessories hand-selected by the Rescue Boxes team. Best of all, shipping is free for all boxes.

Dog Subscription Boxes

Many subscription boxes available on the market are for dogs only. Here are our top picks:


Barkbox is one of the most popular monthly subscription boxes for dogs, serving over 2 million dogs to date. The box is made for single pups. Multi-dog households either have to share what comes in the box or order multiple boxes. Each month you can choose themed boxes that have two toys, two bags of treats, and a dog chew. 

Treats never have corn, soy, or wheat, so you don’t have to worry about any unhealthy fillers. Boxes start at $22 when you get a 12-month subscription and create an account with your email.

Super Chewer

Super Chewer is a box offered by Barkbox for those dogs who love chewing things. Each month, you'll get uber tough toys and chewy treats, so your dog can chomp away without damaging any of your belongings.

Each box has two toys, free from stuffing. You'll also get two full-size treat bags, and two all-natural meat chews. Boxes start at $29 a month and are shipped on the 15th of each month. Super Chewer offers a satisfaction guarantee that if a toy isn't tough enough, they'll replace it completely for free.

Bully Make

Bully Make has a dog toy subscription box for pups who like to chew. Each box comes with 2-3 tough chew toys and 3-4 treats. The toys are exclusive to their boxes and are some of the toughest around. Each month, you pay around $31-39, depending on whether you buy a year’s or month’s worth of boxes at a time. Boxes are shipped the next business day after ordering. Each box is customizable to accommodate your dog's weight, allergies, and toy preferences. 


Ollie is a different type of dog subscription box. Instead of treats or toys, it’s natural, freshly cooked food to keep your dog well fed. For large breeds, Ollie starts at $16 a week and goes up from there. Each plan is highly customized, so your exact charge will depend on what you choose. Fresh food packs are shipped regularly, so be ready to store them in the fridge when they arrive.


Training a puppy is hard work. That’s why PupBox offers toys, treats, and training supplies to help you with the puppy stage of your dog. Each box comes with a training guide to help you with the changes your puppy is going through, and how you can keep up with them. You’ll also get chews to help them while they’re teething and keep those sharp teeth out of trouble. Each box is customized to the specific stage of your puppy’s development.

Cat Subscription Boxes

Cats also have subscription boxes made just for them! Here are a couple of the best options:

Cat Lady Box

The Cat Lady Box offers plans for you as a cat lady and for your cat as well. The basic Cat Lady Box is just for you and comes with 3-4 cat-themed items, while the Crazy Cat Lady Box is for you and your cat, and comes with two toys for your cat. The Cat Lady Box costs $34.99, while the Crazy Cat Lady Box costs $39.99. Both boxes also come with discounts and other perks.

KitNip Box

KitNip boxes are healthy cat subscription boxes that contain toys, all-natural treats, and sometimes catnip. There are two options: the Happy Cat KitNip box for one cat starts at $19.99, while the Multi-Cat KitNip box starts at $29.99. Your subscription is charged to your card until you cancel. Boxes arrive within 3-8 business days of placing your order.

Other Subscription Boxes

Other animals like horses and exotic pets have their own boxes too!

Saddle Box

Saddle Box is for horse owners who want to spoil their equine friends. Each box comes with treats and tack, and benefits rescue shelters in the US. The first box you order ships the day you order it, and subsequent boxes ship on the 15th of each month. Boxes cost $34.95 per month. 

If you don’t like these options, there are dozens of other boxes available on the market. Swagbucks partners with many pet supply providers to help you get deals on toys and treats, so pop in and have a browse!

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