By: Dannie Phan | October 6th, 2020

Google may be a search engine, but there are few other brand names that can claim they’ve been turned into verbs (Netflix, of course, being the exception). Such a widespread platform naturally provides its users with ways not only to use it to their advantage but also to bring home supplemental income.

How can you most effectively go about using Google to make money?

6 Ways To Make Money Online With Google

Some of the best ways to make money with Google include:

1. Draft An e-Book For The Google Play Store

Everyone’s got a book in their soul, but it can take some time to get those words down on a page. If you manage to do so, you can make money off of your work by pairing it with the Google Play Store. This way, not only can you receive payment for the number of books you sell, but you can also generate ad revenue should you choose to run advertisements alongside your work.

2. Develop An App

If you’re less about words and more about code, you can swap the e-book for an app. Google’s App Store allows you to build apps for all manner of purposes, from health tracking to picture editing. If you have it in you to bring one of these apps to life, you can run it through the Google App Store. This way, you can take in money from the app’s initial costs as well as from any ads you choose to run alongside it.

3. Build A YouTube Channel

Google only recently purchased YouTube, but the company has made the most of the platform. Nowadays, you can make money as a YouTuber speaking on any topic, from video reviews to DIY home improvement.

YouTube only awards those creators with higher follower counts with monetization from google ads, so don’t expect to start taking home money when you first build your account. Instead, you can spend your first year or so on YouTube channel building your brand and establishing an impressive content portfolio. Once you start working your way up the Youtube video ranks, you’ll find that YouTube is more willing to compensate you for the work you put into your content. In the meanwhile, you can also opt to run advertisements throughout your video or to work with sponsors.

4. Start A Podcast

What’s more popular today than a DIY podcast? Not much. Podcasting has taken the world by storm, presenting audiences of all ages and interests with a new platform through which they can connect with their interests.

Google allows you to host podcasts through its Google Cloud Platform as well as through Google Play Music. When you connect your content with these platforms, you can again not only benefit from the ads affiliated with Google but also optimize your keyword usage and metadata to draw in larger audiences. Just like with YouTube, the more people you have watching your platform, the more money Google will allow you to take home.

5. Start Taking Surveys

Google can also connect you with company-sponsored surveys that, upon completion, you can receive payment for. Google Opinion Rewards, for example, connects you with surveys put together by businesses wanting to learn more about users’ searched keywords, interest in their products, and so on. Google rewards completed serves with Google play credit.  While it’s not easy to make a living filling out surveys, you can supplement your income while you find other avenues through which to make money.

More often then not, you can connect your account through any Google-affiliated website to your bank account or to a PayPal account. This way, the organization with which you work can send you payment for the surveys you take, the ads you run, or the views you get without having to put a check in the mail.

6. Advertise For Money

As mentioned, Google AdSense lets you connect your existing platforms to those vendors looking to share their advertisements with a broader audience. If you want to cultivate a passive income, you can make an AdSense account and start earning cents on the dollar for every ad that ends up paired with your online work.

Earning money doesn’t have to be a drag. When you work with Google, you can start supplementing your income through a wide variety of means.

Swagbucks works much the same way. If you’re especially interested in playing games, watching videos and taking surveys for money, you can sign up for a Swagbucks account. Once you’re online, you can start earning in-platform points to exchange for cash or gift cards.

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