When you join the paid survey sites, you typically look for surveys that pay cash instantly. While you can make some money completing surveys, you do have to meet some criteria before your payout is completed. So, even when they advertise that you will be paid instantly, this doesn’t mean you can have cash in hand seconds after completing a poll.

On average, survey sites will make your first payment between 1 and 10 days after you join depending on how much you must earn, how much time you can spend doing the online surveys, and the type of payment you request.

The following will be a brief explanation of survey websites in general plus how you can earn money and prizes.

What survey sites pay instantly?

While none may pay out literally instantly – the funds need to get credited to your account and then payment must be requested – Swagbucks is the quickest at issuing you your reward. If you want surveys that pay cash, instantly, Swagbucks is your best bet.

With most survey sites, you choose from gift cards or PayPal. And you need to hit a minimum earning amount before you can request payment.

Swagbucks lets you cash out with as little as $1 in earnings. (There’s a $1 Amazon gift card option.)

Here are a few other legitimate survey sites and the minimum threshold that you must meet to get your “instant payout”:

  • InboxDollars: $15 for a first request.
  • Branded Surveys: $5.
  • Survey Junkie: $5.
  • Quick Pay Surveys: $5.

In addition to reaching this threshold, you may have to verify your Paypal or bank account before a transfer is completed for security. This can take several days.

Which paid surveys pay the most?

The survey site that pays the most is Swagbucks. This is because in addition to surveys that pay cash, there are dozens of other earning activities you can complete.

In terms of paid surveys themselves, Swagbucks and Inboxdollars offer the highest-paying surveys online.

Is Quick Pay Survey legit?

Yes, Quick Pay Survey is legit. Although it is not as well known as other sites, it has actually been around for 10 years. It takes only a few minutes to create a free account and verify your email. You will earn a sign-up bonus of $3. Surveys range from 50 cents to $1 with a few paying out more.

Your first payout with Quick Pay Survey will be made 15 days from the end of the month that you make the request. Additional requests can be made and will be paid out in three days on average. You must have a minimum of $15 to make your request.

Does Survey Junkie pay you instantly?

Survey Junkie is a popular survey site and is often listed as one of the top ways to make money online. It has a minimum payout limit of $5. Like other survey platforms, you can choose from several different payment methods for your reward.

Your options include Paypal cash, a bank transfer, and eGift cards for US members only. Bank transfers take up to 4 days to complete and will require the account and routing numbers. Paypal cash payouts can be made within 24 hours but your account must be verified first.

If you are in the US, you can be paid instantly with gift cards that are sent to your email within hours of your request.

How much does Swagbucks pay you for paid surveys?

Most surveys pay $0.50 to $5.00 and there are other surveys that offer much higher rewards. Swagbucks will give you a few SB even if you cannot complete a survey (for not meeting eligibility requirements).

A legitimate survey site will never make false claims about how much you can earn by taking surveys. They will never tell you that you will earn hundreds of dollars from a single survey or that you will be able to take every survey that is offered.

How much do you need to cash out with Swagbucks?

How much you need to request a cash out with Swagbucks may depend on the type of payment you are interested in receiving. Cash to your Paypal account, for example, requires $5. You can get a $1 Amazon gift card, typically within the first hour of having your account.

Search the Swagbucks Rewards page to find the reward that you would like to earn including instant cash, gift cards, and charitable donations. You can also use your SB to purchase chances in Swagstakes for additional prizes like cash, merchandise, gift cards, or large amounts of SB to save for a holiday or special occasion.

Legitimacy of Survey Sites

Instant pay surveys are a bit of a misnomer overall, but that doesn’t mean the survey companies are trying to scam you. If you are using reliable survey sites and completing online surveys as soon as they are offered to you, you can earn some extra cash or free gift cards.

It’s essential to distinguish between legitimate survey platforms and those that might waste your time or be outright scams. Sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars are examples of legitimate platforms that have been paying their members for years. Always research survey sites before joining to avoid scams and ensure your efforts are rewarded.

Before you start, note the minimum payout threshold and then work to hit that goal as quickly as possible.

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